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  1. I don't think this move by Sony will kill the likes of Fuji (or Panasonic for that matter) and instead will keep pushing them to innovate and lower prices for us all while providing us with better cameras. However I do agree with you in some of the things you're saying, like for example the fact that today other brands provide a better value, although this would depend on if you're a new user or an existing user. If you're already invested on Sony glass then this camera would be a great one to carry around for light work of your family trips, but if you're new you're better off buying a F
  2. Hi Andrew, This would be the very first time ever that I disagree with you. Let me explain why: 1. In a free market if a product does not meet user's expectation and a better alternative shows up the market will balance itself out. If there is too much competition prices will come down. If the prices hurt producers some will die and the market will balance itself out again. In the end we all win as we'll end up with better spec'ed cameras at lower prices. 2. It's best to eat your own lunch rather than having someone else come eat it for you. I think this is a decent move
  3. One question Andrew: Have you tried resetting the camera after it says it overheats just to test if this resets the internal overheat timers? Do note though that if this does not reset the times that this could mean that they save the state to non-volatile memory so we as consumers cannot get around the crippled firmware.
  4. If Canon indeed did this on purpose I will be another one joining the camp of users jumping ship (probably to Sony or maybe going back to Nikon). This is not the way a company should treat its customer base. We pay dearly with our hard-earned cash just to be sold an obviously defective product. And do note that I’m an engineer by trade and this issue of not using any thermal solution in the CPU is either a monumental engineering error (which should *not* have happened as this is a basic error not event a recently-graduated engineer would do) which should result in Canon firing whoeve
  5. If anyone at Canon cares about this whole issue they very least they should do is take this seriously and urgently start coming up with a solution and stop the release of these cameras. It'd also be nice of them to acknowledge that what Andrew is doing is actually *helping* Canon long-term. And let's be clear everyone: Bloggers and Influencers *do* get paid either directly or indirectly to talk nice about company products (I was offered a few times, and declined every time), and in other cases (like with the DPreview "experts") they simply lack the technical know-how to do a proper review
  6. Huge bummer. I was *extremely* excited about these new cameras but this overheating issue basically makes them worthless to the professional (or even prosumer) user. On the future R5 Mark II (or R5 Rev B) they should really put active cooling in there along with vents (they don't even to be active all the time, only when temperature reaches a certain threshold). Another option: Make your chips more energy efficient by going to a lower nm size (say 5nm like Apple, or at the very least 7nm). Going this route will definitely hit margins but considering how expensive these cameras a
  7. If you ever decide to launch a hobbist camera project, I'd be willing to contribute some of my free time to designing the user interface module. I've been an advocate of real simple UIs (User Interfaces), however with a balance of the things you need most often right at your fingertips at all times. Today I mostly don't like any of the user interfaces on any of the usual suspects in the camera business (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, etc), and I think this could be much improved if these manufacturers gave us tools to create our own user interfaces and be able to share them with anyone else; h
  8. Totally agree with you Andrew. People should understand that posting in *your* forum is a *privilege* and *NOT* a "right". And just like when you visit someone's house you must show respect (even if you don't agree with them). Besides, I'm pretty sure that no one (including Andrew) will ban anyone so long as they (1) follow the conversation topic, and (2) express themselves in a respectful manner with constructive criticism (I have seen myself that here many times over the years). On a side note, we all in the community hope that you're safe (whenever you are right now). Don't h
  9. I'm a long-time Canon user and I decided to give them one more chance with the Canon EOS RP. I like the camera for stills (but being Canon, I feel in many aspects I gave a step back from my Canon 6D Mark II), but all these video restrictions drive my mad. So I'm waiting to see what they come up with next. The only reason I'm still in the Canon camp is their lenses, but if their next-gen mid-level cameras don't deliver on video as well a higher dynamic stills range, I'm switching to either Sony or Nikon's Z line (still waiting for more lenses there). And like many have said, Canon is only
  10. You summed it all up when you said "Adobe is setting itself up for a migration of users, the size the software world has never seen before", and that is *exactly* what will happen if Adobe does not change their greedy way of treating customers. I do not know of *one* Adobe CC/Cloud user who has not asked me at least once what other choices they have to migrate from the monthly subscription fee. Everyone is looking at options and many developers and companies are starting to see an opportunity here (Procreate is one tool that has replaced my Photoshop usage by 98% for example), and we it a
  11. Here's one more thing that's needed: Depth Information. It amazes me that I get depth information from an iPhone but can't get it from my $3,000-dollar DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. Camera manufacturers in general should get on the depth-information bandwagon because it simply is *very* useful and something that cellphones are getting very good at. From a photographer's perspective it allows us to re-light a photo *after* it has been captured, which I use creatively to great effect on my iPhone. And from a cinematographer's perspective it can aid on doing green-screen effects
  12. A message for Nikon (and particularly Canon, and all DSLR/Mirrorless manufacturers): Guys, seriously? Are you aware that there exists something called "The Internet"? It's pretty cool and thanks to things like "blogs" or "social media" and tons of other "review sites" and "forums" the community of professional and enthusiasts have information in mere seconds at their fingertips. You might want to impress us with flashy press releases, amazing specs, and blah blah blah, but nowadays we know better. We know when you're charging us way too much money. We know when your specs do not
  13. Actually this plugin for Safari does not allow it to view 4K VP9 video, all it does is show you a link which when you click on it it opens Google Chrome on the same YouTube page you were at to show the video ;-) And I agree with you, sometimes these companies completely forget about us customers and only think of their internal PR wars...
  14. Does anyone know when we'll get a "Canikon" adapter to use Canon EF lenses *with autofocus* on the Nikon Z mount? I saw one announced a few weeks/months back but has not heard about it again.
  15. When you think about it, Sony does not need to launch two new cameras with this technology. Instead of launching an A7R IV and an A7S IV, why not simply a new A7RS capable of doing high-res still and low-light video and 8k capture if so desired? And then it's up to the user to change between modes either manually or automatically. My hope is that Sony does not start to segment the market using software to sell us different cameras at different price points (hackers would have a field day btw if they did this), and instead throw everything they can into a great camera which I'm sure would
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