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  1. Yeah, it is perfectly balaced. It just makes a constat low volume, high pitch noise
  2. I have a question for the Crane users. I received my Crane v2 yesterday and after setting up my GH5 one of the motores is making a noticable high pitch noise, when the unit is turned on. But everything ese is working geraat. Should i be worried? I am thinking of sending it back and request a replacement... Thanks
  3. Using these settings the GH5 should become a AF Monster! So no more AF controversy?
  4. Thanks, i would love to help you out but this was my first time using it. But it is very gradable, even at 8Bit. If i ever get to shoot something that doesnt move i will try to do a test
  5. Hi everyone, today i got luck and catched a helicopter take off. Tried to film it in Slowmotion, what do you think? It was really sunny outside so i turned the F-Stops way up to 16 but it ended up a bit to dark... https://youtu.be/fqNC9jKcgLU FHD 8 Bit VariableFameRate 180 ISO 200, F16, 180d Shutter, ManualFocus, HandHeld PictureProfile is Like709 with Knee adjustment, Graded in AE
  6. can you share one of your files? i could test it in premiere...
  7. Thanks, thats the card i had in mind
  8. Hi everyone, sorry to interrupt your discussion as i dont wanted to start a new topic for a minor question. I was lucky enough to get a GH5 today and was wonderign if you guys could recomend me some good, reasonably priced, SD cards for shooting video? And should i wait for the new v60 standard cards, because of the 400mb/s update? thanks a bunch!
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