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  1. Surely something must be wrong here? 350 nit vs 800 nit My last monitor was the blackmagic and its very dim, only good in doors and even then in the daytime still not bright enough. I was looking at buying a smallhd focus just because it should be brighter, ill have to make sure i get it with a good returns policy i guess ! Maybe look at the new Ninja V 1000nits too
  2. I dont have a 4k monitor yet although even on a HD monitor the a6500 1080p looks really soft. Ill check that comparison and do a little more research on it. Thanks for your response
  3. Any one know how good the 1080p quality is on the xh1/xt2 ? My basis for comparison would be gh5 great/ sony a6500 pretty bad. Just wondering for when the reduced rolling shutter would be beneficial and if it would cut with the 4k
  4. Im interested in the Tamron sp f1.8 35mm/45mm with ef speedbooster. Anyone know if the IS is working with these on a booster?
  5. I have a mix of audio background. I toured with a couple of metal bands (playing guitar) for a few years. I had my own small recording studio in the Uk and then ran this one for a few years .. https://www.lodgerecording.co.uk I have also toured doing live sound on and off. Most of my income is currently from song royalties. My own, my old bands, tracks i wrote or contributed too and i have a growing collection of library music with a couple of publishers. Other than that i still do some producing and mixing freelance. I have never worked on sound for film like you, with film im happier on the camera and or lighting mostly, but also started making shorts and slowly working on a feature idea Checked out your site.. Great stuff, got some nice gear too !
  6. I would like to check out the canon auto focus at some point. I like the idea of just tapping the screen. Im picking up a fuji xh1 and moving my (mostly) canon fd set over to it but i also hear good things about fuji lenses so i may pick up a couple of the weather sealed ones for stills(currently in Egypt a lot and its dusty, like very fooking dusty). This will be my first time with auto focus lenses, although i cant see myself using them for video. To be honest i would buy a c200 if it was smaller. Its not even a money issue that makes me choose fuji xh1 or gh5 etc. Its size. Being inconspicuous and that sort of thing. That and using all my old lenses
  7. Spoiled by the accesses to such lovely and cheap lenses and spoiled by the joy it brings me. I recognise i will be a minority but iv never used either a native lens or an auto focus one for either stills or video from when the gh1 first came along. I should add my main income is audio work, although i have made a few music videos and a few other bits for money i wouldnt class myself a 'pro' by a long shot
  8. Been spoiled for years using vintage lenses and adapters/speedboosters. I wouldnt want it any other way. Great lenses and cheap, canon fd, nikon ai etc. But then i dont own an ef lens or a dslr so easy for me to say.
  9. 'canon full frame mirrorless just around the corner'? Yes, yes it is https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/first-leaked-images-of-the-new-canon-full-frame-mirrorless-c700-cinema-camera/
  10. I am looking at getting one of these with a Fuji xh1 shortly. Great offer, UK prices suck .. $707 is best in UK (£500)
  11. Thanks for the detailed post I watched the first 2 videos that are very similar. I think the Fuji one looked quite a lot better. I am still waiting on my Xh1 as im away in Egypt for the next few weeks and cant get one here. Ill admit the new sony caught my eye with its great low light and i do like full frame, however when it comes to looking at footage the Fuji pulls me back everytime regardless of spec. Im currently using a gh5 for both video and stills and will switch over to Fuji when im back in the uk. I think although i will lose some nice spec... 10 bit the image just looks so good to me for both video and stills that im going for it. I like the idea of using a wide dynamic rage setting ie eterna with 400% to have nice colours out the box at the same time as extended dynamic range. Its actually a very unique feature for this camera Ill add i can see why people would pick sony over the Xh1 and i see lots of talk about auto focus etc. However i move the same canon fd lenses from camera to camera (sometimes with a new speedbooster) and only use manuel focus for all my stills and video. I forget at times that people use auto as im so used to manuel. Upside with using manuel for stills too and using the same lenses for years (GH1 onwards) is that im a focus ninja with them
  12. I quite like the slight cyan shift in the blue skies, almost like a touch of that orangy blue look you see a lot of but in a good way. I think the Eterna profile with the extra dynamic range mode could be a great route to a pretty cinematic image for those with limited colour skill or less time (both me). I think having a great deal of the look baked in helps with the 8 bit too, i think its quite a unique feature for this camera. Hope im not droning on too much. Just buzzing about having placed my pre order (never done that before)
  13. its ok I will have 25% thicker magnesium-alloy skin soon
  14. Just been catching up on the video clips and reviews for this camera. I think i will give it a go, i have a gh5 and my use is 60% video 40% stills. I had been thinking about picking up a seperate stills cam but this has the potential to be a better hybrid than the gh5 for me and my priorities. Im loving the general colour/tone/vibe of a lot of the footage which means more than 10 bit to me ( altho i wish it was 10 bit ). I will pick it up before selling my gh5 just incase im wrong or change my mind. Quite excited though
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