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  1. If you are in a Pal zone you can buy the camera from Hong Kong with no recording limit in 4k (mp4) and 1080 (avchd). Cost me 50€ more including shipping than buying the camera here in Spain.
  2. Not sure but battery time will vary depending on how you are shooting. IBIS, 4k etc will use more power I'd imagine.
  3. http://www.duracelldirect.es/camara-digital/panasonic/oem-pno/dmw-blg10.html The price has gone up. I was buying them for 11€ before. Bought a charger as well.
  4. I filmed over an hour of 4k without it turning off. I bought Duracell batteries at 10€ a battery. Work fine.
  5. Thanks again Mercer! How do the cameras compare in lowlight? I have several fast lenses for the GX85 but I don't really like the images when I go over 1600iso and they don't seem to enjoy being corrected to much. I was wondering if the XC10 works better in lowlight (when wide open at 2.8) at 3200iso or more. Maybe the files give you more scope for correcting the images?
  6. I think the are quite different. I have a GX85 and I used to have a 7D and a 700D(T5i). The colours and the look of the Canons is something I like a lot. They tend to look good without having to mess around in the edit suite. The GX85 doesn't have that look but it does have 4k which looks pretty good on a 1080 timeline. The 1080 has 50p which is great for have a bit of flexibility with slomo. The stabiliser is fantastic but the sound is awful. The m4/3 lenses are so lightweight! Canon lenses seem so heavy now! I think you would need a fast lens with the GX85. The Gx85 is also tiny which can be good and bad. I couldn't imagine rigging one up like people do to the Canons!
  7. Thanks Mercer! Do you have the GX85 and the XC10? So are the low light and AF the same as or better than the XC10 with the latest firmware? Those are the big questions for me at least.
  8. So in theory it has the same AF as the XC10? I see in the Danish video the XC15 has face tracking. Does the XC10 have it too? So it's a good upgrade if you really need the sound but if you don't....probably not worth it?
  9. Are the only differences the waveform monitor and the XLR module?
  10. Canon (C100, 7D and 5dmk2 experience) Likes: Colours, menus and ease of use. On the C100 I love the ergonomics, especially the hand grip and joystick. The quality of image on those little files is amazing. Dislikes: Doing stupid things like the crap viewfinder and LCD on the C100. PSF nonsense, 50i. Mts boredom.
  11. Thpriest

    Canon XC15

    Mattias, has the latest firmware improved the lowlight as it was supposed to? Thanks
  12. Thpriest

    Canon XC15

    Even better with a lens like that! Does the XC10 really need an SDI?
  13. Thpriest

    Canon XC15

    Does anyone know if Canon has indicated that the XC15 rumours might be true? And what differences it might have to the XC10? 3 stage ND filter, 24-100 f1.8-4 with the same stabilisation and better lowlight and I'm in
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