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  1. Red has just been a shit about the patent. They in this day and age could have ignored enforcing it through the legal channels and at least just have licensed it. But no, they have to curtail everyone who even wants to advance raw and bust everyone's balls over it. That shows me they are either evil as shit or SUPER concerned their product is really not that special, probably both apply.

  2. I would think a 24mm manual focus lens would distort, especially involving Architectual shots. Seems too wide to me to use Willy Niley. 

    On big time movie sets they use a set of lenses that are pretty amazingly close to each other stair stepped from like 19 to 85ish then pretty big jumps up to around 135mm. You wouldn't need that many, but 2 lenses seem pretty damn limiting.

    Sure, indoor shots 2 would probably work, but for outdoor not so sure.


  3. What the hell is the deal with Canon and their damn crops in 4K. Do they really want to screw everyone that doesn't have a clue about it? They have turned into a whore company out to F everybody that is dumb enough to buy their cheap crap, and by cheap I mean under like 2500 bucks. The CEO needs to have his balls cut off.

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