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  1. I get on my Knees every night and pray for Emanuel. It has not seemed to help. I guess Meditation is sort of a waste of time if that doesn't work.

    I guess I have reached a point of my usefulness on here as it falls on deaf ears. It changes but remains the same. I will leave all of you to you. Some deserve the others. Some pay the price. Such is life. Some learn, others continue the same. It has to be new knowledge learned. Why bother if not.

    Greener pastures abound. Good luck on your journeys. All comes to and end like it or not. Such is life. I am done here. We will all be happier lol. I see no gains, probably not alone.. ūüėĀ Enjoy, it won't last. Never does as they say. I will not be back, ever. Better things in life to spend your life on here.

  2. I don't drink anymore.. Sorry. I am sort of tired of the silly stuff on here by some of you guys.. You act like the world is coming to a end. Like Oh I will never do 6K, 8K it sucks. That is the same old stuff people said when even SD, came out let alone HD. Get real. Guess what they work at Wal Mart now, God it is ridiculous. Pay the price or give it up.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    This is not a competition of egos for your information. But ideas. What's the beef against it? ; ) Shame on you, you love to shoot but hate to be shot ; -)

    Oh I can't deny it. Sort of in my my DNA. I shot more than they shot me. I won, they didn't. Called the survival of the fittest. No regrets.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    Let's back to topic? What do you know about what I know? I was referring the period between 1861-65 FYI and yes, to put in perspective your electoral college to match such Union and not a division of states. See how you end out of context? But once you mention, do you have any clue on my experience with? You pop up from nowhere as self-entitled to comment anything only because you feel you know better than anyone you targeted so? C'mon... Let's give a break now?

    You are not as smart as you think you are. Coming across as some highly educated person isn't always the best foot forward. You are the one of the worse people on here to understand. I have no clue what you are trying to say half the time trying to come across as Holier than thou.  I sure doubt I am alone. We are not all 5th graders you can impress on here. Grow up. Get off your pretend high horse and join the real world. Speak Kings English, I am sure you took it. If not I Highly recommend it. It is sort of in now.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    It's economy : ) Even though, there's an interesting thread open on topic:


    Why? Serves US economy...? ; -)

    Amazingly enough whether you believe it or not every state is really different, even laws wise in the USA. Different economy's, different language, different crops, mindset even. I live in what they call the Tri County Area. Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky is all within 40 miles of each where I live, Indiana is only 5 miles from me. And they are are all day and night different dialect, economy, outlook, education wise, even disposition wise. Not one state is the same. Amazing difference from some. None alike money wise. From filthy rich to filthy poor. Ohio is a Industrial state, Indiana , Kentucky is a farming state. Kentucky a lot poorer over all than the others  near me. It is what is is, And I love all of them. All are beautiful. on their own merits. I think Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states of them all to be honest.

  6. 7 minutes ago, leslie said:

    not really.

    i retuned the tv the other day  got like 38 tv channel  some tv stations have like 4 channels with exactly the same crap on each one. after that theres still only two or three hd channels, the rest are 575 lines or what ever they are,  why migrate to 6k and the added expense that would entail  for 1 tv that would probably end up in my bedroom  no broadcaster over here   could use 6k anyway 

    Oh I agree we Don't need it, but the people that will pay you to do it believe you Need to produce it to pay you lol. It never ends..

    8 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    Nothing to argue on that one. Nationalism is absolutely against any progress. EU should never be seen as a new form of one but its opposite new way of living them. As much as US succeed to be. Or UK.

    No I believe it was a mistake sorry. I have been to most of the EU countries, They will never be the same down the road, and that is what made them special. Not united. They were all different, even money wise, now they are all  sort of alike.

  7. 6 minutes ago, leslie said:

     quite a few of the blogger reviews had double orders and i know of other that had multiple orders and once the first order turned up they either cancelled or tried hocking  it on ebay at an inflated price. pretty suss behavior if you ask me but thats seems to be the way of things. my only question is how long till we hit  400 pages like the p4k did. personally i wont be getting one anytime soon, theres still plenty of life left in the p4k i got :)

    Plentry life left in the G7 also. Big deal. You are already behind sad to say. Life moves on. Welcome to the video world. Photo, no big deal, Video, oh boy..

  8. 1 minute ago, Emanuel said:

    No, I have dual solid academic and professional backgrounds in film and law. I just don't buy your argument on distinct nationalities. Mere BS, call it fiction. Borders don't break my heart at all. That wall the orange man wants to build is a shame and a civilization setback. Ends in those sad killings who make the news of "your country" nowadays...

    You are giving away the farm trust me. I have lived and fought to save it. You are going to pay a huge price for what you think is unity. Fools gold.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    What country identity...?!

    This is pure BS sold by morons to put their paw on your neck : )

    I've decided to sue my country FYI -- the state, today.

    And spread the news to use the tools my condition as European citizen grants to me.


    The lawyer inside me has decided this today (and a doc to be produced by the filmmaker), precisely because, as matter of fact, your country is your family.

    The rest is a bunch of parasites trying to rule you as their slave.

    Your rights are the only identity you have.

    Hmm, re read your statement. Maybe you do agree.

  10. 1 hour ago, Emanuel said:

    YEurope is a concept, not a farm of a few parasites living from people. We are all the people, long life to EU : -)

    The EU is just a way to diminish your identity Country wise. You will be like the Borg down the road. You have done drank the Cool Aide. Shame on you. EU is on it's last legs. Worse thing that ever happened to you in the years to come. Silly stuff. Your countries will never be the same. Stupid mistake. Smells like Neo Nazism. You all suffer rather than the ones that deserve to.

  11. Oh I am Never going to say something bad about Greece. One of the most beautiful places on earth I have been too, especially the Islands.

    But big time video separates the men from the boys is all I am saying. You can't Give away what you had before is the problem. It goes to auction for 100 Dollars a Pallet. Pay up or go home. Sure some people work for company's on here. Imagine the money the company you work for have tried up in this stuff. Actually unimaginable money. Just think the money  BBC, ESPN, etc. has, and a few years later now it is outdated... It was 10 years or more ago before that happened when I was in it. Even then it was a Big deal. It got worse and worse. Now it is only a few years. Soon year to year. It is going to get really ugly.

    You are Never going to stop social media. There are too many 10 to 14 year old girls in the world. Good luck stopping them! They won't even pick up their clothes lol.

  12. Yeah but you can't blame BMD for the cost. You live in Greece you pay the price. Like it's BMD's fault? You can almost see Australia on a clear day, it is a Lot of miles from where I live. And yet it is tons cheaper here. Your compliant is totally irreverent to me.

  13. Oh you think? Imagine my surprise. I am resigned to the fact that I will buy a new Apple phone every year. That is the problem now. You can't ever win, you never could. Sony, others have it all figured out down the road. They don't just think this week trust me. You are Always sucking hind tit.

    They are always nearly a product ahead by the time they announce the new product lol.

  14. 24 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

    True cost of the 4K is larger than its MSRP by quite a lot. The 6K isn’t cheap if you don’t have a kit already. 

    If a 1000 Dollars separates you from the competition I think you need to rethink this industry. That is chump change. Not even a good Tripod, a good Anything, let alone great..

    Anyone that is half serious about making money can buy this new 6K camera and make it happen like it or not. Separates the men from the boys

  15. Move on or die, you have been warned. I did this stuff 30 years or more. You think I have not seen this stuff happen before? Like this has Never happened? Get real. There are so many naive people on here it is scary. People in power could give a crap if you live or die, really. Plenty more Jackasses out there.  They will work for free to get ahead. NEXT!

    There is ALWAYS someone better than you are trust me. More hungry. That is who they will hire. I would never hire someone behind and pay big money. They are a loser. You live in a dreamworld down the road.

  16. 1 hour ago, DBounce said:

    Can't say that this unwieldy beast of a $2500, plastic "pocket" camera does anything for me. The Sigma FP is mighty interesting though.

    Oh come on 8K right now is just a Japanese gimmick. There are lots of cameras that are scanning 6K, outputting 4K now. Japan is desperate at the moment.

  17. 4K is the new 1080p. I just don't see why you guys don't see this coming?? Jesus it is 2019, nearly 2020. 8K is going to be the new 4K. Move up or be left behind. This stuff is big boy toys.  Always has been. It will Never end. Sure it is cheaper than ever now, but to keep up, it is still not easy. Tech never stops, there is money to be had. Money is King.

    Like I have said, you young guys just don't get it lol. I have been through all this crap. Better IS better if you are making money at this stuff. Do you really think a Client would be content with you using the Pk4 over this new 6K machine?? I doubt it. If you can't afford an extra 1000 bucks why have you? That is reality. When they are paying out the ass they will look at your gear, trust me.

    Sure if you are doing this for fun buy a LX100 or a GH2. Even a EOS-M, etc..

  18. The Olympus look is going to win over GHAlex look with clients most of the time. It is mostly us and a very few other are into the flatter look. They both have their place.

    I found years ago a lot of the clients I had used their own daughter, or daughters for a lot of ads. They wanted to see them standout big time. It is what it is. A hell of a lot more men than you think are color blind, and they are the ones on average that are paying the bills. Few women are Color Blind.

  19. Probably against you. Do you have a clue how long it takes to print 3D stuff, like forever. Time is money. That is if what you say is true. BMD is a super small speck on the wall compared to the big boys. They Have to make money, and fast. Everything they sell is outdated in a year. They are running like they stole it like they say. Innovate, bring new stuff out, improve what you just improved, or die. They have a hell of a goal to keep up.

    And they are not making crap off the PK4 I can tell you that. No free lunch for years for BMD. If you want to play you have to pay like the old saying is. They have jumped into a hornets nest with this announcement, but they must think they have an edge. But it is going to cost you to play. 4K is old news now in the industry. They are moving on and leaving you behind.

    Where else you going to buy a s35, 6K Raw camera for 2400 Bucks that uses the most popular mount the world.. I can't help it you get hammered in the EU.

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