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  1. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this ?
  2. I’d never thought the GH5 would be so low.
  3. @webrunner5? Except the colors and the DR 13 stops, do you see anything else really interesting in this P4k ?
  4. I'd say : - Poor battery life (40min is not acceptable) - Drop frame in raw 4k60 (!) - No way to use a powerbank and a SSD, - No Ibis, and Im ok with that since I have a Gimbal, but with no afc (even a bad one like GH5) it will be painful to use - The design with the hole on top for ventilation scares me a little for durability. - No remote control compatibility with any gimbal (but that could change) - The 120p crop - No tilt screen ( I don't care about fully articully) At this time, I see no reason to buy this camera instead of the GH5 with VLOG. Or even the X-T3 if
  5. I just can't see Sony gives us 4k50p 10bit, but I certainly hope they do ?
  6. For video ? Yeah right, no need to go further. I got My X-T3 with the 35f2 this morning, and playing with it next to the A7iii. 1080p120 and 4k50 are really great, but not really usable without a gimbal or tripod.
  7. Rolling shutter is pretty bad, and no IBIS make handeld shots not useable. Thanks for the video ?
  8. I’d say it’s the perfect amount of motion blur that makes the video cadence so natural, and no diginatural.
  9. As many of us here, I watched every video about the Pocket 4k. Many times ? And it has too many flaws to my taste. I ordered a X-t3, that could replace my A7iii.
  10. Really nice video. And I’m sure you’re related to Miguel Ferrer ?
  11. I feel the same way, and am seriously considering selling my A7iii and all my lens, for a Fuji X-t3. It's a big step since FF gives me all I want, but not this Fuji feeling. I'm also not really convinced buy the fuji lenses I could want, like the 56/1.2 and their old AF motor (painfull for video). But the fun I feel when I use my Friend X-T3, it's above all those technics considerations. And even if I do whatever I want with raw stills, there is something about Fuji colors I can't describe.
  12. From the tech specs 1080p; 24/25/30/50/60/100^/120^ ^ From supported HDMI sources such as gaming consoles and graphics cards. thanks for pointing this out ; I wanted to order it tomorrow. Now I’m not sure.
  13. Please keep this out of this topic. it’s really boring when you come here for the subject of this thread ?
  14. After playing with it today, and really enjoyed he Fuji feeling, here’s why I prefer to wait an upcoming X-h2 : - The battery is weak ; 43mn in 4k recording. - No Ibis. Even If Idon’t find the A7iii one relevant, it’s quite usefull to avoid micro jitters. - No flip screen. I know... it’s a youtuber or vloger thing. Well, not really. It’s really useful when you are a one man crew, and don’t want to deal with an external monitor. - Cause I don’t like h265 codec at high bitrate, a 4k50 10bit 422 in h264 would be nice. - Crop Factor ; 1.53 + 1.25 in 4k50 is too much for my taste.
  15. Actually, I have no interest in the EosR, but was asking myself since I already have an A7iii and the Gh5, and after using a XT3 this afternoon, felt in love with it’s ergonomics. But 1.78 crop for 4k60 is difficult to accept, when you already have the two cameras above.
  16. If I get it right, the X-T3 has a 1.25 crop in 4k60 + 1.53 frome the Aps-c crop factor, which give a 1.78 crop. Same as the Canon EosR, and not so different than the GH5.
  17. Kinda disapointed. They gave us nothing substancial, neither price for body and lens. So they just announced an announce, with less details than usual. Now it's time for Sony to make us dream.
  18. Thanks for this jhnkng That seems better than what I can get with the X-T20. Hopefully it will be more perfect with the X-T3/X-H2 ?
  19. Thanks. Unfortunately, manual focus is not an option for my kind of work. I’d love to see what a xh1 could do with a 35f2 about smooth transition.
  20. Do we know how much weight will the DNG be ?
  21. Hi There, I own a XT-20, and something that really bothers me when I shoot videos, is the no-smooth transition with the autofocus between 2 points, when I use the 35f2 lens. No problem with the 16-50 f3.5-5.6 If you can't see what I'm talking About, here AF test Fuji So I have a few questions : 1) Since it's seems to be a lens related issue, is there a list with FUJI lens that offer smooth AF transition ? 2) Do you think it could be fixed with body settings ? Thanks for you help ?
  22. The GH5 is pretty capable for still, but I wouldn't recommend it. I had to use it for shooting en Event, and it was not a pleasant experience ; This camera is thought to make video, as its ergonomics.
  23. After many test, I decided to keep the GH4 along with the A7iii. I need something really reliable, maybe with less creativity possibilities, but which will never let me down in difficult situation. As much I like the A7iii, I can't be sure that if I have some shoots to do outside at 35°, it will be usable. Also, the 4k50p is very helping when you need slowmotion or agressive stab. Keeping both is expensive, but now I feel good about any work to come.
  24. - 29mn59s continuous in both mode. - 2h45mn of video with one battery - 2h45mn at 4k25p 100m with a 128go sdcard
  25. Ok, so here we go : My only battery had 66% left, so I could only record 1 hour and 50mn. The temp in my room was 21/22 °C Results : NO OVERHEATING AT ALL Neither warning sign. Of course, results under the sun might be different, but I'm quite satisfied. I'll do a longer test with a powerbank later.
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