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  1. I had to work until last year on many NLE for brodcasting, including Premiere, Edius, AMC, and many others. All I can say is that Premiere was the most unreliable in any situations. Of course, it doesn’t really matter for personal works, but even for that, I switched anyway to Resolve, honestly the best at the moment. Why Premiere became so popular is not really a secret. 1) Easy to crack = lot of web ressources = easy to hire someone who can use it 2) kinda cheap unlike Avid or media 100 solutions =great for small labs 3) It was here when Apple ditched FCP7. 4)
  2. Nice colors, but I feel I’ve watched this kinda video a thousand times. Slomo, trees, foot steps, tilt to the sky. Always those same shots over and over.
  3. Our last video made with the X-T3 + 35f2 The color grade is not perfect, but sharpness, DR, and Motion cadence are really great.
  4. Our last video made with the X-T3 + 35f2 The color grade is not perfect, but sharpness, DR, and Motion cadence are really great.
  5. Finally ! Thanks Andrew, your first impression were very interesting to read. I can’t wait for your final review ?
  6. Transition sounds. That is really annoying ?
  7. It's there, but not dramatic. You can see a lot of jitters here, because of no IS.
  8. Far better. But the 6300 is the worst I know ? You can see by yourself here :
  9. That's big stuff. Try light bodies handheld with no IS ?
  10. Wich camera and lenses have you been used ?
  11. For professional us, of course. But it's not about work everytime ? It's not jut about the small camera thing, but ergonomics as well. I bought the XT3 because I prefered it's ergonomics compared to the A7III. But not for the X-H1. Maybe it's a size thing after all ?
  12. There is always something with fuji lenses ? f2 prime are great, WR, and have quite amooth AF transition (not perfect unfortunately), but no IS. With the XT3, it's not good. for video. And I don't want a X-H1 since it's the same size as my A7iii, and doesn't have the same feeling in hand than the XT3.
  13. So Andrew should get its Pocket4K today or tomorrow. I can't wait to see what he has to say this new camera, since I can't stand anymore almost all those YT reviewers which (deliberatly ?) forget to mention flaws or good things.
  14. A really nice video about Fuji and Sony lenses, in relation of my previous post. Don't stop when he says 1.8 are for amateurs. It's a joke to demonstrate its subject.
  15. I sent it back, not without regrets I must admit. But I’m already quite happy with the A7iii for stills, and it was really about video that X-t3 got my interests. For now I prefer to wait to see how Sony will respond with their next apsc, which if it’s as good as the Fuji on video side, will allow me to use my great ff lenses. And if it’s not... well... this GAS headache will start over again ?
  16. Thos price are correct without the cashback I wasn't aware until you mentioned it. https://www.provencephotovideo.com/237-fixe#/fabricant-fujifilm Exactly my point, I was comparing the equivalent dof. And a faster light on APSC is compensed on FF buy the better ISO performance. Yes, but some non-equivalent offer outstanding performances. Like the GM 24f1.4 , the 35f1.4, or any sigma. But true, they're expensive.
  17. Yes the 12-35 seem the lens to have. I really enjoyed it on my GH5. I know the question is kinda multianswered?, but do you think a speedbooster is a must have for this pocket ? I read that's only interesting if you already have aps-c or ff lens. I don't. But would like obviously a shallow depth of field.
  18. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/28042-x-t3-or-pocket-4k/?do=findComment&comment=260649
  19. Since I'm sending back the X-T3, I'm planning to buy one and try it in my work. I know there is no adapter to mount my Sony lens on it, so any recommandations about which lenses I should get to start ?
  20. Actually, as much as I love the X-T3 ergonomics, I'm not sure to keep it. My biggest issue is the Fuji lens system. The faster primes are really expensive, and less good that their Sony equivalent, especially for video. Everyone says Sony Lenses are big and expensive, and you should consider it before to go Fullframe. I disagree. The Fuji 56f1.2 is three hundred more than the Sony 85 1.8, and has slower AF, is less sharp open wide, and have less nicer bokeh (sorry for my english) The 8-16 will cost 2 grands, the 55-140 is at the same price as the Sony 70/200f4 23f1.4 à 8
  21. 1) What ? are you sure about that ? 2) Good to know ? 3) Yes, Braw should fix this.
  22. I didn't see your answer, but ok ? Poor battery life (40min is not acceptable)" - Fuji is similar or worst Similar, not worst. And it's a pity - Drop frame in raw 4k60 (!)" - Fuji isn't even close to that, certainly no raw at all That's true, but it's not the main reason I Bought it. When you ask people about The pocket 4k, it's the 4k60 raw thing that mak them dream. - No way to use a powerbank and a SSD" - no way to use an SSD on any other camera. Period. Maybe an USBc adapter with two input could be released - No Ibis, and Im ok with that since I have a Gimba
  23. Ok, let's try again ? Except the colors and the DR 13 stops which both are already really impressive on others cam like the Xt-3 and a7iii, do you see anything else really interesting in this P4k ? To be fair, I really want to see a true review about it, by Andrew or Chris&Jordan, before give up the idea of buying it.
  24. I agree. They can do a better camera than the X-T3, since this last one is not really on par about video autofocus (not as good as my a6300 or A7iii) Flip screen, 4k50p, 10bits 422, Eye AF on video, and I'm in.
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