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    Simon Young reacted to Django in Canon 1D X Mark III revisited   
    @Simon Young R6 can do full DPAF in  all modes including FF 4K60p. No 1.3x mode but S35 crop mode does also half the RS to 15ms.
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    Simon Young reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1D X Mark III revisited   
    I decided to take another look at the Canon 1D X Mark III - giving it a second chance in the post EOS R5 and R6 world.
    New blog post:
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    Simon Young reacted to androidlad in Sony Product Announcement - 26/01/21   
    Here comes the king:

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    Simon Young reacted to Rinad Amir in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    I agree it gets cucumber some 
    But gets job done , i do wish Sony will listen and include this feature(noise reduction) and true 24p😁 in next firmware update
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    Simon Young reacted to Django in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    Damn someone got a sweet deal on an A7S3!! I agree though, I severely dislike Alpha bodies and rarely if ever use EVF for video. FX3 is the first Sony mirrorless hybrid that doesn’t look/feel like consumer grade photo camera. The active cooling is probably the most significant addition on such small high performance cameras. If Sony indeed adds a few missing cine features like DCI, scopes etc FX3 could be a bombshell!
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    Simon Young reacted to JurijTurnsek in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    Why would a vent be needed when a7S already has no overheating? Maybe a sensor with more mp and oversampling?
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    Simon Young got a reaction from IronFilm in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    I have a feeling it won't be a full frame sensor in that one.
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    Simon Young reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    It must be pre-baked data sets of some sort ('assemble on site'). What Cpu are you rockin'?
    Yes, with default settings, except set to DR400 (for photos), FLog is preferable for widest gamut
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    Simon Young reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    I gave it a spin a few weeks ago; sometimes it works decently, and sometimes less so. Here's a comparison of GH5 and Arri, as well as their gradient charts:

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    Simon Young reacted to Attila Bakos in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    I just tested it on some Sony A6300 S-Log2/S-Gamut3.cine and Fuji X-T3 F-Log/F-Gamut clips and if you're after a precise conversion, the results are far from great. It can still be a timesaver though.
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    Simon Young reacted to scotchtape in “This Guy Watercooled His Canon R5 and Unlocked Unlimited 8K“   
    You know there are 2 other threads here about this and the person that did this is on this forum and commented as well right?
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    Simon Young reacted to RogerRabbit in Fuji X-S10   
    They're fantastic. AF works great. Image quality is great. The 23 even has a slight rainbow flare at f1.4 which is a nice characteristic. My only grip is that they don't look great and the aperture ring isn't clicked, so I end up moving it a lot by mistake, although that's less likely to happen now that I can control the aperture with the front dial. 
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    Simon Young reacted to Matt Perks in DIY Perks Fixed the Canon R5! (almost)   
    I am indeed! I meant to thank bloggers (including Andrew specifically) for bringing the issue of overheating up so much. The pressure about the timer nonsense forced Canon to change the way the camera monitors temperatures, which is the reason the mod works at all.
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    Simon Young reacted to Neumann Films in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    I'm here if you need to talk.
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    Simon Young reacted to Neumann Films in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    I feel like there is a crowd for these videos here. Apologies for the shameless self promotion though.
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    Simon Young reacted to kye in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    That link is banned, and also not useful because it links to the original source, which has since been taken down.
    Luckily, the internet never forgets:
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    Simon Young reacted to Geoff CB in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I own the Z6, I love it but it has usability problems for video. There is significant delay over the external HDMI, and in the viewfinder itself when shooting in 24p and 30p there is bad delay. 

    While these seem like small issues, they are a PITA on actually using it for work.
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    Simon Young reacted to Danyyyel in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    Personally I hope they stick to h264, h265 is a nightmare to edit. They should add higher bit-rate also, same as we have different jpeg setting. High bitrate 10 bit h264 would be a dream for 90+of jobs. When I see what you can already do with their 140 mbit codec, it would be both practical and lighter weight.  
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    Simon Young reacted to ntblowz in Canon EOS R5/R6 user experience   
    I haven't tried the 24/25/30p so can't comment, theoretically it should give less heat than 4KHQ
    Well here is my thought on the R5 after the race day
    1. AF   The most reliable method for me is the Zone AF, tracking AF on cars can get lost when I also do the panning or when the car is down to certain area on screen or if there is a lot of cars which can block the view. Expand AF can get OoF once the car goes past and I have to use manual to get back in focus quickly otherwise it is really really slow to get back to focus. (with telephoto lens), There is still occasional focus hunt when I panning across to follow the car (from forward to sideway)
    2. Custom Video Mode Major advantage over R6 is the custom video mode, currently I have set to FHD/4K50P/4K100P, so when I want to change I just press the mode and change. I can totally feel the pain for R6 user which currently doesn't have this, Canon should really update R6 for this feature.
    3. Movie Crop Mode You can't set the movie crop mode to a custom key which is super dumb, I have to go to menu each time i want to do crop mode, on Sony and Panasonic you can set key for much faster access.  If you shoot in crop mode and change to your custom mode it will still shoot in crop mode (unless in 4K100/120/8K).
    4. NTSC/PAL Selector  Much better done on Canon than Sony or Panasonic, just change the frequency and shoot, no need to format card (Sony) or restart camera (Panasonic), so if I need more slowmo I just change to NTSC and keep on shooting.
    5. Battery Issue  I had problem where it just suddenly give me error when using EF Lens on the adapter on the genuine LP-E6N battery, I have to use LP-E6NH to make the problem go away. I will need to investigate this more. Though I feel I might get more LP-E6NH at end and sell the old LP-E6N.
    6. No CLOG on H.264 This is probably the most dumbest move on Canon, we get that HEVC offer twice the efficiency but the bitrate is quite healthy on the H.264, there is absolute no technical issue for clog not on H.264! Hope Canon can really fix this as X.265 is so awful to edit.  There is HDR PQ to increase DR on H.264 if you dont want X.265 or Andrew's EOSHD Clog to emulate Clog on H.264, I used cinestyle as it matches up with the 1DX2 which also use cinestyle to help with edit in post as the video is due next day.  My editor have no problem editing the 4K50P on H.264, though 4K100P is still lag feast on Ryzen 7 4800H.
    Other than that the editor say the video quality is definitely better than the C100MKII I shot on previous race, unfortunately we can't share our video as it belongs to the TV station (for subscriber only) but here is the  video from the team's media team  (some of my R5 footage is from 4:36 onwards)
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    Simon Young reacted to ntblowz in Canon EOS R5/R6 user experience   
    I got less time on S35 in 4K50P than FF 4K50p (20min vs 30min), FF 4K50p/60p is not oversampled.
    4K Screengrab from R5, I think i can just grab stills from video.. much easier this way., rolling shutter is quite acceptable on R5.

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    Simon Young reacted to plucas in Canon EOS R5/R6 user experience   
    When they add the lower bitrate Canon RAW Lite to the R5, it would be great if they added it for the APSC mode (5.1K) and up to 60p. 
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    Simon Young reacted to Dave Maze in Sony A7S III   
    go ahead... tell me how stupid i look in this thumbnail. 
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    Simon Young reacted to rdouthit in Olympus gate crashes party, after passing into coma?   
    Great! Though I'd prefer 40/60p and 10bit internal. (EM1X and EM1 Mk III owner.)
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    Simon Young reacted to sanveer in Olympus gate crashes party, after passing into coma?   
    "Olympus announces new firmware development to allow RAW video on the E-M1X and E-M1III."
    I couldn't believe what I saw. Olympus doesn't have 10-bit internal, and yet they jump to ProRed RAW via HDMI directly? Wow. Seems almost surrealistic. Now sure how most people would see this as something huge. Hopefully Olympus camera prices crash some more, before the RAW is released. 
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    Simon Young reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 overheated in my fridge! After just 60 JPEGs! (4 °C ambient)   
    Canon really threw the kitchen sink at the EOS R5 specs sheet. What about the kitchen fridge?
    Canon have stated overheating time limits for HQ video recording in a warm 23 °C room.
    How does the camera perform in much colder conditions?
    Does the EOS R5 still overheat in the Wifi menu in a fridge?
    Or do the cold temperature help cool the camera body, which Canon claims act as mitigation for hot components inside?
    Read the full article:
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