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  1. I understand that you want to block DPreview, I used to have a DPreview account, but i left a few years ago. I cant remember excectly why, but the strange gold/silver ratings of camera's or the inconsistency of listing the downsides like "No internal raw to jpg processing" or just the general moderating of their forums didn't help Also around that time their forum still had a post limit of 150 posts per thread A different tech site where I am also a member can have threads as long as 20000 posts
  2. i just watched the reviews from Gordon Laing. And one thing i noticed is that the R6 has a sticker on the back warning about the hot surface, while the R5 does not. Seems like canon did not forsee the r5 overheating
  3. I only briefly read the article, but from my understanding most issue's (like bitrate) can be solved with new firmware. The overheating is harder to solve.
  4. Olympus has made losses in the last couple of years on the camera business. They have enough profits in other markets to cover up the losses. But i think the investors weren't quite happy. So its understandable they wanted to have it sold. I don't know what caused the downfall. Every brand is dealing with declining sales. So that can't be the reason. Poor management and choices? - maybe. I did notice a trend of moving away from the lower end. Many expensive pro lenses, like the 150-400. if it will ever be in production.
  5. The camera's in smartphones are getting better and better, but so do "traditional" camera's And you cant beat physics. for example a f2 lens on a 1/2" sensor (~30mm2) wont cut it to a larger aps-c(370mm2) camera with even a kitlens.remember f2 on such small sensor its equivalent to f11 (full frame) due to the 5.41 crop factor. Until flat lenses become available, the camera and lenses will be limited due to the lack of space in a smartphone. (nobody likes a big protrusion on their phone) you want more quality? get a bigger camera Many consumer compact camera's like the ixus are spe
  6. I Have not sold the lens yet, nobody seems interested. Thats why i've decided to keep it, rather than to sell this lens at a 180€ loss (or more) iIt seems cant edit the orininal post though :/
  7. Hi, I am selling this lens because I made the switch from M43 to Sony FE.I bought the lens a year ago via amazon, there is still 1 year of warranty left. Mechanically and optically the lens is great. The focus ring turns smoothly and is well damped , the F-stop ring clicks normal. The diagraph and autofocus work perfect and silent. The glass is free of fungus or other stuff . There is some dust, and one(just one) microscopic small scratch in the front element (Marked by the red circle on the first image). The outside of the lens is used and looks used, there are a couple of ma
  8. I think you have quoted the wrong person, i didn't mention anything about equivalency
  9. 8MP is 4k indeed. But if Panasonic wants to do 6k readout, or even 8k(~34MP) in the future,the diffraction starts at f4.5, which is limited. Though looking at the chart again the diffraction is less than I expected, my bad.
  10. Here is a graph a made once on the left there is the pixel size. the dotted lines are the f numbers. 10 um doest leave much room for sharpness (less then 2MP for m43)
  11. I agree that Super 35mm/APS-C is the way to go for 6/8K. Diffraction would kill the sharpness if Panasonic would stay at 4/3. But for me the real question is: will the Super 35mm have a 4:3 aspect ratio, or a more video friendly 3:2 ratio?
  12. Full frame GH5/6? , i dont see that happening. Why? The four thirds mount is too small for full frame sensor, meaning they will need to make a new mount, rendering all other m43/mft mount glass useless. Canon M mount and Sony E mount started with APS-C , but with FF possibilities. Sony took advantage of this, and canon...well we know how "serious" they are about Mirrorless,but its possible for canon to come up with a Full frame Eos M camera. and keep the same mount.If you create a new mount, you need to provide glass, and creating a lens lineup takes time. Panasonic needs to keep developing
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