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  1. What about the skin tone rendition of the Dp3 Quattro? I don't see any studio portrait on the flickr group and the dpreview chart skin sample are very yellowish (quattro dp2). Is the Dp3 Quattro a good studio portrait camera? (I don't care about speed and ergonomy, only colors)
  2. Hello, I've noticed a change in color temperature when I tweak the contrast setting on my Nikon D5500. I set the WB manually, same WB setting for both camera and here is the result: Standard Nikon color profile, Contrast 0, sharpness 0: Nikon standard profile Contrast -4, sharpness -4, contrast and sharpness edited in premiere afterward, but I didn't tweak the color temperature at all: H How do you explain that the 2nd picture is more yellowish? Does tweaking the contrast level in camera impact the WB? I prefer the 1st picture look (Nikon standard profile), as a result I don't touch my image setting anymore.
  3. So the 500/c is still a good investment? I don't really care about the mp. People said the P25+ is better but I don't find it anywhere in Poland. Lens mount of the 500/c and the recent haselblade are the same right?
  4. Funny, the same day you publish this article, I've tried an Hasselblad 500/C x planar 80/2.8 x Phase one p20+ sold for 2000 EUR. After reading you article, this is not the sweat spot for Hassenblad, but what do you guys think about this combo? (I've very limited knowledge)
  5. I think the original post has not been answered. Does it worth it investing in a GH5 (shooting@400mb/s) while Vimeo/YouTube compression is quite drastic? will there be a significant difference btw my D5500 1080p 60fps and GH5 4K 60 fps at full HD on youtube? Does a good camera worth the investment when delivering on youtube?
  6. Does it really worth it to invest in an enthusiast video camera (like GH5) if I only deliver on youtube and facebook (even worth compression)? Should I stick to my cheap nikon D5500? My business is growing, I really want to upgrade but it seems useless because of compression limitation, not mentioning that less than 15% of the monitors are Full HD in Europe.
  7. My sentences were cut, they don't make a lot of sens but if you had the whole thing, it would. I've talked a lot about immigration and what I like in Poland but nothing was kept in the final cut. I ask ID and health certificate (or shooting license). Sometime, I ask private investigator to "scan" participant. (can't give you more details, it's confidential) Psychology is just a tool among many, I can feel the guy talking to him, spending time with him the day before the event. this millionaire thing, yeah, it's a mistake, at least girls know it ahah I would agree with you if we were a living in the 40', we're not, we're poisoned by a soft and hypocrite education promoting multiculturalism, passivity and other dangerous things. I'm not looking for attraction personally, I want to promote Hussard. I'm an artist, I have only 1 one year 1/2 of experience but I really believe hussard is art. Better don't show your face Can you sum up in two lines pleas? I'm very proud of this last video, I shot it with a Nikon D5500. I have about 1 year 1/2 of experience shooting video. I'm sure you guys think it's not art, but I believe it is:
  8. and my project. Pleas check it out: They shot it mainly with canon C200 (mkI) and canon 35mm 1.4L (mainly) You can see me doing some photography, etc... If you guys want to video shoot Hussard next event for fun, do no hesitate to email me at infos@hussard.pl. There will be a lot of interesting people to meet. Atmosphere is cool, no as tense as you might think watching the Vice report.
  9. Hello, I mainly deliver in 1080p/50fps. Do you guys have some comparison shot? GH5 1080p is supposed to record at higher bit rate + you can record 4k50p then converted to1080p. But I'm curious if there's a massive difference, will my client see it? (on youtube) Thank you.
  10. When less than 15% of the people have Full HD screen? http://gs.statcounter.com/screen-resolution-stats http://gs.statcounter.com/screen-resolution-stats/desktop/worldwide
  11. Nice video indeed, at 00:52, is it rolling shutter?
  12. Can you publish your video again pleas? Do you confirm that the XT20 HD is softer?
  13. Guys, how do the XT20 1080p and XT2 1080p compare? I don't see any video on youtube about that.
  14. £72.87 cheap???? How can we watch your video?
  15. Nice video, the best shot are delight. Is the Tiffen Low Light Ultra Contrast recommended to shoot at night?
  16. You rock! Your post are very interesting and helpful. On amazon, the 77mm filter is so expensive, the 52mm is so much cheaper. Do you know if there's some alternative brand other than tiffen? They seem quite expensive in Europe. can we stack those filter to avoid buying Ultra 1, 3, 5, etc...?
  17. I really like the look of your video, congrats. This 15mm lens seems amazing, I didn't know this Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3. Is it possible to increase the 1080p bitrate with this hack?
  18. Thank you guys, if you have any comparison vs sony a6500, don't hesitate to post, I read a lot of opposite informations.
  19. thanks for you opinion. I've booked the vip part of the restaurant + the ambiant light is very dim, I think it be easier. Thanks for your color grading advice. Can I find this warming filter on premiere? Strange, I think it'soversharpen caus I forgot to decrease the sharpening to 0 when shooting. But Nikon 1080p is a bit soft, I agree
  20. Thank you guys for your advice. On my last video, I used a 5500K LED light (no modificator) as backlight. I put my camera WB as tungsten so the LED turns blue . For the key light, I use a larger 3300K LED light with an umbrella (softer light). It's a pretty amateur and inexpensive set up, but what do you think of it? What should I modify? For my next video, I plan to shoot people having fun in a restaurant. Are back light relevant? Are LED light relevant as back light? I don't like to gel them cause they look inesthetic when on fields. Here is a video of my last presentation (light set up at 2:42). I plan to put some led light on fields next time. Shot with Nikon D5500. Activities 100% legal. Don't hesitate to give me some tips to improve. Thank you.
  21. Beginner question: Why is there systematically big back light source in most of music videos? Is it only for back ground separation? I suppose there's some key light in front of the band in addition to the back light right? Don't hesitate to share your experience.
  22. Hello, I don't find any video comparing GH5 1080p 120fps, 180fps to Sony cameras. Do you have some link? I don't understand why nobody cover this topic on youtube. Thank you.
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