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  1. I'd like to go back to the original question. How does the GH5 IBIS behave with adapted lens (once the correct focal length entered). Is it comparable to native 4/3 primes? With sony for example, I'v read that the 5 axis stabilization only operate with native electronically connected lens. Adapted lens only have xy axis stabilization.
  2. I love the Nikkor 28mm ais, it's one of my favorite lens and it seems perfect for the GH5 & Speedbooster XL (=35mm focal) Are you satisfied by the images you're producing? Is the stabilizer working well when walking slowly? Could you post some footage you've produced with this set up?
  3. the new Tamron 10-24mm HLD is cheapear than It used to be last year when it was released. Image seems really fine, I like the design of the lens (esthetically) but I'm not a big fan of the thin un-smooth focus ring. I wonder if the black bars are not here to hide the vignetting...
  4. Why don't you stop down the aperture to get rid of the vignetting with APS-C lenses? Why don't you stop down the aperture to get rid of the vignetting with APS-C lenses? then you could use the XL. Why don't you stop down the aperture to get rid of the vignetting with APS-C lenses (smaller and cheaper)?
  5. Very interesting, do you have some video footage?
  6. Thanks for your feedback. What do you mean by "bit" ("but" right? I 'm asking caus Im not goof at English)? Are you activating the GH5 sensor stabilization when you use the tokina or is it better to desactivate it? More generally with 28mm to 58mm adapted prime lens with XL, can you use the image stabilizer effectively?
  7. Your proposition make a lot of sens if my favourite focal were 15mm (FF equiv), it is also probably sharper. But a 10mm prime would make much more sens to me. It' seems weird to me to shoot 90% of the time ETC...but I agree a small prime is more elegant, it makes more sens. No small 10mm on the market unfortunately. In the other hand, I have 5 nikkor ais, + voigtlander nikon mount, I could also use them with the speedbootser + I could use the tokina with my Nikon camera.
  8. - it is not vignetting after 13mm according users (XL+ tokina) - I f I understand, you need Sony to M43 adapter + this sony focal reducer adapter = stacking, isn't it?
  9. don't know if it's a good idea to stack adapters..
  10. I tend to avoid complicate importation. I had bad stories importing watches from the US. Those Micro 4/3 wide primes are so expensive, I'm really thinking about buying a tokina 11-20mm, it seems ok:
  11. this SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 10mm T2.1 seems very interesting but so expensive in Poland at more than 1000 EUR!
  12. I've just heard of the the Voigtlander 10.5 Nokton for micro 4/3. Some love it (stevehuff), other hate it (lensip). I personnally love the voigtlander look (I own the 58mm Nokton). Have you tried the Voigt 10.5mm?
  13. I was analysing the Exif of my action video, I'm always shooting at 20mm (35mm equi) or 30mm (35mm equi) when there's some serious gun action (to shoot further away). I would need a 10mm lens for 4/3 system. What's is surprising is that only Sayang/Rokinon propose such a focal but we can’t attach any filters which is big problem to protect the lens. It's very surprising that Panasonic neither Olympus propose any 10mm prime. It's so useful.
  14. unfortunately, they are impossible to find in Poland or Europe.
  15. Thank for the Vimeo link. I prefer much more the Tokina look to the leica 8-18. In the same time Videographers seem more talented on vimeo than on youtube... Do you know if the tokina vignet a lot with GH5 and speedbooster XL? So if I understand, your purposes are mainly photography, but for video, forget it. I like what I see on Vimeo but is the ETC involving more noise? I shoot a lot inside shooting range. I like what I see on youtube indeed. But I need wider.
  16. Guys, If you have footage comparaison btw native and adapted ultra wide angle (20mm is enough wide for me) lens on m43, do not hesitate to post. If you have footage of adapted ultra wide angle (no comparison) I would be also curious.
  17. Could you show me some video you shot with tokina and speedbooster pleas? In fact, when Im' shooting gun action, 20mm to 24mm (35mm equ) is the sweat spot to me, this laowa is too wide. 35 mm is also nice for journalism/report. I forgot to mention that I imperatively need classic filter on my lens. I've damaged an ultra wide lens last year (no UV filter) receiving a cartridge...
  18. Hello guys, Should I buy a native lens like the Leica 8-18mm? : compact, autofocus, in camera correction, or should I choose the adapted path buying the Tokina 11-20 f2,8 on Metabones XL Speedbooster: more light & shallow depth, no focus by wire, don't care about a little of vignetting Performance against bright light is quite important to me. I'm questioning caus all I see over youtube from GH5 x Leica 8-18 is so un-inspiring, so sanitized (well, it's tourist shot in the same time). On the other hand, I've heard that adapting an ultra wide angle lens with metabones speedbooster was not a very good idea. What is your experienced with ultra wide angle lenses and micro 4/3 camera? Thank you.
  19. I have time, I only work for my own project (but I'm printed internationally), so I'm going to invest in Foveon. Next week, I will try the SD Quattro with some old sigma lens like the 50mm f2.8 macro and the 17-70mm (I don't need hyper fast glass), I hope it's going to be easier to manual focus than on the dp.
  20. there's a zoom assist but we cannot move it to the border of the frame which doesn't make sens...this adorama link seems to not work in Europe. I was watching the picture, colors are so deep, but in the same time, is it not too contrasty? Must be good for dramatic portrait. I'm really thinking about buying it but in the same time, why nobody use it in photo studio?
  21. Yongnuo flash triggers don't work with the dp quattro because of the lens bulge, do you know if the GODOX – X1 work?
  22. Yeah, the red are so rich and vivid, bayer looks faded in camparison..before buying it, I still have to figure out how to build a good light set up with sigma (radio trigger? any remote control? which monolight and speedlight?), and to know if it's possible to bring the magnification to the eye caus I haven't succeed at sigma shop.
  23. Here are comparison shot of me I took at a Sigma shop in Warsaw. Unfortunately, I shot jpeg. Nikon D5500 x Voigt 58mm Nokt (standard profile picture) Sigma Dp3 I like Sigma colors better but the ergonomy is terrible impossible to connect my yongnuo radio trigger or speed light because the lens is on the way (I used sigma flash they gave me) , impossible to move the focus point to the eye, overall a very slow and uneasy camera to use.
  24. I'm very disappointed by the dp2 colors on this comparaison, Sigma skin tones are very yellowish.
  25. I'm going to a Sigma shop next week in Warsaw. I will compare the dp3 Quattro to my current portrait set-up Nikon d5500 + voigtlander 58mm nokton, here is the last portrait I've shot with it : I know this is not the same focal (50mm for the sigma), but I want to compare the colors and contrats in a studio environment and see if the sigma can surpass the Nikon bayer + Voigt.
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