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  1. Thank you for your answer, I didn't know wide angle lens prevent rolling shutter.
  2. Hello guys, Could you tell me which solution is the best to balance the temperature of a LED light: gel or variable LED (less powerful)? Thank you.
  3. Hello Guys, Would the rolling shutter of the A6300 be an issue with this kind of military training I'm shooting? (shot with a Nikon d5500 handheld): I plan to shoot mainly military training and interior real estate video.
  4. Thanks Zach, this is how the Polish look like . I was not clear enough in my explanation, I want to sell this training to the French but I've shot Polish paramilitary for the promo video.
  5. I agree with you, on Flickr, I also find Sigma Art look some kind of sanitized...But the theory too much glass = flat picture still makes sense to me
  6. Hello guys, The video promote military training organized in Warsaw (Poland) for the French (it's forbidden in France) I'm a newbie, I've just started shooting photo and video 9 months ago. There's a lot of flaws in my project, colors and contrast are not matching between the scenes, Bad light set up, etc... I've shot everything with a Nikon D5500, hand guns scenes has been shot with a 5DmkIII raw (not by me), AK POV scenes with a go pro. I did all the editing on adobe premiere I wish to improve reading your advice on this forum.
  7. Could you send me the link to the topic pleas? thank you.
  8. You guys have much more experience than me, I'd like to have your feedback. I can read than Sigma lens lack of 3D pop and depth because it contains to much glass (15 elements here). For this reason, videographer and photographer tend to prefer Carl zeiss ZE/ZF, Canon L or Leica R lenses. What's you opinion?
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