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  1. How are you operating? Are you shooting monochrome / acros simulations straight into the camera, or do you prefer to shoot F-log for the extra dynamic and then editing it B&W ? I like the monochrome look, but I thinks there's not enough dynamic (yes I shoot tone -2). Are you obtaining a good result using F-log and a B&W Lut ? Do not hesitate to post your personal videos in the comment. Thank you
  2. Sorry for answering late. Batery was full (both camera and preamp). I live in Warsaw, Poland.
  3. Yes I did it, I spent a lot of time on this issue, I've experimented all kind of config, I'm visiting fujifilm next week.
  4. Fujifilm has proposed me to visit them next week, I will let you know. Unfortunately in Poland, I don't see other afordable option than saramonics. Here is a capture of the weird pulse : It works fine directly in XT3 but not with a preamp. I don't like that much the sound of this shotgun mic but I have no other option unfortunately.
  5. Ok it doesn't work, I'm still hearing this pulse, I'm going to send back the camera to Fuji. Fuji is not serious when it comes to video recording, I should have invested in a pana
  6. I'm going to do the test, I have this mic, I just need to buy a second battery, and I'll come back to you.
  7. "check whether your Saramonic has Mic Level Output or just Line Level Output" I really don't know, what I know is the smartrig+ work fine with my Nikon d5500, and none of the preamp I've tried work with the XT-3. I'm just receiving a pulse signal. When I plug headphones in the saramonics smartrig+, I constantly heard this pulse, like the microphone is on and off at a regular rythme, so it's not contact failure. I'm quite sure the issue come from the camera, I've heard other people experiencing this issue with the X-T3.
  8. For the Saromonics smartrig+ I own, the line out cable is integrated, unfortunately can't use this microphone atenuator you sent. I did a test yesterday with the SR-PAX2 using the cable provided in the box.
  9. That's been two months I'm trying to use an external preamp with the Fuji X T-3. Both Saramonics SmartRig+ and SR-PAX2 don't work. Instead, I receive some audio pulse, the sound is like hatched. I don't have this issue with my Nikon, I don't know what to do, I have the last 2.1 firmware update and I set the audio correctly (I've tried many configs). Pleas tell me what should I do before I throw this camera out of the window. Thank you.
  10. ahhhh, I didn't know I could record both in the same time ! thanks for the tips ! Thanks for your feed back Yes I did it, thanks
  11. Hello guys, I want to avoid using my bad nikon d5500 preamp so I plugged a zoom H1 to it. H1 line out -> camera H1 line in -> radio Transmitter line out Does it worth it the extra bulk? have I done something wrong? any recommandation? Thank you R0182350.DNG
  12. ok, thanks for the answer. I don't know a lot of photographer indeed, only me.
  13. Good article. What about the out of focus transition you were mentioning on your article about medium format ? Why doesn't it apply to FF vs m43. I watch a lot of M43 pics on flickr, most of the time I find them flater than FF.
  14. " I like this setup but it has a problem, because unless I shoot in full manual mode, my videos are almost always exposed a full stop darker than my stills. " But who doesn't shoot in full manual mode anyway (both photo & video) ? I don't think it's big issue.
  15. Rai TV (italia) came to me to cover an event I've organized in Poland. The cam operator had a Canon C100 mkII but he has never used autofocus at all during the whole duration of the event, it is not reliable enough according to him. It seems that pros don't use autofocus at all, neither on Sony or Canon cameras or whatever. Questioning the pro might be more reliable than forum.
  16. Ok interesting, I never had any Sanon or Sony camera. So Canon and Sony shooters never manually focus. I remember this cam operator from Vice uk covering my training, he seemed to manually focus a 35mm canon L on a C300mkI, but I'm not sure.
  17. Can you show me the list of MC-11 compatible lens pleas?
  18. Thank you for answering. So manual focusing doesn't come into the equation for shooting with Sigma. Focus by wire is not a real issue. Native Sony lenses are as easy as Sigma Art to manually focus with.
  19. I was answering Jonpais stating "Sigma lenses are fbw" (I was surprised) My question was about focus by wire. Andrew doesn't seem to posses any Sony lens (at least expensive ones). So I was wondering if for video grapher possessing an A7RIII, sigma art lenses were providing the best of both world: video autofocus and physical manual focus. Nobody talk about manual focus, but it seems to be a big advantage over sony native lenses (or not if nobody talk about it, i don't have your experience with mirrorless) There's no lens, even sony native with such characteristics: video autofocus + classic manual focus (not by wire). I don't like sigma lenses. the only lens I've broken is a sigma but in that (video) scenario it's seems wiser to invest in sigma art lens, canon or sigma mount instead of Sony ( I only have a nikon camera, so no adapting for me)
  20. Dpreview is about photography, my question was about video use.
  21. I I talk about sigma ART Canon mount used by Andrew for his test. You said they were focused by wire lenses and I think you made an error.
  22. hype = lenses sold, talk on forum etc... It doesn't seem to me those heavy ART sigma lens are fbw, are you sure about it?
  23. Really? I knew that Sigma E-Mount were focus by wire but even the Sigma ART lenses Canon and Sigma Mount are fbw? I didn't know that. Why all this hype for sigma art lens for video then?
  24. I I understand the topic, the biggest advantage of using Sigma glass with Sigma MC-11 adapter is to have video focus while having the possibility to manual focus physically (I mean no focus by wire) it's also cheaper than Sony native. Sony glass in the other hand tend to be smaller (like the 28mm f2, 85 f1.8, I don't need f1.4 shallow depth of field) and you can autofocus effectively both in video and photo but focus by wire. Correct me if I'm wrong. Ideally for my need, Sony would produce small primes, not as fast and over corrected like the big sigma, with a manual focus clutch like in some Olympus lenses.
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