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  1. Background:
    A while ago... maybe 2 years had passed, I had an idea for color-matching algorithms, allowing the creation of LUTs based on colors in an image or color palette.
    After digital wondering and waiting for technology to catch up, the current versions are stable, and perform decent color matching.

    Help me make it better.
    Any feedback can be useful - from feedback on the interface to the end results.
    Suggestions and critique are welcomed.
    If you had the urge to give your piece of mind to a guy who makes the software you are using, now is the time ;)

    You can load and edit 3D .cube LUTs, and most should be compatible and working with the app (including those exported by DaVinci Resolve).
    All corrections you make are reflected on the LUT you export.

    The app comes in two flavors:

    Kinoseed: Photo Color Match (WV)
    2Mb, working with libraries in your phone
    + instant start, small size
    - interface movement may not be smooth on older phones

    Kinoseed: Photo Color Match (GV)
    50Mb, working with Mozilla's GeckoView
    + fast and stable
    - larger app size


    There is no app for iOS devices for the time being.
    For desktop you can run: https://kinoseed.com/

    Main Features:

    ✎ Non-linear edit
    Corrections are non-destructive

    ✾ Color contrast
    Easily add and customize color contrast and movie-style looks

    ✋ Skin-tone corrections
    Smooth skin color tones, adjust luminosity, and color correct

    ⌘ Style matching
    Copy the color style looks from other images

    ⚡ Palette painter
    Choose colors for your image or LUT

    ❒ ?3D-Lut I/O .CUBE
    Load, edit and export LUTs compatible with other video and photo editing software

    ? Load remote files
    You can load images or LUTs directly from cloud storage

    About the app:
    Advanced color grading service, allowing you to match color-style looks, create LUTs by setting a color palette, utilizing algorithms for visual light edit, perceived temperature control, image color contrast, movie-style, and skin-tone smoothing and control.

    With Photo Match you can render your image or export the generated color-recipe as universal 3D-LUT for use with other software.

  2. The app with built-in GeckoView should perform solid and fast, but that comes with the price of 40Mb.
    As we move to Fenix launch, GeckoView is being optimized, however aarch64 is lagging, and as such only 32bit version is delivered trough the store.

    Using android's built-in library is less reliable, and performance depends on specific device, as there are still some bugs related to specific hardware, which are still pending.

    As such, I recommend you stick with Mozilla's GeckoView version for now.
    Here's today's test using a Mi9 sample image, with the updated back-engine vE25

  3. I'm trying out a new "no sliders" interface, using a "touch pad" area to "push adjustments", and I would love some feedback.

    The goal is that by removing the information about "how much correction is applied", the user focuses on the actual image-result.
    Hopefully, it's also easier to adjust, especially when using a touch-screen device.


  4. 13 hours ago, DBounce said:

    @Kisaha when it comes to dealing with China remember Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 48...  The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.

    So many here are quick to side with China, believing them over western intelligence agencies. I’m not saying that the west is perfect... but at least for most here they are the home team.

    @Kisaha, you did notice the word "allegedly inserted a backdoor (in French)"

    A backdoor hack could have been done by any intelligence, but it would have never transferred data directly: "After investigating, it was found that the continental organization’s confidential data was being copied on to servers in Shanghai." - sounds like offsite backup to me (data/servers are often backed up remotely in case of local server catastrophic failure - like say fire burns down the building).

    So I call this b.s.

    "side with China" ? :)
    There was another saying - "If you are not us, you are against us". I think it came from the old USSR, but now we hear it coming a lot from USA.

    Facts show that there are no security issues with Huawei's 5G networks, and that "intelligence agencies" (not all western intelligence agencies support that claim, just USA and UK) are simply spreading propaganda (and if you look into the details, there are no proofs, only "concerns").

    Now the media is trying to make it look like a big deal that AndroidOne license is revoked (and I don't know even if there are any Huawei deivces, which run it). There are 2 Xiaomi phones A1,A2 (I think) with AndroidOne, but that's about it. So Google's project - AndroidOne is dead, Huawei phones will watch youtube over the browser, and the world keeps turning. ;)


  5. 4 hours ago, DBounce said:

    China was perhaps trusted too much... they are still a hostile power.

    You seem to be living in Orwell's distopian world.
    War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength?

    The only "friendlies" in your eyes are the ones you subjugate probably.

    Huawei is not "trusted blindly" - the technology is tested and checked, and all security investigations find that they are safe.
    And it looks like with far less bugs and less open to exploits, just because of all that scrutiny.

    If a few EU countries like Germany (their technology is used to build 5G networks, and Germany's is 90% done already), conclude Huawei are as safe if not safer than any US tech (well... I'll go with "safer" as any manufacturer and software developer has to disclose the encryption methods, at least... and that is something even I had to do in the past), it seems it's all US fabrication of allegations and nothing more.



    here's a refresher for you:



    To sum it up... this is nothing but trying to get the pie of installing and supporting all 5G networks, especially in EU.
    Not only because it's a big market, but that will give NSA and USA direct access to spying EU networks. Something they will have very hard time to do against the Chinese tech.

  6. 2 hours ago, Adam Kuźniar said:

    AOSP is soo much different than a company using Android with a commercial license that also licenses all of the Google apps for them. You can compile Android yourself for your personal use on any device you can make it work on, but AFAIK you can't sell it without the commercial license.

    Huawei just like Xiaomi, have all those services, which are offered by the respective companies.
    Last time when I got a phone from Honk Kong, it didn't come with A1 nor did they have any google-aps, and those companies only recently started using it, on some of their phones, so it is really not a big deal continuing without google-apps.

    What you think of is (and it seems the intended misleading information refers to) Android One, which can't be modified by the vendors.
    This is something, which only recently stared being used more widely, and it is rather a strike against Google, as this will definitely hurt their market share.


    The news (unconfirmed) that "Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom break ties, too" is much more concerning, and this, if true, will probably be the official start of the global economic wars.

  7. A while ago started to develop an app, which now can also load 3D cube LUTs, edit them, and export as cube or hald.
    Of course creating LUTs based on a source image/frame is the main functionality, which evolved a lot since the app first started.




    Google version, size 1M (running on System): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kinoseed.photomatch
    Mozilla version, size 40+ M (with built-in GeckoView): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kinoseed.matchcolor

    You can use the app via any modern browser or Android device.
    Web: https://kinoseed.com/

    If your try the google version, and the sliders don't move smoothly, it's a bug that google is still fixing, try the Mozilla version, as it works for all devices.

    Let me know what you think.


    Misinformation and propaganda have always been the tools of choice for failed/failing states.

    First of all, Android is "open source", and thus no one can limit access to it: https://source.android.com/

    There has been no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Huawei, but there has been plenty of evidence however of wrongdoing, on the part of the accusers:



    Guys, I can use some feedback from you. :)

    The app has been progressing nicely, but I'll love if some of you give it a try and let me know what you think.

    There are quite a few new things, the latest of which are "desktop installation" (via Chrome), full screen, and loading source image via URL:

    Desktop installation is "in beta" from what I can see, but it is available by setting a couple of flags in Chrome even now.
    Here are the instructions on how to "install to desktop":

  10. ... wow.. it's been so long :grimace:

    I really have to catch up with what you are talking about (thanks for the tag by the way).

    as far as I recall the "hacks" so far were mostly additional software/scripts which were exploiting some of the camera capabilities which were underutilized.
    (that is, with the exception of bitrate change, and messing with which capture size get packed into which preset video encoding)

    When it comes to capturing "raw" video, I would say "highly doubtful", as dumping the sensor data (most probably) won't be computationally feasible, and there was no API for dumping raw frames (and digging in the firmware to get that was out of the question).

    But hey, even :) if it's an early April fools day joke, no need for negative energy ;)


  11. Decided to give it a go. Simple temperature change, added contrast, lowering brightness, increased saturation, etc (you can see below).
    note: had to convert to png, and used levels to pull the highlights right before loading.


  12. 36 minutes ago, Attila Bakos said:

    Cordova/Phonegap is not made for redirecting to a web URL, it packages your entire web application into the app, and it runs it in a webview. It gives you access to hardware functions though specific javascript calls, and compiles to multiple platforms without too much effort. I'm not sure if this would work out for you, it all depends on the HTML5 support of the webview engines on each platform. Just something I though you might want to take a look at.

    Thanks. I did look at a whole bunch of "code once, compile for everything" solutions a while back,
    but  decided on having "one code for all", without the need of platform specific compilation.

    The Android app is simply a wrapper, for the webview (the whole app is actually loading in real time from the server, it's about 10Kb, the rest of the assets are cached and updated only when a new version is loaded on the server, and if you are offline, it loads an offline version from a serviceworker).
    This way all updates are instant, and there is no need for "app update" on Android, but I don't know if that's possible for apple apps.

  13. 11 hours ago, Attila Bakos said:

    Wouldn't it work in a webview? Then you could compile it with Cordova/Phonegap to multiple platforms.

    Not necessary, but I don't know.
    Safari is lagging in HTML5 development significantly, and it was even behind Edge.
    While starting developing the app, things were hellish on Apple devices
    (only latest version was working, and they had no way of tracking,
    which WebKit, which iOS update was using, the other browsers were only "wrappers"
    and I think Chrome was failing too, and only FireFox worked).

    For the Android app to work, there was the need for custom JS interfaces, which will allow "file-downloads" of generated in-device blob ObjectURLs (saving the image).

    Since then, the code was dumbed down to allow as much backward compatibility as possible, so it should be more compatible now.

    I don't have  experience with Cordova/Phonegap, but I doubt that simply loading the web URL in a webview will compile to a working app... will it?

  14. Image adjustment module - algorithms' logic is updated.
    Visual temperature changes should be even better now.


    On 1/28/2018 at 3:16 AM, buggz said:

    Is there an iPad version?

    All you need is a modern browser. If Safari has problems, you can always use Chrome or Firefox.
    I'm not sure if Apple allows for PWA (adding the app to homescreen, which is installing it), but Chrome and now Firefox (FF still has some bugs in PWA) now allow it on Android.

    On Chrome you can use it as a "standalone" windowed app, just by "Install to desktop...".
    However it needs some manual setup of Chrome, as it is still "experimental":

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