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    tomastancredi reacted to Lars Steenhoff in Comprehensive Sigma Fp first impressions and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    The Manual

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    tomastancredi reacted to Sid in Comprehensive Sigma Fp first impressions and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    C'mon thephoenix, it's clear footage will come, but the article is surely a welcome update ?  The camera was seen and thoughts shared, then everything reported back here.  Of all the sites, I find this one the most integral.. 😉
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    tomastancredi reacted to thebrothersthre3 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Like a lot of things there's gonna be subtle differences as you are getting 422 and almost no compression with prores. Its gonna be low returns for most people. 

    I got a Ninja 2 to record with my XT30 though. No time limits, 4k downscaled to 1080p prores, which is convenient as I downscale and transcode to prores on my PC regardless. So it saves that step for me. Plus I'll get 10 bit 422 where as the XT30 only does 8 bit internal. I got one for $160 with a 256gb SSD, so its honestly a damn good deal I think. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to ghostwind in Canon gear advice for pro photographer getting into videography   
    Some interesting points. But around 30min/256GB card, is not exactly ideal. 3x256GB cards (with a single point of failure instead of writing to dual cards simultaneously) is also just 90min total time, which is not a lot of footage, but a lot of data. Again, I could see this on personal or unique projects, but I need more time than that.
    Interestingly enough, after some more research, it seems the cleanest and sharpest 1080p comes from the C100s and the original C300, where it was/is a clean downsample off the 4K sensor. With the C200/C300MKII, seems the 1080p is softer with some aliasing, so it’s better to shoot in 4K and downsample in post to get the best 1080p. Canon did something different apparently. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to User in Canon gear advice for pro photographer getting into videography   
    My two cents...

    I shoot verite docs, so for me the C200's raw feature will pretty much never get used.
    Aside from raw, Canon's ability to pack a decent amount of info into a lightweight file is exceptional.
    For sure 4k is great for cropping, but who sees that extra resolution 6-10 feet back from the screen? I can easily push 125% into a C100MkII file with no major quality loss. Someone recently posted on a C100 to 4k up res that seemed decent enough.

    For fun, though it could be true, I often think that the C100 MkII is the last camera I need to own as it ticks so many boxes. I'd consider a C300MkII, but will wait for the prices to drop and then take a look.
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    tomastancredi reacted to Márcio Kabke Pinheiro in Sony a6100 and a6600 Announcement   
    When (or if) Fuji launches a camera with IBIS besides the X-H1 (my dream is a X-E4 with IBIS), it is game over.

    Sony did'nt even bother to put a FUCKING front dial on these things.
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    tomastancredi reacted to Jip-Hop in 5K RAW 24p video for $150 - Magic Lantern making great strides on Canon EOS M   
    Wanted to share my first trial with Canon EOS M, Magic Lantern RAW and vintage lenses.
    Also the first time I use Davinci Resolve for editing and grading.
    Overall I'm quite happy with the results.
    Here's the link: https://youtu.be/bDT8-ChgzrE.
    Make sure to watch it in 4K, even on non-4K screens, because it has way less compression artefacts.
    Shot in mv1080 at 1736x976 resolution, 25fps.
    Using Helios 44-2, Mir 1B and maybe in some shots the Jupiter 9.
    Also used two stacked polariser filters as variable ND.
    Didn't use a LCD viewfinder, but plan to use one next time.
    Need to get more stable shots, so I applied stabilisation in post.
    Sound recorded with Rode VideoMicro.
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    tomastancredi reacted to ZEEK in 5K RAW 24p video for $150 - Magic Lantern making great strides on Canon EOS M   
    I recently purchased the Original BMPCC and have only tested it gently using a Lumix 20mm f1.7. I'm waiting for a Metabones Speedbooster to arrive to officially test it with my awesome lens pile, but so far I can say the EOS M RAW is sharper and more detailed. People describe the BMPCC as having "cinematic" image due to its soft cinema look. it's like someone stuck an invisible 1/8 Black Pro-mist filter in front of the sensor. Until the other gears arrive for the BMPCC, I really do prefer the EOS M. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to User in Best 1080p 60fps camera?   
    No muss, no fuss.
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    tomastancredi reacted to heart0less in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Dear Fujifilm shooters - which of your lenses do you use and like most when taking photos?
    18-55 / 2.8-4 ? 23/2 ?
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    tomastancredi reacted to fuzzynormal in Making Money on YouTube for Idiots (Me) 2019   
    So, my brother has a channel of his kid playing the ABC's game.  The little guy is obsessed with the alphabet and he's a charming good natured kid.  So, bro started making videos with his son everytime the little guy wanted to play with his letters.  At the end of a year they had made about 150 vids.  Somehow the YT algorithm, or an influencer, smiled on their little channel and overnight their subscription rate went from 25 people to 75K; still growing.  He turned on the monetize option and just received a check this month for $2K.
    My bro is a blue collar dude and scrapes by.  This is like hitting the lottery a little bit.  He puts in the work, sure, but he and his son both love it and they're getting paid for it now.  He's making more videos than I do.  And, if I'm being honest, they're more engaging than the dry corporate shit I usually do for pay. And, with the extra income he can actually pay a few bills on time for a change.
    OTOH, I'm an old creative and working under the traditional distribution model of filmmaking.  My wife and I have tanked about 35K of our own cash into our latest documentary and we've made, maybe, 5K of that back.
    So, brave new world, y'all.
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    tomastancredi reacted to webrunner5 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about grading. Maybe you Ought to Calibrate your Monitor if you think it is OK. It sure as hell isn't on mine.
    I guess the new norm on here if it is half assed it is fine. Sure we are probably going to half ass stuff, but if that is the best video on You Tube to show off the XT-3  well Woopty Ding.
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    tomastancredi reacted to heart0less in Replace my Nx1 with... what? (And what's the current AF champ?)   
    What I'm waiting for is: 3.7M-dot EVF, IBIS, NP-FZ-battery, a7-like controls.
    Just something to challenge / surpass X-T3.
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    tomastancredi reacted to Parker in Replace my Nx1 with... what? (And what's the current AF champ?)   
    I'm never going to sell my NX1/NX500 combo -- at this point I have gotten rid of all native lenses except the 16-50S and the 16-50 PZ  (and I have one of Luca's speedboosters as well). But the NX500 with the hack enabling silent, electronic shutter is invaluable to me as a timelapse camera. While I have moved on to an S1/GH5 pairing for most of my paid work, the dynamic range of raw photos on the NX cameras at ISO100 is still basically unbeatable in my opinion. 28 megapixels, and shadows can be boosted to 100 in LR with zero downsides, it's amazing. 

    Video-wise, while these cameras, some 5 years later, are finally, finally starting to get a little long in the tooth dynamic-range wise (and missing higher 4k framerates,) If you keep them locked down, in 4k 24p, the image is still so sharp and beautiful, and in reasonably low-DR scenes still does -- and always will -- achieve stellar results. 

    For me, IBIS is a must-have now, and a real game-changer for my type of work. While the new Nikon cams are interesting, no 4k60p is very annoying, not enough of an upgrade from the NX cameras. The XT-3 is very cool, but has poor battery life and no IBIS. I have really been liking the S1 though. Its autofocus is not as bad as they say, especially with the recent update. Stills are technically lower resolution but hold detail far better at high ISOs than the NX1, which turns to mush after ISO 800 really. Of course, the S1 is also quite large and heavy. No perfect camera! Although the NX1, for its time, was pretty damn close. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to Emanuel in Sigma FP   
    (35:17) Deconstruction of Digital Camera...
    For some reason there is a thread about Gilles Deleuze on EOSHD nowadays or where the hell Sigma got inspiration for that one!? LOL : P
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    tomastancredi got a reaction from Volumetrik in Are there any off-brand batteries that aren't terrible compared to the on-brand ones?   
    Wasabi batteries have worked really well for me. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    Do you have vintage glass? 

    The Fuji 23mm and 50mm f2 are great. I use both lenses all the time. If you need fast glass with auto focus they are definitely the way to go. 

    I don't notice a huge difference between the XT3 and XT30 but I don't usually push my footage much in post. Having 4k 60p is nice though. 
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    tomastancredi reacted to Andrew Reid in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    Something about this logic doesn't add up.
    The reason you get an X-T30 instead of an X-T3 is for the smaller size and lower price.
    So wouldn't it make more sense to add a LARGE and EXPENSIVE external recorder to the X-T3 instead?
    Doesn't seem to stop Gerald doing a dump on it though, even though he's yet another YouTuber with more money than common sense.
    Of course the smaller body size limits it thermally, it's very powerful hardware cramped into a smaller space so that's to be expected. It's got the 4K recording time limits for a reason.
    In other news...
    They fixed the Q button.
    None of the Fuji hipster designers used the camera after drawing it with their Apple pencils.
    Good job real engineers exist to save the day!
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    tomastancredi reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    My XT3 has gotten hot but no overheating yet. Its got a 20-30 minute record limit tho
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    tomastancredi reacted to IronFilm in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    Oh dear! Fuji isn't "doing a Sony" are they?
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    tomastancredi reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    Flog is not bad in 8 bit. Eterna is a great profile though for 8 bit, pretty nice dynamic range and a nice overall image. I'd definitely recommend the XT30. Its an awesome stills camera too. Using fuji's 18-55mm is like having IBIS. Of course you don't have the luxury of adapting stabilized vintage glass. 

    The ability to throw a speedbooster on and get a full frame look is amazing too. XT30 + Speedbooster + a nifty fifty is awesome. 
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    tomastancredi got a reaction from Emanuel in Fujifilm X-T30?   
    So, is anyone actually using the X-T30? I am considering this as a substitute for my gx85. Tough I have been fine with saramonic external recorder on the top of the camera for solo shooting this seems to much a serious improve for a compact combo as many have pointed.( Don't feel like investing in m4/3 glass anymore and would love having better stills camera) . So, Have you found out if it is actually possible to use both the external monitor and have audio in?   I also wonder how bad 8 bit h.264 flog would look like. I like this guys testing and was a bit afraid of h264 limitation on xt30 and at the same time craving for the results with log and eterna lut ( not baked in ) it is possible to get on xt3 and possibly externally on the xt30. I also heard a bad review from gerald undone saying it overheated even recording externally.. 😕 
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    tomastancredi reacted to Mat Mayer in Time for a new laptop, any lightweight options?   
    This is an awesome idea. Found the PCSPECIALIST website and it seems ideal to build a laptop without having to actually put it together. Prices seem very reasonable to me on first glance. Unfortunately I probably left it too late, selling my MSI was a spur of the moment decision, so I need something someone has in stock nearby as I leave Tuesday. Might see if they can deliver Monday if I order tomorrow morning.
    Currently also looking at mini PC's, as I will be getting a monitor anyway and small ones can easily fit in luggage. Also the black HP Spectre x360, which is thin, fairly light and can be used in tablet mode, so it would replace all 3 of my devices (tablet, notebook and workstation laptop). I like to spend time looking so I get the best device and deal- will post the winner of best 4K portable computer when chosen.
    Might wait though because I checked Mac prices in Singapore and they are way cheaper than in the UK: for example £4,049.00 for the most expensive Mac Pro in UK and £3,409.57 in Singapore (approx 15% cheaper). Would rather steer clear of the c*nts at Apple though until I settle down and get an iMac. They leave people in the lurch all the time with their updates e.g. my spare monitor doesn't work with Macbook Air anymore and thousands have had the same problem for many years with no help from Apple. Microsoft make stupid decisions but I always find a way around them eventually.
    Edit: Found the perfect laptop: Dell XPS 15. 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, 2GB 960M GPU, i7-6700HQ. Same screen size as my big MSI, but feels more like the size of a 13" Air. 4K touchscreen too.
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    tomastancredi reacted to BTM_Pix in An adventure into the Panasonic GX85/80 begins - and a look at the Leica Nocticron for Micro Four Thirds   
    The solution to that problem for Panasonic cameras is that the Tascam mic has a slate tone it outputs when you press record on it which can be used to automatically put the camera into record.
    I just haven't released it yet .....
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