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  1. yes. Is it a RS problem? there is some microjittering on the last 2 videos shared (don't care about the buildings or trains, normal people just don't notice it IMO, but the motion does not look good so far so. can it be caused by 1. OSS strange stabilization 2. Rolling shutter indeed or 3. badly shot, high shutter speed.. ?
  2. eager to see your tests with this setup. Is there an improvement on Roling shutter on the 30p mode? I intend using it hand held for news ocasionanly. and this could be a good workaround, since the 1080 looks so bad.
  3. I agree, I was about to buy it and am already thinking about going the g7 + a6000 used ones route for both stills (with vintage glass on a6000) and g7 for motion. Am I wrong or it looks like 1080 on a6300 is worst than a6000's? where did you see this? I thought they said they could but would not update(on the xpro2) and the xt2 would come with 4k. when is the xt2 expected to come?
  4. also looking for a light hybrid camera with good color. Use too love my hacked gh2 and 7d for stills, both stollen months ago. So what were the downside of the a6000 or the upcoming a6300? if the em5 markII had better IQ I'd go for it. if g7 had better stills I'd go for it, I may buy a nx1, and old 5dIIIm a6300 or the no brainers em5II or g7
  5. terrible rolling shutter. very bad. slow mo 1080 looks very bad also. looks like it will no be the so expected decent hybrid for some. Don't care so much about improvements on AF over a6300, as I wont be buying expensive sony lenses. And it would be good to have good 1080p - not always with time to process 4k, and can't afford another computer just for 4k yet. Also from the footage looks like this will be terrible hand held.
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