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  1. Very interesting that it resets the timer. Still rather curious if there's any potential for damaging the sensor though. Like if you do this for a full day do you start to "see things". Not really worried about the CPU or even media bay in this case. Sucks either way. Sounds like some sort of firmware update is coming might have some sort of rate increase, but I think I'd like to know more about if they are trying to protect the sensor itself or if it's actually just crippled. Plus side, images are nice off of it. I'm certain with all of this though an actively cooled 8K cinema
  2. I've only had about 3 hours with the R5 recently and won't have time to dig in much until I just have a body laying around here. Agree with the posters above generally. Theoretically this has nothing to do with the CPU nor the Media (it gets warm and generates heat as well) even, but the accumulation of heat on the sensor itself, which I don't think Canon pushes out via metadata visible to us. It would actually be very hard to monitor specific hot points where heat can do the most damage to the sensor short of taking the camera fully apart and investigating, but even that is a toug
  3. BMD makes a considerable profit from the support hardware that drives much of the broadcast, filmmaking, and streaming industry. Though their cameras sell very well, it's the other products that actually truly drive their business. I have two fist fulls of Decklink products, I have no idea how many little converter boxes, and about to pull a trigger on one of their newer boxes. Good products with a handsome markup, sometimes very, very handsome. But this allows for the continued ecosystem of low priced, decent value cameras while also keeping Resolve "free" or extremely cheap to purchase.
  4. The best I can say regarding that concept. Open source is rad and it works in some circumstances. Specifically some companies who have provided open source code that has become popular are funded by profits of their other endeavors or occasionally funded by "the people" or a horde of individuals involved. When it comes to codec development, optimization, broad adoption, and deployment you are looking at things that take a fair bit of time, effort, and money. Making a bulletproof codec isn't that easy, same for the SDK required. It's not as easy to make something "free" when all of it
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. This was a fun and sort of insane shoot. I've written up a few words on lens selection, lighting, and post workflow with some BTS stills here: http://phfx.com/articles/forgedIn8K/ To answer a few questions. @Dan Wake - Editing native REDCODE RAW is something I've been doing for a while. This shoot was done this way using Adobe Premiere Pro CC which has GPU acceleration and adaptive resolution settings while editing. I even ran some of these files through my laptop and was able to "work" effectively. While this is not the only way o
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