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  1. Yeah, same. If the follow up of d750/500 has got fullframe 4k and 120p I am done. If I would ever shoot some proper (meaning not web based) commercial stuff I can rent a real camera. I thought NX1 would be great but a waste of money for being a dead system. Then Sonya 6300, well. Andrew is right, just get that 1dxII and a couple of lenses and done, no need to fool around with crop nonsense. My 30 year old nikkors can pop on my F2, F100 and d750 that makes it pretty easy going for what I need....Not that I like Nikon but it does the job ok for fools like me. And I just sold old Glass with a fair markup, Not sure if e.g. Sony stuff will have the same value down the line.....
  2. Hey, I hope you don't cruzify me for trolling but I am spending my time at a fair at the moment and there are video crews shooting all the time at our stand and it is quite interesting to see what they are shooting with and how. All the standarts have been here but I just wanted to share this one that blew me away... Flatpack all-in-one video rig. There is a mic plugged in which a lady is holding interviewing the bearded gentleman, LED light on top and mic holder, too. sorry for the poor photo quality
  3. @dahlfors @Kurtisso @Mathias Burling.... Sorry guys but you got me a bit excited. Is it as easy as 40 bucks for 100ft b&w 16mm reversal film, home develop and then project or scan it? Can I pop a Speedbooster on C-Mount......AAAhhh, so many questions maybe you can point me towards a good forum? Best
  4. Are some of you guys still shooting film? I have recently started to shoot analog stills again after a 10 years abstinence or so and I have to say I am blown away how awesome the stuff is looking adding to this the darkroom experience. Makes me want to get a 16mm camera or something altough I would feel slightly cuckoo....
  5. I haven't had the 1.4D in hands but other full metal AF-D's like the 20-35 2.8 are filthy tanks compared to the plastic shells of the cheaper D versions. Yes I really liked the 1.8G I tested, too
  6. Is anybody shooting with a Nikkor 85mm. Coming from a crop camera I had shot a 50mm 1.4 Canon pretty much straight for 4 years. Recently had the chance to use a 85mm 1.8G on my d750. After the first 5 min I knew what I have been missing the last 8 month or so after my upgrade. The way this slight tele frames when sitting with people oh I just love it. Maybe somebody has some first hand knowledge on some of the 85's of Nikon. As I am not so font of plastic I am levitating towards the 85mm 1.4D because it will probaly last me a lifetime and AF is something I need in day to day photo stuff. I have a new G lens and its great but I don't trust it a bit longevity wise...
  7. Am also with Andrew on this one. It is simple, you don't critique your business partner (in a bad way) in public. You would not tell a director his movie is shit while you still expect to keep working for the movie. Either you shout your mouth and take the money or stand up for your opinion. I prefer this site stays open and opininated as is. There will always be people doing whatever they are passionate about and there will always be people thinking they are in need of selling out.
  8. I think unless you aren't gaining anything from the shoot, expertise, prestige or money wise, get out. In general it makes sense to set up a proper contract that identifies the stages of work. Prep, shoot, edit, rental costs, travel, etc. Allocate time to the individual stages/ deliverables. Have a rough time/money estimate in the end to get signed off before starting to work. If you can't calculate time it takes, work over weeks or month ----> hourly/daily/weekly rate or combo. Two important things to state in the contract is time range in when this Is due to happen and that individual stages are dependent on clients support and info. Examples are if the thing drags on. Tell them time is running out. And refer them to your high hourly rate after date x. If they don't deliver things, you can't edit e.g. music, text. Refer them to the hourly rate, get last stages paid and if necessary time wise get out. If you are working with someone awesome and you can learn, be generous but don't let your self be exploited.
  9. Hey, if you are into or looking for classical music I find this is pretty nice. https://musopen.org/music/ If you open an account you can download most of it with a clear CC logo stating what you can do with it. Most of of it is public domain anyway. jippy
  10. hansel

    Nikon Customers

    I have the d750 for about 7 month now (better late then never). Two days ago I got a F2 as a backup body ;o ---> snatched it of the internetz for a good price and lots of accessorries. I bought the d750 with the 24-120 f4 kit lens. The lens is quite nice. I got it mainly for its range and VR but I have it out on sale right now. I feel like I am not using it enough. It vignetts quite a lot and on the last shoot I put it on after one of the primes and it looked like it was almost 2 stops darker than my fiddy at F4. I don't know math but I felt kind of weird about it. Once it is gone I might slowly go a bit more up market with my manual primes. I have enough of electronic crap that fails and becomes worthless ---> I go AF-D and AI-S it's enough for my little world. In 30 years I'll pop my AI-S on my F2 or what ever camera and it will most likely do. Also the price will be relativley stable for them.
  11. hansel

    Nikon Customers

    Dear @mercer, I pretty much only shoot with AIS lenses. I don't have any expensive cinelenses but handling the "ice" gives me uncontrolable hard-ons, if not to say they are rather pleasing my tactile sense. I never had a problem metering them. If I am out and about I pretty much only use auto ISO. But maybe you are using different metering mode than I do....
  12. hansel

    Nikon Customers

    I agree with @dahlfors. The d750 was my first Nikon and I do have Issues with the usability still after 6 Month that upset my workflow pretty much every time. Also I find it rather clanky... flip out flash and mode dial are looking/feeling quite fragile to me. Been on crop before, I would/should have waited for the d500 as it is a different league quality wise. Saying that, now that I have tasted the full frame, it feels quite nice to have a bigger sensor/lenses going with it, and I would probably not go back to a crop... ...unless it is stuffed with "proper" video features...120fps, peaking, some kind of AF support etc....don't care for 4k atm, my phone has got more processing power than my computer.
  13. No never tried to dim them. I have been bouncing and softboxing them though, works ok. I think whitebalance can be trouble but it really depends what you are shooting and what other light sources there are...
  14. Hey Dan, I have been trying to light things with cheap tungsten for the last few years and I think it really depends on what you are trying to do with them. They do the job very well for their price but also can be a pain in the ass to work with for instance if you want to get even exposure over an area. They get hot and in a small studio you will get hot, too.
  15. I got the Dedos last night. A lady got them for a theater production and had them laying around for quite a while untill she decided to put them online for sale. I had a good fiddle with the set and the way they work beam/flood and light fall or lack thereof made me getting them. Thanks again!
  16. Dear @DanWake thank you very much! Will suck up as much Deakins intel as possible. @MichaelCoffee and @IronFilm , well the Dedolights are about 3x more expensive but to be honest, most of the time the more expensive (higher quality) buy is the more sensible one in the long run, at least that's what I have learned in the past. So, I might scrape my last pennies together and check out the Dedos. Thanks for your advice!
  17. This what I have done with the two LED panels. Sorry, still a noob so hope I don't offend anybody on video/edting/lighting quality.
  18. Hey, It happens to be that we have a couple of things lined up were we need lighting, again. We have rented before but I feel we need a more constant aproach. We are taking little product videos with humans in it and do webshop photos. We will buy a set of two lights. My options are: - Two 100W dedolights - Two 800W redheads Both are used and for a reasonable price. Which would make sense as a first buy? We have worked before with redheads and LED panels. Also with a flash setup but this drove me nuts. I am trending for the dedo lights as they dont get that hot and seem to be of very high quality. Or should I get them all and use the Redheads to flod the room and the dedos to spot? Maybe some of the lighting wizards can be of help? Thank you very much
  19. @Geoff CB, So far I have managed to configure it in the way that in stills mode I have ISO on the record button (standard forces you to use two hands, button on the left, to my knowledge). If I pop it into video mode it reverts back to that. Another problem I have is that if I am shooting and trying to adjust ISO (maybe I should be using exposure compensation?!?) the automatic preview prevends me from doing that by either not doing anything (record button) or it zooms the preview out. Maybe you have hint or best practice for that?
  20. Dear Bror, changing to monochrome in post makes perfect sense. Dear Iron, not sure If I am a fan, I do like the camera after a few month now. Had quite a few AI-S laying around I was happy just popping them on. The stills are amazing at least from where I was coming from. But the hardware and specially the controls are a bit ridicules (e.g. iso selection). I can make do but there is much to be desired. Still quite happy that I am away from Canon now, they seem to be trolling.
  21. 1) I have not used the crop mode yet although I was considering it to get some more lenght out of my lenses if needed... There are things like High ISO NR which I have turned off so far. Apparently there is a peak DR for the d750 would you know at which ISO this would be? 2) This does not work for me but I might have tinkered to much with the custom button settings. Setting ISO is a bit of a piss take on this body imho. 3) CHEERS
  22. Hello, I know the d750 does not get so much attention here but as this is my main source for video nerdery I was wondering if anybody can point me to some more d750 knowledge I am looking for: - General video shooter guide / best practice - Been fiddling with the picture profiles but quickly ran into a wall. e.g. If I want a custom Monochrome profile I have no idea how to create that while keeping what's there intact. Is there a way to create new picture profiles out of Camera or are there any advanced things I can do in camera?. - Only just read about a Nikon hack but the Nikon Hack website is confusing me slightly. Has there been anything done for the sevenfiddy? Thanks to anyone making Eoshd what it is. A true pleasure it is! So hot right now, here Best, Hansel
  23. Representing the lower price end here: Nikkor 35-70 F3.5 AI or AI-S. It is pretty much parfocal but has some focusbreathing, hardly any distrotion on the lower end and none at the long end. Internal zooming but the front rotates outwards while focusing. Build quality is great and you can get it for around a 100€.
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