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  1. I can sell mine. I bought it on this forum a few months ago, but since I now bought a rectilux Hardcore DNA, I don't need the Rangefinder anymore :D I'll add a few photos later but here is the original post I bought it from : I'd be okay to sell it for the same price, 400€ + shipping as I only used it twice :D
  2. Hi had this one recently, this is a "cuda - GPU out of memory error". You should close your other programs (even your web browser and such as they use Video Ram) and restart premiere and start rendering I recommend using AME "alone" to render it as there will be more ram available as premiere will be openned "headless" if oppened by AME for rendering. If you're stuck, render with GPU only (but restart Premiere before rendering as switching from GPU to CPU might not empty ram) I have quite some problems with recent versions of Pr/Ae as my GPU is quite old now. The latest Cuda core takes waaay more gpu ram and GPUs under 2Gig of ram struggle :s Let us know if you have any success
  3. Nope, I think you're pretty much stuck at F/4 with this camera :s
  4. please show us some samples with this setup The 3d printed adapter looks great !
  5. 80mm in full frame when shooting 16:9 sounds quite wide already You can use @Tito Ferradans's calculator here http://www.tferradans.com/blog/?p=13386 to check your possibilities
  6. May I ask you would want to use the full 16:9 aspect ratio ? This gives a final ratio of 3.56:1 which is basically unusable IMO. I record in 4:3 or 1.2:1 myself as I am aiming at a 2.40:1 final aspect ratio. In that case you can use wider lenses
  7. Wait, EF mount ? Well that's a no go to me. 80% of my lenses are not adaptable to EF ! I want m4/3 :D Seems a strange decision as they lower end (GH4/GH5) and previous cameras (AF100 !) have a m4/3 mount. The varicam has an EF/PL mount, but costs 14k$... EF has just too much of a flange distance. As we are not using mirrors now, I don't get why we're still using this mount designed for reflex systems :s
  8. Oh yeah, you shouldn't try and change the distances between the two groups inside the adapter unless you really know what you're doing :D
  9. Absolutely not. They are only benefits to get the adapter as close as possible to your taking lens (Wider FOV / Less vignetting, Less light leaks are the ones I'm thinking right now)
  10. I asked about the exact same problem here : Got various solutions to remove it
  11. Do you happen to know who made the housing ? Very curious to see if someone can do a rehouse like this one. Looks great and practical !
  12. You can remove the last part of your adapter. On you picture I marked it : So that it looks like it (picture from rapido's website as I was just too lazy to remove mine from its setup) This should allow you to get a bit wider I wouldn't recommend a telephoto adapter as you'll lose in image quality (and a bit of light in the process)
  13. You can only go as wide as around 70mm (full frame equivalent) on an ultrastar. So you would need to zoom in quite a bit on your G12. The light loss is to be expected as it is not a constant aperture lens. As the sensor is quite small (1/1.7") you cannot get any shallow depth of field. You can take anamorphic photos, but I'm not sure the 720p recording will handle desqueezing nicely :s Can you attach pictures of your experiments ? (The (only?) thing which is good about this setup, is that your front lens element is quite small, and anamorphic adapters love that !)
  14. What a score ! Very impressive ! 200€ each anamorphic adapter would be a fair price. Got my isco and Schneider for a bit less than that actually
  15. I am lowering the price down to 1000€ (due to recent sales on ebay of this lenses being around 330€ each) And I am throwing a Leica-M to EOS adapter with the set (so that you can try them out as soon as you receive them !) FYI, Duclos Lenses can cine-mod these lenses for $250/lens + Modify them to be native EF Mount for $159/lens
  16. Ooo sorry, didn't thought it was the same "info". This topic should be deleted then, sorry about that :s
  17. Just saw this event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1800044130310599 As I just needed to update my trusty AF100. This might just be it ! Let the speculations begin
  18. I just want them to reduce the price of this damn BMPCC. Still the same price as when it came out, plus used market is still quite expensive in comparison to the retail price :s
  19. I wouldn't say Vid-Atlantic clamps are crap. I have both a RafCamera, Vid-Atlantic and Rapido. Vid-atlantic is a great cheap solution which can be quickly adapted to everything. RafCamera clamp is great if you plan on letting it on the same lens and adapter but adjusting it every time is a pain (with the tiny screws at least) Rapido is just awesome and very reasonably priced IMO
  20. This is just a dream s16 kit ! Way out of my budget but nice to see this available to someone
  21. There is a topic here when someone asked this question and got a detailed answer, but I couldn't find it again :s Maybe someone else remembers it ?
  22. I want to see cheap wide angle anamorphics !!! I usually love to shoot very wide, and that is something I miss now that I mostly shoot anamorphic. Hope I'll find a good solution soon
  23. Hello @ReinisK and welcome to the anamorphic club ! First of all : WE WANT PICS ! I'd like to see your setup and images it produces. Very curious ! :D @Dr. Verbel' already has worked (with great success) on adapting these NAP2 lenses. I still have to do the conversion on mine though (Just 6 months late ... usual stuff) As for the squeeze ration changing, it is quite normal with projection lenses. (Varies between 2.0X (at infinity) and 1.8X (at 1.5m) on my Isco ultrastar). I just stick with 2.0X in post and usually you don't notice it unless you rack focus. A single focus solution would get rid of that. If the ratio seems just off you can just change it in post
  24. How is the raw recording on this EOS-M ? It seems that the latest improvements in magic lantern raw recording applies to this camera (lossless compression + 12bits). Raw at this price is an incredible deal. Never really looked at this camera in the past :s
  25. Same here ! 25% would be great too if 50% isn't doable :D
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