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  1. @ricardo_sousa11, How much do you think your LUT pack will cost? Also Any chance you can share your updated settings or are you gonna wait to sell with the lut pack?
  2. @ricardo_sousa11, count me in for the purchase of your LUT pack as well. Would each LUT have a different set of in camera settings? The reason I ask is I am going for a two week trip real soon and would love to know what setting is should use. I was planning on using the setting you posted a while ago (Normal Gamma, sat -5, sharpness -10 and contrast -3, MB +9) I have been using these settings for a few weeks now and I really like these settings. The out of camera look is quite flat witch I like. are you still using these settings?
  3. The ideal set-up would be like a usb knob connected to a cellphone that is displaying as a remote viewfinder. Does anyone know if something like this would be possible with the NX remote mod? https://github.com/mewlips/nx-remote-controller-mod I have been thinking about this idea for quite a while now.
  4. Well i think we would need to "profile" each lens using a measuring tape and perhaps a telnet script that moves to the first focus position takes a photos moves to the the next position takes another photo then so on then pull all those photos into the computer and zoom and see the exact focus distance at each position then use that to build a look up table.
  5. Excellent thank you. I looked at some of OttoK's documentation on GitHub regarding controlling focus. I am not good at this stuff at all but it looks like the camera has no idea what the focus distance is in the real world it only knows the focus position so I assume the script would need to figure out what lens is attached and reference a table for that specific lens at that specific focal length to determine what the focus distance is and use that to calculate the values. This is just my interpretation I don’t know if I am right. In either case let me know if there is anything I can help you with that is not too complicated ;P
  6. Hahahaha I love the smell of trolls in the morning! @Kinoseed, I have a suggestion for a script/hack. Would it be possible to calculate in camera the near and far focal distance and then display those two numbers at the bottom of the screen? These numbers would then automatically update as you change focus or aperture. This would be good for landscape work as well as using the camera on a gimbal. This feature would obviously be toggled off and on in the menu. Side note, thanks for your continued effort into making these cameras even more incredible.
  7. IMO investing in a new body has the lowest ROI for improving your film making than any other peace of gear so IMO you are on the wrong side of the "Sense-O-Meter" You keep trying to compare the NX1 to other cameras currently on the market today witch is completely missing my point that regardless how good or bad other cameras are compared to samsung, the NX system is dead and eventually we will all need to pick a new one and switch and buy all new bodies and lenses and at that point in time I would mach rather have an extra $1500 in my pocket to spend then to have the an EVF, 120p and no crop 4k for 2 years. But that is my opinion and my advice he can take it or leave. Maybe if the question was I currently have an cannon M series camera should I upgrade to the NX1 then your arguments and examples make sense. This is a completely different circumstance I am not at all suggesting he sell is NX500 and he clearly was not talking about buying a B camera(or in this case new A camera) he clearly said "Should I upgrade" and the answer IMO is no the features gained from going from an NX500 to an NX1 is not worth $1500. again that is my opinion he can take it or leave it I don't really care. I didnt mean forever in a literal sense and I know you are smart enough to know that so why even bring this up.
  8. @Kisaha, I think you missed my point regarding saving your money to buy more or better gear when you actually do change brands witch we all need to do eventually. All I am saying is I personally wont be shooting on an NX1 or NX500 in two years from now and the upgrade from the NX500 to the NX1 is not worth the money for two years of use. Does that make sense? for $1,500 you could buy alot of gear that will last you forever and will improve your workflow alot more than the upgrade. The monopod and drone were just some examples as I have no idea what he currently has. Hell i would even suggest take the northrups advice and spend that money on a trip somewhere for a week and shoot a short film about it that IMO is a better investment than upgrading from the NX500 to NX1.
  9. I agree however like I mentioned we are all going to need to change systems eventually and if not buying a NX1 now is the difference between getting a one "pro" lens(24-70) or two "pro" lens(24-70 & 70-200) when you do switch systems in one or two years I would suggest you save your money. Or if you have money now that is burning a hole in your pocket and you are the type of person who needs to constantly be buying new gear. Invest in gear support like a mono pod or gimbal. Hell even get a drone all of these will improve your film making more than upgrading to an NX1 from an NX500.
  10. What? the NX1 doesn't do 2k 120fps???? Am I missing something that was added with a hack????
  11. No tools required. ~$10 worth of piping and fittings and $5 for black duct tape. nvm your right you need a drill and drill bit I forgot about the screw mount part. I always take my tools for granted lol. Having said that I am sure you could find someone who has a shop/drill you could use.
  12. The NX1 is has quite a few features that the NX500 doesn't have mainly the EVF and no 4k crop. However I would suggest you don't upgrade and save your money to buy into a new system. Not because the samsung system is not good but because you will have to eventually so mine as well save as much money as you can to fully leap into a new system when the time comes. This is exactly what I am doing.
  13. You should just make one from PVC from home depot. Google PVC shoulder rig and you will find tones of tutorials and examples and you can come up with your own design. Personally I feel like you should either go super cheap eg. PVC from home depot or high end expensive stuff. I rarely fall in the middle
  14. I completely agree re IQ. I didn't mean to start an argument about the 10% thing. Like I said 10% is a pretty big jump up and I love it I am just currently not using the hack out of pure lazyness i guess lol. As for the "let it finished" bit I agree and disagree. I agree that I have got all I want out of the hack (bitrate increase). However I disagree in that I thing we should say let it never be finished. AS long as their are people out their who are having fun improving the hack let them continue. Another thing that I like is from time to time I would think of a cool feature that could possible be added and like the though that someone might actually do it some day
  15. @mojo43, Now that you have had some time to live with the Came H4 do you have any more input to report back? do you ever use it or has it settled in your gear closet?
  16. I am not a professional so take this for what its worth but I think the whole motion cadence thing is BS. as for the shadow noise and fine patterns I did see some improvement but again its no more than 10% improvement. I mean 10% is still a pretty big improvement really when you think about. I do think alot about putting the hack back on from time to time and maybe I will someday. Maybe I will give the NX-KS hack another shot.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/NXKS2/ A new version was released last night.
  18. @kinoseed is still working on NX-KS (https://www.facebook.com/NXKS2/). I haven't looked into his hack for quite awhile but it looks like he is still working on it. @vasile has stopped working on his version and has kind of disappeared. My guess is he is moved onto a new project and is likely working on something else. Me personally I am not using any hack. I did try out and early version of NX-KS but found most of the features were not for me. I also used vasiles bitrate hack for quite awhile but eventually I factory reset my camera to remove the hack and have not reinstalled it. The bitrate hack does improve quality but IMO only by about 10% at most so I dont really miss it that much.
  19. I will have to give Ricardo's setting a try when I get some free time. One more question @cojocaru27, was this shot with the bitrate hack? Do they have any 50-150S lens? and how much
  20. How do you set sat, sharp, and contract with Normal Gamma? Do you use the picture profile?
  21. Just watched it again. I really like the contrast, sharpness, saturation and everything else in the shot at 0:40. absolutely incredible! Please reveal your secret to this exact shot lol.
  22. I really like this as well. I love the detail and sharpness. I also would like to know the lens. To save time from looking through the forum what are Ricardo's Setting you used and did you use any LUTS in PP or just graded it yourself?
  23. What does the dial on the front under the lens and to the left do? also does any one have experience with this type and swivel screen? I am unsure If I like it more less or the same and the GH4/5 type screen.
  24. Said in 2004. Said in 2016 Said in 2025. Good job SanDisk keep up the good work.
  25. I would say that by not mentioning it in the launch indicates that there is a better chance of not having it then having it. Im not saying they wont put it in. I am just saying IMO its more like 85% chance no IBIS and 15% IBIS.
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