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  1. As a long time lurker watching the progress happen and trying out some of the hacks my self here is a brief summary of main accomplishments. Current hack achievements in no particular order Increased bitrate on both NX1/NX500. So far there is no consensus on the optimal bitrate. Further testing is required by experience videographers who are good at analyzing footage. Added 2.5k full sensor readout with increased bitrate on NX500. I do not own an NX500 so I am not sure what is really happening with this hack. Perhaps someone else could fill in. Removed video record time limit on both NX1/NX500. This is something I haven’t personally tested as I do not need it but reports sound like it works perfectly fine and can be used to record videos that will fill up your card. Fully electronic (silent) shutter on the NX500. Not yet working on NX1 from what I understand. There are currently three main ways to apply hacks to the NX1/NX500. The original method by running in factory mode by running a script on the SD card root called info.tg that can run other apps such as Otto K’s keyscan The WiFi method. Similar to the blue tooth method below but more risky. The best method is the blue tooth method. This is done by modifying the file /usr/sbin/bluethd in camera to execute a scripts that can run whatever other program you want. Telnet (busy Box) can be run from the SD Card to remotely execute any command on camera. Alot of the built in camera commands have been figured out and you can now write scripts to make the camera do pretty much anything you want. Even I was able to written a few scripts . Current progress Lately (past few weeks) the majority of the activity has been around trying to remove the in camera NR for video. There has also been quite a bit of talk about creating a GUI for all the hacks. If you are a programmer and are interested in getting involved I think this is likely the area where you could really help out. If there is anything I got wrong or missed please don’t be shy and call me out on it
  2. Not totally underrelated but why can’t adobe make a grading interface for premiere that is identical to lightroom or adobe camera raw? Lightroom is multiple times easier to “grade” pictures than anything I have tried in premiere or aftereffect. If anyone knows of a plugin for premiere that will give me sliders from the “basic” section in lightroom (eg. temp, tint, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, saturation and vibrance) I would pay good money for that plugin. Does this already exist? This in my opinion is by far the fastest and easiest way to get the look you want. At least 10 times easier than the three way color corrector hell it would even be easier than using a LUT, IMO.
  3. The steady Cam solo is one of the products that I was curious about. What made you choose this model? Currently I am looking into the following (I have kind of grouped them into two categories); 1.1 Glide Came HD1000/2000 (most likely the 2000) This appears to be the industry goto benchmark product so naturally its high on my list but I still struggle with the price. 1.2 Came-H4. I have been reading about some quality problems with this one witch worries me alot because quality and durability is one of my main requirements. What is everyone's experience with CAM products in terms of quality? 2.1 Steady Cam Solo I am interested in these steady cam/mono pod combos but wonder if they are any good as mono pods or if it is just a gimmicky addon. 2.2 Came-150/200 (most likely the 200) A cheaper alternative to the steady cam but again wonder if the quality/durability is not as good as the steady cam brand. Unfortunately There is no stores near where I live that has a good selection for me to test them out and I tend to research the hell out of a product before pulling the trigger
  4. Excellent. Currently this is the one I am leaning towards but need to find a store that has it so I can try it before committing. Please let me know if you like it and what camera/lens you use it with. As stated before I am looking to use my NX1 w/ 16-50S lens and Rode VMP.
  5. If you transcode just use the build input LUT option in rocky Mountain movie converter... It is the fastest transcoder i have found and my system cant edit HEVC smoothly anyways
  6. Yep, I understand how big companies work. I work for and am part owner of one. But I fail to see your point. You think that samsung was making lot of money on the NX cameras and decided to stop production not because is was a financial business decision but because they plan on selling off that division? EDIT: in any case its not worth discussing anymore, I am sorry for letting it go on for this long. I am just board at work I guess lol.
  7. Thank you for your insight I agree with that I would prefer the smaller lighet more compactness of the H4 over the HD1000/2000. Do you think its fair to compare the HD2000 to the CAME-H4. After looking at the specs I think the more fair comparison would be the HD1000 and CAME-H4. Would you agree? Also, is your gut feeling that the CAME could fly more than the HD1000? Sorry to keep bugging you with questions. If you dont want to respond I wont hold it against you.
  8. Definitely, that could very likely be the reason they discontinued production. Here is another possible reason, again in formula form (Revenue of Product A - Production cost of Product A in factory A) x the number of units they expect to sell < (Revenue of Product B - Production cost of Product B in factory A) x the number of units they expect to sell Where Product A is an NX lens for example and Product B is a GS7 for example My point wasn't the exactness of my formula it was that they are looking at actual costs and sales numbers and are making business decisions base on them
  9. I worked extra hard last week so I would have more time this week to watch videos and read NAB news witch is almost non existent. Hence my increased activity on here EDIT: Actually I was wondering, what does everyone think about the new Sennheiser stero shotgun mic? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1248110-REG/sennheiser_506258_mke_440_compact_stereo.html The price seams right.
  10. I second that request. I hear you... note taken the XR and optika have been taken off the list. I saw the HD1000 but its only rated for up to 3 lbs and figured that is was like tripod ratings where they are usually pretty generous with their specs meaning in order to get good results you should stay well under their specified maximums. What is your experience with the HD1000 can it comfortably fly 3lbs? How about compared to the CAME-H4 witch is APPARENTLY rated for up to 6 lbs(eye roll). OK... I am going to put you on the spot.... you have to grab either your HD1000 or your CAME-H4.... What do you grab?
  11. Agreed... I guess my point is that samsung is a large company and they are looking at the actual sales figures and production cost and are doing what they think makes the most business sense. Its really just too bad they wont fucking tell us all what that actually is?
  12. The cost of production > the revenue in sales(people will only buy them at a discount now) ... Simply put it does not make sense for them to make any more lenes
  13. I am kind of thinking that samsung is just moving existing stock around from retailers that have stock but are not selling it to retailers who don't have stock but could possibly sell it.
  14. So as of yesterday I am officially on the market for a Steadicam and would like some suggestions/help choosing. So I want to use it with my NX1 with the 16-50 S lens and a rode video mic pro (~1,400g or 3 lbs) but would also like some room to grow if my next camera is heavier. I plan on also buying an arca quick release so I can easily switch between the steady cam and tripod. Is this recommended? So far this is my list of options: Glidecam HD200: My friend has this one and I have used it a few times and I really like it so it is definitely high on my list. My main issue with the HD2000 is the price. It is the most expensive option on my list currently. Glidecam XR-2000: I was looking at this one because it is really close to the HD200 but with a few less features at less than half the cost. The primary feature missing is the XY screw adjustments witch seems quite critical to me but seeing as I have very minimal experience balancing steady cams how important is this feature considering that I will be using an additional quick release? CAME-TV H4 Carbon Fiber: This little guy is extremely appealing because it’s compact, light, and affordable and it comes with the micro adjustments. Right now it is the front runner except I feel like the quality is lacking compared to the Glidecams Cheap “Amazon” Steady Cam (Opteka): I am curious if this is actually any good at all. It appears to be decent but I am worried that it is shit. Anyone have any experience with this one? Steadicam Solo Stabilizer & Monopod I am curious about the monopod functionality because I really like versatility. Also the build quality looks quite nice and it has a lot of really good reviews. It appears to be gear rental work horse witch also appeals to me. Any one have any experience with this Steady cam? Just wait and get a gimbal This is the less appealing of all the options beacuse I feel like there is so much settings involved I feel like it would be just be another excuse for me to play around with settings oppose to actually shooting. I also feel like waiting even just a year the gimbals will be twice as good and half the cost where steady cams have definitely been refined to the point where they are not getting alot better. Any feedback is wanted and helpful. Thank you all in advance. EDIT: It is also worth noting that I have used the 'C' type steady cam like the merlin and I did not like it.
  15. Wow that is amazing. is that the NX1 or the NX500?
  16. Do you think you would be able to use the 16-50 f2-2.8 lens?
  17. I was playing around with this last night and it looks like you can get the Saturation, Sharpness and contract to values that are not shown in the menu including negative numbers. ex: if you set sharpness to -10 in the menu and do "prefman get 0 0x87c l" comes back showing the value is set to 0 and like wise if you set sharpness to +10 in the menu and prefman get again reads the value as 20 therfore -10=0 and +10=20. now if you do "prefman set 0 0x87c l -10" witch would be an equivalent to -20 sharpness in the menu then do a "prefman get 0 0x87c l" it read the value is still being set to -10. I will do some more testing to see if the value is actually sticking during or after recording and if it makes a difference to the quality then report back. I also wrote a script last night that uses nested while commands to consecutively record 5 sec clips testing all the gammaDR setting in a given range. this could in theory test every possible combination for saturation, sharpness, contrast setting automatically(1000 tests total). Let me know if any one is interested in this script for themselves. This script could also very easily be altered to do or include MBL, RGB setting or HUE settings if that is your kinds of thing.
  18. Sorry I have a few questions if you don't mind. what came carbon-fiber steady cam do you have? I was looking at getting one for myself so I don't need to borrow my friends and was considering the CAME H4 When you say Samsung 16-50 kit lens do you mean the 16-50 S lens for the power zoom one? Thank you in advance.
  19. If you could go by the Samsung booth and just say.... What the Fuck guys.... WHAT THE FUCK lol. Apparently they do have a booth so if you could go by there and take some pictures of the professional broadcast level fridge camera that would be great. Thanks
  20. I figure it out it is prefman set 0 0x878 l -10
  21. Does anyone know how to set the the gamma DR settings on the NX1 (saturation, sharpness and contrast) from telnet? I have tried both prefman and st cap capdtm with out any luck.
  22. I really don't want to start a debate about Samsung so I am going to just say that that is your opinion and my opinion is that samsung makes many fantastic products with leading edge technology. I also believe your statement about "Most of what they do is pretty shite or a sneaky copy of X" could be said about almost every company that has ever existed including apple, Cannon, Panasonic, Black Magic, etc. They all copy each other and they all make alot of shity products that is what competition is all about.
  23. on a not entirely unrelated note I love the way the walking dead uses color grading to set the mood When the characters are in a safe location like behind the walls in their compound everything is super bright and all the colors are really saturated then they will quickly transition to being super flat and de-saturated. I am not a huge fan of this show as a whole but think it is a perfect example how color grading can really make the viewer feel a certain way eg. safe and comfortable and unsafe and on edge.
  24. IC, thank you that makes sense. Do you know what the command "st cap live sd dump [1-5]" does? from what I understand doesn't ML get RAW video by dumping the live view data to the SD card? I could be completely wrong about that thought. EDIT: @hirsti, do you know what the command is to turn on video standby mode? I am curious to know if putting the NX1 in video stby will save the video the setting mile prefman save does.
  25. Yeah I was wondering about that myself. I am also curious about the following commands as well startfisheye stopfisheye setpath 0 - 2(0:OTF/1:IPCout/2:RawOut/3:Ldc Out/4:120FPS OTF/5:120FPS IPC out stremmode [0 – 14] sensorframerate 240 outputframerate 240 dataframerate 240 Hopefully I will have some time to play around with it this sunday.
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