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  1. Sweet video. I have a few questions. 1. Was all the slow motion shots the NX1? 2. If so what settings did you use and are you useing the bit rate hack?
  2. If we ban him he could just make a new profile and we would have no idea who he is. If he keeps using this same profile we will all know and can as you said "be very cautious of anything he *says*". I think the saying goes. keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer.
  3. I vote no ban. I would rather him stick around with this profile than have him create a new profile under a different name. I think it goes without saying he should be banned from posting in the gear for sale sub forum. Definitely best forum thread I have ever read and that includes some of the famous redit AMAs I have read.
  4. I just noticed that this thread is now the largest thread on EOSHD. Keep up the good work guys Lets not let things slow down there is still more potential left to be unlocked in these cameras.
  5. I think you mean the Han river located in Seoul, South Korea On a related note if you ever do any international business in South Korea or Japan I would highly recommend you don't mix the two up because to each other they are kinda like that neighbor you don't like but are nice to because being rude would just make both your lives a living hell. Kinda like what we Canadian do with the US lol.
  6. @vasile, May I ask what the next feature you think you are going to work on?
  7. Meta bones it not going to be redesigning their optics to fit the NX mount. http://www.metabones.com/article/of/faq
  8. This is a funny post because I noticed the same tthing last night lol.... I even said "holy C100!" lol
  9. I am definitely out of the loop on the NX-KS patch ever since he decided to focus his interactions on his facebook page oppose to on here and DPreview but last I understood was that it was only possible to change the resolution setting of given slots in the menu eg set UHD to the HD setting. I was told by Vasile who helped discover this mod that the first thing he tried was to replace VGA-MJPEG with UHD and it doesn't work http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57862276 Perhaps Kinoseed has discovered a new mod I am not aware of though.
  10. They have tried to get this working with no results.... yet, I think there is still hope for MJPEG but right now no clear path on how to get there.
  11. I have thought about putting together a video in Dave Dugdale style to talk about the bit-rate hack. I have even wrote down some notes of things to test/discuss one day when I was just sitting around. I think I am subconsciously waiting for someone else todo it so I don't have to lol.
  12. I would rather not take sides. I support what both of you are working on and at this point they are quite different mods that appeal to different peoples needs. Vasile is working on a lean and clean mod with only a few features(right now its just bit-rate) and Kinoseed is working on squeezing as much as possible out of these two amazing cameras (witch to date has been amazing what he has been able to get out of them). Having said that It doesn't really matter what bill gates stole from Steve jobs or what Steve stole from bill gates they both have two different products for two different demographics. Besides I would hope that if someone comes up with a better way of doing something or something super useful the other would use it as well. You guys are both publishing as open source don't forget. Full disclosure, All I really care about at this time is the bit-rate hack so I am leaning towards vasile's stripped down mod at this point in time but I really like what kinoseed is doing as well. As stated above my preference would be a world were everyone could get along and work together to exchanging ideas, even if they are working on separate projects/mods. unfortunately I know that is not really the world we live in .
  13. Just to update those of you who are not on dpreview but there has been a falling out between Kino Seed (primary contributor of NX-KS) and vasile (the original bitrate hack creator). They are now producing separate hacks. Vasile has a hack that has a UI, auto install and uninstall and works on both the new versions of NX1 and NX500. He is going to work on a new way of implementing the hack so it does not need BT to work and should speed up the hack. You can find his hack here. There are a few UI bugs but things are looking really good so far. I believe NX-KS now has a bitrate hack as well for the NX500 but not for the NX1 yet. He has also implemented a bunch of other neat hacks such as zoom exposure and stuff. None of these other hacks are really useful to me but others on dpreview are loving them. P.S. I liked it better when we had one hack not two and its hard to tell if this is going to be a good thing or not but I am not in a position to complain.... I got my high bitrate
  14. My trick is to hold the camera at like chest/neck level and walk around like that and just act like I am pondering something then when you do bring it up to your eye no one is like WOW a camera everyone was kinda already expecting it lol. Also another small trick that helps me is I push rec before I bring the camera up (NOTE NX1 you need to make sure EVF is on first ) for some reason in my head I feel like its less of a "now I'm recording" moment and I tend to act more casual about the whole thing lol.
  15. I have used the sony a7s a bunch and held the A7S/Rii and I agree entirely I hate those cameras in almost every way except the image it outputs. I also completely agree that the NX1 is pretty much the perfect size/weight. well if you get the NX1 you wont be disappointed that is for sure. I am definitely not disappointed with it. Just as long as you know going into it that any costs sunk into NX gear is pretty much non recoverable as you will have a very hard time selling it in 2 years. I think your best bet would then be to get the NX1 pro kit(if you can find it) then stick to used manual glass after that. IMO the ergonomics of the GH4 are better than NX1. I much prefer the location of the ISO and WB bottoms on the GH4 and Love the focus switch on the back plus the flip out screen is so handy. However the I do not miss the stupid wheel on the back that thing sucks. But ergonomics are a personal preference. Here in Vancouver atleast two london drug locations have NX1 pro kits for sale. They were on sale for $2,399 CAD last I saw
  16. Dont get me wrong I love my NX1. It is an incredible camera that continually impresses me. It is actually the only camera I have ever used that has not let me down once it just always works exactly as you expect it to with really good ergonomics and I would not think twice about buying the camera again. Now having said all that I would have a hard time buying the 16-50S or 50-150S right now because they will essentially be useless in about 2 years and for that reason and that reason alone if I was in your position I would very likely get a sony like the A7S/Rii. I do cringe though at the thought of trying to get used to the ergonomics of that camera lol. My idea camera would be the A7sii internals wih an EF lens mount in the GH4 body lol but lets not turn this thread into another dream camera thread lol.
  17. I am not an expert when you comes to linux or tizen or hacking or even cameras for that matter but considering the NX1 is running X this seams like it would be definitely possible and likely easy to implement with using the Xlib.
  18. I don't think you understand what I am wanting to do. What I am talking about is figuring out what the highest fps the NX1 can capture full RAW images at continuously without buffering out. Say that it can do 6fps then you process and stitch together in post as if it were a time lapse then you would basically have a 6.5k RAW 4x high speed video. As far as I am concerned this is 100% possible today its just a matter of how many frames it can actually do and if at that rate it would be usable for anything. But now that you guys have brought up jpeg it would be interesting to see if you set it to jpeg normal(lowest quality) full e-shutter and then just let the camera rip and see how many fps it can do and for how long? I am not good with this stuff but what about a script like this. would this not just let the camera rip as fast as possible in normal quality? lol while .... do st cap capt quality normal & wait $! done
  19. what is different from RAW video and RAW photo bursts with e-shutter? I mean you would have to process them in Lr/Ps into jpeg then stitch them together in Pr just like a time lapse. I guess that is more what I am proposing a SUPER SUPER slow motion time lapse(with 0.167 sec between each photo) oppose to a high speed video lol.
  20. I agree 4k 24p RAW would be alot more usable but at this point it does not seam to be feasible. What I was suggesting is a script that would just start taking regular full RAW pictures at the highest rate the camera can sustain. This seams quite reasonable to do at this point you would just need to play around with it a bit to figure out the shortest time you need to "sleep" for so the buffer never fills up. Wait can you "sleep 0.167" for example on the NX1/500? Edit: The 15fps does not have anything to do with the shutter being able to move fast enough. The sensor can only read so fast. also the buffer fills up at about 20 pictures at 15fps so you would get about .8 seconds of video if it was possible
  21. Does the silent shutter work on the NX1 or still NX500 only? Also something that I have been thinking about that is kinda related to the silent shutter is there has to be a continuous shooting speed for RAW images that will let the camera shoot continuously forever and wont buffer out? This would give us high-speed 6.5k RAW video. I dont know if it would be practical but I was just thinking that say if the NX1 can shoot 6fps continuously you would only need to speed it up 400% to get 24p. you could probably get away with 300% It would definitely fill up your card fast lol but what do you guys think is this something worth looking into or would 6.5k RAW 4x speed video be useless?
  22. I just watched this video that I thought some of you might like regarding video compression. most if not all of you will already know this but it a cool video demonstration none the less. Side note I like it when he throws his coat out of the Ae screen. Cool little effect lol.
  23. Thank you for clarifying but this just makes me more confused. Does the iris move when you zoom a lens in order to keep the same fstop or is there something I am missing? someone on this forum has to have the answer to this.
  24. I also liked it and agree that you can call it whatever you want and regardless of what you call it it is well shot and looks good. Having said that my suggestion is IF you want to make it look like a more "traditional" music video just take a few hours and shoot one generic cine that fits in with the theme like in the hotel room or in the woods(or both) of the person lip singing the full song or even just the chorus then inter cut that footage throughout the video. That would make it a more traditional music video. DISCLAIMER: I have never shot a music video in my life so take my advice for what its worth.
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