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  1. I would also like to add to that I am extremely happy with how the NX1 has aged meaning that if you asked me last year if I would still be using my NX1 in a year I likely would have said no yet here I am and I don't even see anything on the horizon that could really grab my attention for another year. I always thought that once the GH5 saw a price drop I would pick one up but I am not really that drawn and with the GH6 at least a year or more away I could be using my NX1 until I end up finally dropping it off a cliff and need to replace it.
  2. Unfortunately, I hate to break it to you but the hardware is not there. The USB port on the NX1 and NX500 are not OTG(On The Go). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go I looked into this a while back because I had this idea of plugging in a hard drive directly in my NX1 and writing a program to backup all the videos from the SD card onto the hard drive. for a lightweight portable backup solution for "On the Go", pun intended. Side note, the solution I came up with was to use a micro USB card reader with a built-in USB 3.0 port and use my android phone to copy all the files from the SD card onto the hard drive. It works quite well is saved the need to carry about a laptop.
  3. No sorry, it was not me. I have not been there in years.
  4. I bought mine from London Drugs on Granville and Georgia. They had two NX1 pro kits, an NX500 and a 50-150 S lens. I also saw another NX1 pro kit at another London drugs location I think it was at Ironwood in Richmond cant remember now. I remember boardway cameras said they could get them in and would honor the B&H online Canadian list price. Basically, I think they were going to just order from B&H then resell to me for no profit knowing full well that I would likely buy something else from there if I bought the camera from there. At best buy on Granville at the time they had a whole Samsung section similar to the apple section where they had a decent size display cabinet just for Samsung cameras and lens but there was never any NX1, NX500 or S series lens. The best camera they had was the NX3000 from what I remember and again the Samsung staff there had no idea about the NX1. But yea, to sum up, Samsung did not make a real push in the Canadian market at all. At least from what I could tell.
  5. They sold it at several London drugs around Vancouver. Actually after the time of death was more or less declared on the NX London drugs put the NX1 pro kit on clearance for a really good deal I think it was only $2,300CAD or something cant remember exactly. EDIT: Just to clarify London drugs is a chain of stores in BC that sells everything from bread to computers and as far as I know, they have no connection to the city of London. I just realized this might be confusing. http://www.londondrugs.com
  6. Saddam, I can collaborate tugela's point. I live in Vancouver Canada and I went into two different Samsung stores back before the NX1 was dead and neither of them sold any cameras and the people working there never heard of the NX1. I also went into this "pop-up" Samsung tech demonstration in the summer of 2015 and they were showing off all there new high-tech gear (phones, TV's, smartwatches, VR, high-end appliances) and there was no sign of any cameras.
  7. I signed the petition about a year ago. I am happy to hear they got a response from Samsung. My question is would you guys be willing to trust Samsung again after leaving us hanging like this? and if not what kind of commitment would be needed from Samsung for you to trust them. For me, I would need to see a 2-3 year lens release roadmap schedule similar to what Sony did. It's not that I need a lot of lenses I just need to know they are committed to developing the line and that an NX3 would follow after the NX2. Actually, who am I kidding I like my NX1 so much I would probably buy an NX2 no matter what lol. I can only imagine if they made the NX2 today it would probably have some ridiculous specs like 4k 120p and 1080 @ 480
  8. I am not a electronics engineer but I am pretty sure high ISO performance and color rendition are not connected in that way. Meaning the camera designers do not get to make the decision to sacrifice the one for the other. The NX1 performs great (for its age) at high ISO's. Remember this is almost a 3 year old camera at this point. If you look at the cameras that came out around the same time it performs competitively except against the a7s but that is an unfair comparison as the a7s was built with the sole purpose of having high ISO performance.
  9. Not sure I understand your question. Just put the camera in manual mode.
  10. Andrew, What is your opinion of the GH5 vs. the NX1? Sorry if you already posted your thoughts on this in another thread I do not follow all the threads on here.
  11. I dont know what other samsung gear you have currently but I would maybe try and push back to get a refund for your other lenses as they are now useless to you than consider this as your chance to get out of the system at a really good price. Disclaimer to all the fan boys. I plan on keeping my NX1 until it dies then putting it up on the shelf as an important camera history relic. I think the NX1 will be a great part of camera history with a great story that I witnessed first hand.
  12. I am definitely not the best person to talk about this let alone try and get this working but from what I understand and remember from the height of the NX hacking days about a year ago. There is a separate part(either hardware or software not sure) that acts sort of like a black box and restricts this from happening. This black box is next to impossible to reprogram without doing some really significant reverse engineering. I probably got this completely wrong but this if what I remember. Not sure if you have seen the Github page or not but if you look there you will likely find more information that will explain it properly. https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding Luckily I do have a solution to get 4k 60fps... figure out how much your time it worth say $20/hour then every day spend a few hours trying to figure out how to hack the NX1 to get 4k 60fps and for every hour to spend working on it put $20 into a jar... Then after about 100 hours take the jar to your local camera store and buy a GH5 voila 4k 60fps. lol Im just playing of course, the better solution is to just spend that time with the samsung camera you already have and enjoy it for the terrific camera it is
  13. Tony Northrup posted a video yesterday that is sort of relevant to what you guys are talking about.
  14. Its called "Iso-invariance" and it only applies to RAW https://improvephotography.com/34818/iso-invariance/
  15. Again I did not mean to start a whole thing with anyone about what camera is better or how good the NX1 at what I was merely just trying to state my opinion to the OP and answer his question "Should I buy a Samsung NX1 now May 2017?". To answer your question I currently only own two camera an NX1 and a Sony a6000 that I got for really cheep and hardly ever use but wanted a smaller compact camera mostly for photos. The NX1 is an absolutely FANTASTIC camera and I love it. I am not going to be selling it anytime soon if ever and likely wont be buying a new A camera any time soon but that still does not mean I would recommend someone invest in the NX system at this point. When I bought my NX1 I borrowed a GH4 and an NX1 for about week each and decided on getting the NX1 over the GH4 as it was a better camera. Now I dont think it should be a surprise that if I did the same thing today with the GH5 and the NX1 the GH5 would win with 4k 60fps and 10 bit 4:2:2 and 180 fps 1080(and before you ask yes I have had the pleasure of playing around with the GH5 a few weeks ago). As a side note I gotta stop writing posts on threads of this nature because the fan boys are too quick to jump on anyone who even just hints at the fact the NX1 might not the best camera ever made. Never used the 16-50 f3.5-5.6 I own the 16-50 f/2-2.8 lens and its fantastic. I love that is goes to f2 at 16mm it really adds to its versatility. Also never used the 12-24 f4-5.6 for the same reason as above and rarely want to shoot wider than 16mm I own the 50-200 and its a great lens upto about 150mm beyond that it gets pretty soft quickly. still usable but I find you can get more detail by pulling out a little bit to ~150 and then cropping in post. of course this is not always an option like if you are filming in slow mo at 1080 or if we need alot of reach and want to goto 200mm and then crop on top of that. The 30mm f2 prime is also a great lens that is worth looking into as well. it has a nice normal focal length its fast at f2 with nice bokeh and really small and light. I love this lens for walking around on the streets.
  16. I have not read anywhere that would indicate the GH5 is that much worse than the NX1 and the a6500 is pretty good in all the areas you mentioned. I didn't know you could get that good of a deal on an NX1. That is my exact point. If you are looking at buying a camera right now and you currently do not have anything invested in samsung I would NOT recommend the NX1 or NX500. Even if the NX1 has a slight advantage over other cameras I don't think that slight advantage warrants buying into a dead system. I really didnt mean to start a discussion over what camera is better at what I was just wanted to state my opinion on what I think the OP should do. Ultimately a good camera is a good camera and I highly doubt the OP is going to think after the fact "Oh I wish I got the NX1 instead of a GH5 because the photo quality is just not good enough on the GH5" But I definitely could see the OP wanting to pick-up some accessories for their new camera and thinking man It sucks no being able to buy more batteries or lens from every camera store in the world. Another point to be made about buying into a dead system is currently the community for NX1 right now is not going to get any better than it is now(Which dont get me wrong I love you guys... in a purely platonic way ). On the other hand the GH5 community is just getting started. In 2-3 months from now there are going to be dozens of full length 8+hour camera tutorials from everyone and their dog.
  17. No, buy a GH5 or a6500. It will cost about the same as the NX1 but will have a slightly better camera with more lens options. Not saying that the NX1 is a bad camera its just that I cant recommend it when there are better options out there for the same price that are not dead systems.
  18. you could use regular time lapse mode and get 6k RAW at about 0.5p lol. I believe the time lapse mode does not account for the shutter speed so 1fps at 1" would be 0.5p.
  19. I had a discussion with someone a while ago about this on this forum I believe and this is what I remember from that discussion. No, it is not possible to have a shutter speed slower(longer) than 1/framerate Some cameras have the option to replicate this effect in camera. I believe the GH4 has this feature and it is a mistery to me how this feature works. This effect can be done in post with either a blur effect or by overlaying the same clip multiple times with a 1 frame offset and setting the transparency of each layer to 1/number of layers. Obviously for best results you should do bunch of tests isolating each the variable(incamera framrate, shutter speed, output frame rate, number of layers, number of frames to offset each layer, transparency of each layer) till to you get the exact look you want. I could be completely wrong about all this as i am not an expert and I have never done this myself.
  20. How does the 16-50S lens help with rolling shutter?
  21. 1. I have never experienced exposure drift on my NX1. 2. There was a topic about it but I did not follow it re answer to number 1 above. 3. Cannot comment, no significant experience with NX500. but I the auto focus on the NX1 is fantastic. 4. Generally 400 is the highest I would recomend. you can use 800 and no one but IQ snobs like myself and the rest of this forum will say anything. You could use 1600 or even 3200 if you really absolutely need to document big foot or something but the IQ really falls off a cliff above 400. 5. No. Read out speed is still the same, no noticeable RS improvement with hack 6. I am not 100% sure but I do not believe so. 7. The UVF lock when in standby mode/recording is probably the biggest quirk that irritates me all the time but not that big of a deal really. Honestly one of the features that does not get any hype but is kind of a stand out is the screen. It is incredible. you dont really notice how good the screen on the NX1 is until to try and use another camera in the sun. 8. Decent, I use a rode video micro all the time without any external pre-amps and it works great. 9. No idea but do not see why you would want it. The benefit from what I understand is the 2.5k hack on the NX500 is good because it give a full sensor readout so no crop. There is not crop on the NX1 in 4K. 10. Sorry I have never used either of those cameras but it is definitely better than the GH4, a7Si, and the XT1. Sorry I couldn't fully answer all your questions but I hope that helps.
  22. Ok good to know it wasnt just me... I was thinking it was my sony laptop overheating or the battery was dying or something. Lol. just kidding I would never buy a sony.... laptop that is. On a serious note any predictions for when and what specs for a a9s? My guess we will see a a9r by Q4 2017 and a a9s by Q1 or 2 of 2018. and I would expect they would need to do 4:2:2 internal and 4k 60p especially with the GH5 out now.
  23. Personally I use proxies in premiere pro. I import the native H.265 files and create H.264 proxies for editing. Works great. takes quite a bit of time up front to trans code but you can edit while it works in the back ground. For the most part I just import before I goto bed and let it chooch while I am sleeping. Added bonus, when you wake up to a completed trancoding job you literal roll out of bed feeling like you have already accomplished something for the day. lol
  24. Updated link below http://woobox.com/f8ugnj/irw3gl
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