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  1. great work. I think you forgot to post your setting in the thread titled "Your ideal NX1 Settings" lol. There is alot of high DR shots in there that were handled really well.
  2. The rumor mill keeps turning. I call BS as well.
  3. Oh yea! that is some good camera porn right there
  4. Personally I use arca swiss quick release plates on my cameras so what I did was I got this arca swiss clamp and mounted it to the top of my Glidecam with a stack of alternating large metal washers and large neoprene gasket washers (both of witch can be purchased from any hardware store for a few cents each). The key is to alternate the metal and neoprene washers so no two metal surfaces touch. Metal on metal = low coefficient of friction Metal on neoprene = high coefficient of friction = harder to slip and spin. The other benefit of the neoprene is it compresses slightly so if you torque down the 1/4-20 screw to take all the compression out of the neoprene it acts sort of like a lock washer and helps maintain the torque. I have though about using some SA glue as well but have yet had any issues with my current set-up so have not done so yet.
  5. Wow, I have never wanted a cage but I am really close to inpulse buying this right now lol.
  6. Yea I think those ratings are flawed https://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Canon--EOS-1D-X-Mark-II-versus-Samsung-NX1___1071_976 Dont get me wrong I really like cameradecisions.com its great but I wouldn't trust their ratings especially their overall rating. dxo mark is a similar story. I don't trust the ratings they give but the site is great for going into the details and comparing cameras at each ISO for example.
  7. I do not not want start and argument and get banded from this forum but can I ask you to not sign with "god bless"? I mean you can do whatever you want and I am not going to tell you what to do or not do I am just asking nicely because it really bothers me.... enough to write this post lol. Sorry to the OP for my unrelated post. I would prefer Aputure Pro (1)
  8. I am no means an expert but I dont think "while true" statements are a good idea and could be the reason it is crashing. Another problem with your script is from what I remember from along time ago (more than 5 years) I believe sleep requires and integer so it cannot be 1/frame-rate witch points to a bigger problem with your approach. This is not something you should really be doing with a script. This should be a compiled program in something like C++. I think OttoK wrote some posts on Github about compiling programs for the NX1.
  9. is that your hand? I'm so jelly right now... We are all thinking it I just said it.
  10. not sure what camera you are referring to when you say "samsung NX" but it it likely one of the samsung cameras that ran on android. The NX1 runs on Tizen witch has a very limited amount of 3rd party apps and as far as I am aware no one has successfully installed any 3rd party tizen apps on the NX1.
  11. Great topic and great advice. I am definitely going to continue to follow for everyone's opinions and experience with this camera and lens combo on a gimbal. Just to give a different angle I Personally I use a Glidecam with my NX1 and 16-50S. Overall the hole rig is lighter than a large gimbal and not much heavier than the really small gimbals. Obviously it is not at all the same as a gimbal but you can get a used HD2000 from craigslist for really cheap and personally I prefer the increased versatility of the glidcam over the more smooth gimbal shots. Of course this is all just my opinion.
  12. The only other thing that I know of is this. https://mewlips.github.io/nx-remote-controller-mod/ I have never used it but remember it seamed promising when I was looking at it.
  13. @kinoseed, I personally would not find encryption useful but that is just me. A cool feature that I know is possible would be to have an option to create an .xmp sidecar file for each video file that has info on the gamma settings, MBL. bit rate etc. Just a thought.
  14. No no I apologize lol I did not know that you could interpret footage before inserting it on your timeline. I always just changed the speed of the clips after I put them on the timeline. lol. I see now what you are talking about where adobe messed up and this is somthing they do need to fix but as I have never used this feature its it not a big deal for me. I dont know if AME would respect the interpretation set in PP for creating the proxies. Let us know if this works cause this would be an easier workaround then the one mentioned in the video above. Actually Video Revealed has a good one that covers everything you need to know and not too much of what you don't need to know. In general I like his tutorials for this reason.
  15. I am sorry I am not really good with this stuff and I am still not understanding. My proxies do match my original files just with smaller resolution. Original file = 1920x1080 120p (H.265) -> Proxy = 960x540 120p (H.265) Original file = 3840x2160 30p (H.265) -> proxy = 960x540 30p (H.265) Both these files were ingested with the same ingest setting without doing anything to them in AME. I think I am getting confused with this interpretation thing. If i put both the above videos on the same timeline they will both play in real time. Then I change the video speed of the 120p video to 25% for slow motion. Is this not what you mean by "footage interpreting"? Taking a high frame rate video and playing back at at a lower frame rate so its slow motion. In that case Adobe does not need to fix anything you just need to create a custom ingest setting.
  16. So I only watched the first few mins of the video but I already see a problem with it. He is using the standard PP ingest settings that changes the frame rate. You need to make a custom ingest setting in media encoder that is set to match frame rate to original again as I mentioned above adobe should have had this as the default setting but whatever it only take a minute to set-up in the first place then you can use that same preset going forward it works great for me. Am I missing something here?
  17. Well I am going from UHD H.265 to 540 H.264 so there is definitely a huge benefit to use H.264 proxies. I agree with you regarding space tho. Next time I think I will go with prores its just last time I made a prores file it came out 4x larger than the original so I was thinking I would end up with almost 1TB of proxies witch even for temporary files if too much space. I think I will have to just do some tests. Ya, the trans coding definitely took alot longer because I was using my computer while it was trying to decode Also my computer is really shitty as well so that definitely didn't help either. I also kept an eye on temperatures with CPUID hardware monitor and I did see some minor thermal throttling from CPU temps but again for my workflow I spend more than a week on a project so the added time upfront is worth the time saving on the back end. I have heard quite a few people say this but I am not sure I completely understand what do you mean? I created a custom proxy ingest setting in media encoder that creates a 540p low bitrate proxy with the same frame rate as the original then just change the playback speed like I normally would without proxies. So if I ingest two files one UHD 30p and one 1080 120p the two proxies would be 960x540 30p and 960x540 120p respectively. You still have to scale up or down the footage to fit either a 4k or 1080 timeline as usual as well. Basically to me everything is the same the only different is when you have the view proxies turned on it plays the proxy instead of the original.
  18. I just started a new project last week and thought I would give the new Proxy editing a go and I absolutely love it. It has sped up my editing so much. Here are a few thoughts that I have learned so far if anyone is interested. I created a new ingest setting that conforms down to 960x540 but keeps the original frame rate this is essential for me as I shoot half the time in UHD 30p and half the time in 1080 120p. Honestly I dont know why this is not one of the default ingest settings :S. I do not use the ingest feature. I still import all my footage then as I am reviewing and renaming my clips I only send select the ones I think i might use to media encoder. I am still able review, sort, mark and otherwise plan how I am going to piece together the project without too much system lag while it is transcoding. Yes transcoding takes along time(~18 hours for 240gb of footage) but my workflow usually involves working on a project for alot longer than a week so it is definitely worth the extra time on the front end to save it in the back end. What codec is everyone using for your proxies? I decided to use H.264 to save on space but I was thinking prores might trans code faster and be even less resource hungry in playback I just dont know how much larger the files would be then again they are only temporary anyways. It would be nice to have the time to do some tests comparing trans coding time, filesize and playback/scrub speed and see how they compare. Also where are you guys storing your proxies? I have mine on my project file HD but I was thinking about putting them on my OS SSD instead since they are so small and are only temporary. So I use the standard three disk set-up with an SSD for the OS and programs, a HD for all my project files/archives and another SSD as a scratch disk. I think this might speed up the workflow a bit and would speed up transcoding time as well, thoughts?
  19. Where can I get the free LUT? I am planning on buying you LUT pack sometime in the very near future I am currently just swamped with work.
  20. Interesting Mine has done it from day one. It only really does it if a) I jerk the camera up or down while the lens is facing up or down b) If I have a ND filter on and hold the camera facing up or down for a extended period of time it will zoom a little bit (about a cm or 2). I think there is still some time left on my warrenty maybe I can RMA it for a new one.
  21. One thing that is worth noting is at least on my 16-50 S the weight of the glass will zoom the lens when held facing down witch i find annoying but manageable. anyone else have this issue?
  22. My 2 cents OIS on the 16-50 is good, nothing really to write home about but on par with what you would expect from a "professional" lens. For photos you can easily get sharp photos 1/30 at 16mm and 1/50 at 50mm but I wouldn't really push it much further than that. I have never really notice the effects of lens stabilization in video most likely because I never shoot below 1/50. DIS I found to be quite useful when I was using a makeshift dolly and sliding a tripod across a table lol. OIS combined with DIS seams to work really well with a glidecam. But I cant really speak to how it compares to real 5 axis IBIS witch from what I have heard is amazing for steadycam shots.
  23. Thank you for the updated settings. I will give them a try hopefully later today. Do you really use smart rang+ ON? I have not done any testing with this because I normally just ignore this kind of "auto" adjust feature. As for the cost of your LUT pack I honestly have no idea. I would think something like $20 USD and you would probably sell about 25-30 packs so you would make around $500 - $600 not too bad really.
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