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    Juxx989 got a reaction from SMGJohn in Settings you want to see...   
    CAUTION: What has been seen cant be unseen dont blame me if this disturbing footage haunts your dreams.....
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    Juxx989 reacted to cojocaru27 in NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage   
    hey guys, please find below my first serious attempt of shooting with samsung nx1. It's just a travel film but i wanted to be more like a manifesto for the people in Nepal that stood straight before a cruel fate. Did my best to put the edit together and to grade the footage the way i saw it. Comments are much welcome :
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew19 in Post Your Canon 4k Framegrabs   
    I'm shocked at how nice some of these 1dxII frames are looking. I can finally tell which lenses are sharper than others. 

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    Juxx989 reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
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    Juxx989 reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
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    Juxx989 reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Just a test in low light with Canon 50mm 1.8 II.
    The crop, the dof, the bokeh and the flare it's very cinematic and very nice look. I tested with M42 and Exakta lenses, this lens work perfectly. 
    (Excuse me, the color grading is fast and no perfect).
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    Juxx989 reacted to Oliver Daniel in How to save the consumer camera: DON'T!   
    Thanks Andrew, this is a good article. 
    I think consumers will be perfectly happy with their smartphones. They will get better, and consumers will have no need for another camera - it's not perfect, gorgeous, well composed shots they are bothered about. 
    This reflects through platforms Instagram and what content is popular.  Long gone are the days when Instagram was a creative photo sharing network..... you get FAR more likes on Instagram for a noisy, badly lit selfie of yourself eating a takeaway pizza, rather than a magnificent, beautifully lit, well composed shot you'll never match again. 
    Again, because of the consumer onslaught of constant videos and photos being uploaded and shared online, there's some great stuff out there which isn't getting a look in. Actually getting anyone to give a crap about your latest masterpiece is much harder. A video of a drunk fat man dancing is widely far more interesting. 
    Coming to cameras - we are that the point where they actually matter less. Models are getting replaced within months, users are on and endless buy-sell cycle to have the latest, and many people are not really learning their craft properly because they can't keep hold a camera for long enough. Lenses, lighting and camera movement have a FAR FAR greater impact then your camera. There's really no point in constantly changing, swapping , upgrading. It's a waste of time. 
    Recently, I got an FS5 and soon an external recorder. I can grade the Slog footage well. I have everything I need - LOG, HFR, ergonomics, audio, blah blah. Man I can now do 200fps RAW!! But since having the camera, my videos haven't improved at all. I have more bells and whistles.. but it all comes back to what the hell I am actually filming with it. 
    Sometimes, something does arrive which will dramatically improve your work, or will heighten creativity or make your life easier. However this camera race is far too distracting for many of us, and for a large bunch I think some people have took the eye off the ball as to why they are using cameras in the first place. 
    I'm sticking to what I've got, and will be spending time on throughly improving my skill set, rather than my camera arsenal. 
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    Juxx989 reacted to mojo43 in Zhiyun Crane Test   
    So I got my Zhiyun Crane in the mail last week right before a shoot out West and I decided to leave my other stabilizer at home. Delivery was extremely quick with the priority shipping and the customer service on their Facebook site (messaged them) was fantastic. 
    I had some small problems with the stabilizer, but all in all it is quite a step up over a steady cam. This is my first gimbal and I have to admit I wasn't really trying to keep it steady that much as I should have. It seems like it's magic (which it pretty much is), but you definitely still need to practice to make it perfect.
    Let me know if you have any questions
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    Juxx989 reacted to gd1961 in New EOSHD setup guide gives Samsung NX1 LOG capability and more   
    How do we get access to updated guide if we already purchased?
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    Juxx989 reacted to Grim Fandango in Film Piracy, Careers Ruined, Sundance, Worth it?   
    Piracy is a very emotive subject, especially for creators of pirated content, and I have been involved in three industries now which have dealth with piracy in different ways: Music, Video Games and as a Youtube producer.
    I feel because it is such an emotive subject, there is a lot of assumptions made and they can be incorrect, for example, every instance of piracy is a lost sale is a common attitude among publishers and studios in the video game industry, yet it is demonstratably false, and some studios report an increase in sales after a pirated version is released.
    So this is my 2p, and the reason I created an account to stop lurking here: Piracy is a service problem.
    Piracy was rampant in the music industry, it was and still is easy, the file sizes are small and nearly any album can be found and downloaded in 5 minutes flat. At first, the industry cracked down hard on the file sharers and site owners, however the legal system cannot keep pace with the internet and the vast majority of cases were dropped because digital evidence is notoriously expensive to collect, easy to manipulate and rarely is more than circumstantial. Besides which, for every site that gets taken down after a year of work, twenty more spring up, with more sophisticated defences against detection. Why then is the music industry, particularly the indie scene in rude health? Well, simply because it is easier to get digital music legally than it is illegally. People are definately willing to pay for music, and most people with the disposable income will pay for it if they can.
    Now, lets look at the most pirated tv show of 2015 - Game of Thrones. Lets look at how convienient it is to obtain legally in the UK. You can of course buy a DVD set of season 5, watch it "live" on sky or buy a Now TV pass. The most expensive option by far is Sky, costing a minimum of £400, though admittedly, this gets you 2 seasons - 24 month bundle and you get to record it, watch on your tv etc. A DVD is the cheapest option, at £20 for the season, though you have to wait until you can buy it. The middle option is to buy a now TV pass each month that an episode is broadcast, costing £21, if you're smart and you get to watch it live. The problem is, people are already paying for a Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime, Spotify, have a library of steam games, have a library of DVD's, and quite often, they just want to be in the loop. They don't care about game of thrones as much as talking about game of thrones with their friends, so the £20 is not something they're willing to pay. So they don't because it's just not worth the money + hastle of waiting or figuring out Now TV. These are not people who will pay for GoT anyway. If you implimented a perfect piracy prevention system, they would not pay.
    So the question is, if you can, as kaylee wishes, implement a perfect piracy protection system - which you never can - if it displays on a monitor, you can simply set up a dummy software monitor which "displays it" into a memory buffer and records it from there - but if you could and the budget made sense, they why wouldn't you? It's a service problem again. Yes, you may prevent piracy, but at what cost to your legitimate customers, the ones who gave you the full asking cost to watch your content. You make your product much worse for them, and that has proven time and time again to cost you customers. Gametrailers shut down this week, why, because of their insistance on using proprietry video player. The audience doesn't want to deal with "not as good as youtube", and so they just don't. They go elsewhere, even at the expense of missing out on that content. Kaylee, you could introduce some system with timed tokens and whatever, but all you would do is annoy people who gave you their money as halfway through watching your video, you get an error and they have to reload to start watching again, yet I promise you, the pirates who paid nothing, who stripped that system out of your video would be getting a better deal. You know what companies I will no longer buy from? Companies like EA, who's paying customers get a substandard product as a direct result of anti-piracy measures, when the pirates get the product the creaters intended.
    I think you just have to accept the basic premise that piracy happens, it's a cost of doing business over the internet - the business 99% of small content creators wouldn't have if it weren't for the internet. It's worth considering that not every pirate is a lost sale, if the content isn't worth it to them, if they cannot afford your content, then they never were going to give you the money. That they get the content anyway is maybe worth making peace with, and focus your efforts on making better content that appeals to more people, so that the balance shifts, that it becomes worth the asking price for more people, and the evidence suggests that if you do that, more people will pay for your content.
    Finally, it really is worth looking hard at the demographic of pirates. The research by Excipio shows that piracy is most common among the poorest, and youngest in their surveys - correlation is not causality, but can you so easily dismiss the idea that the $3 the Sundance Infographic tosses out as "only" when $2 is more than a days pay for half the worlds population - would you pay a day and a thirds pay for a movie? I wouldn't, because for me, that would, on a bad day be the equivilent of dropping £150. And yes, if you put the cost of access to your movie at £150, yes, I would pirate it.
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Cinegain in Zoom H1 , Tascam DR 22, 40 Audio Recorder   
    I seem to have found my solution... A bit bulkier and more expensive but flexible and still pretty run and gun.
    On this website http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/view-factor-contineo-gh4-cage-review/
    He is reviewing a Cage for the GH4 but at the bottom he shows his audio rig. 
    Looks great for me.. Not too big no huge XLR connections to worry about.  A video mic pro, A Wireless Lav Feed into a Device that splits it into 2 channels with Level control. Giving you 2 separate Completely in sync audio tracks. (no post syncing)
    Just to test the the rig out I found this super cheap Pyle wireless system on Amazon ($15) and a $40 ish Mini Boom Mic  
    Ill test it out just to see how the whole thing works then get a more expensive one Probably this one if the sale continues till early January when im prepared to buy it.
    If anyone interested Here is Links to the components im considering (some are repeats of above)
    Im still no going to jump until early January so if anyone has thoughts id love to hear 

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    Juxx989 got a reaction from 1tkman in Zoom H1 , Tascam DR 22, 40 Audio Recorder   
    looking to invest in my first audio recorder... I was about to get the default Zoom H1  most suggest as a starting point 
    After looking around there are three I have found within striking distance... they vary from $70 to $110 New
    1) Zoom H1            $70 (no tax)
    2) Tascam DR-22   $105+ Tax
    3) Tascam DR-40   $110 (no tax)
    I make mini docs recording interviews and sometimes audio performances (Next project will include recording a bag pipe performance)
    The DR-40 is really raising an eyebrow as it's  discount is major usually priced $180+  and has 4 channels... But it is huge compared to zoom H1 ( was looking to mount my recorder on my NX1)
    Could you give any thoughts on these choices?
    Is there some product I should be considering at this cheap price point that I'm not? 
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