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  1. Exactly, I'm actually coming straight from the A7SII too.....paired with the metabones ultra the 240fps HFR mode looks better than 120p on the A7sII.
  2. I couldn't find any samples or a demo of low light 240 fps footage from the Gh5s. Thus, I went out and made my own test video to see what's possible. Here it is:
  3. This is my first official test with the Sony RX100IV. I wanted to create a project that tests 3 things: 1) Slow motion quality 2) Dynamic Range 3) Slow motion with Dolly (using the ronin-m). I decided to use my energized furry friend Simba as my talent. The dynamic range is incredible in 120p due to the high bitrate and I found myself having the best grades in post using this mode. Using the Dji Ronin-m made this setup extremely light and I was able to move extremely quick. I shot this video using only 120p, 240fps, and 480fps. Decided to get creative with the editing. Watch in HD and enjoy!
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