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    Bold reacted to reaction105 in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    @Bold, tito, nickgorey, nahua, richg101, quickhitrecord and everyone else in this thread; great work! Thanks for sharing so much info from all your work on this lens. I recently decided to dive into anamorphic shooting and this thread was invaluable.

    My setup is typical:
    Taking lens (Helios 44 58mm/Minolta 55mm/Fujinon 55mm)
    B&H with Redstan clamp

    Here's the setup, showing the lenses mounted on some rails; taking a cue from Bold (well, more than just one), I've used some telescope guide rails attached to a smallrig clamp. But I think I prefer using the standard smallrig V-shaped lens support you can see in the image. This is because I'm actually finding this setup to be dual focus; that is, I can't get anything in focus with the taking lens set to infinity, I have to keep it around 1.5-2m and work the B&H focus from there. I know it's supposed to be single focus, so I'm not sure why this is the case or if there is something wrong with my B&H (it's pretty beat up, as you can see). As such, the B&H moves forward and back as I adjust the focus on the taking lens.

    Anyway, here are the first couple shots I've taken with this setup. All are with the Helios 44, except the Kodak camera shot, which was taken with the Minolta. I plan to do some more comparative tests with different taking lenses soon.

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    Bold reacted to Dr. Verbel' in Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (Custom Single Focus Test)   
    Schneider ES Cinelux 2x (Custom single focus) | Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm F:1.8 | Sony a6300
    Some shots with varyND. Early test, needed to learh how to achieve best result with this setup

    and few stills at Helios 44-2 F:2 and...

    ...Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm F:1.8

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    Bold reacted to EthanAlexander in Rolling Shutter Guide   
    Here they are in alphabetical order  4K(+) Bolded. I also Added a few from C5D numbers, and cleaned up the list.
    RX100 V 250 fps ---- 3.8 ms  1DC S35HD --------- 18ms 1DC 4K ------------- 25ms 1DX II 1080p 24 --- 11.1 ms  1DX II 1080p 60&120- 6.7 ms  1DX II 4k 24&60 --- 14.7 ms  5D MKII ----------- 25 ms 5D2 --------------- 25.9 ms  5D3 --------------- 20.5 ms (18ms C5D) 5Dsr -------------- 27.7 ms  7D ---------------- 21 ms a6000 1080p24&30--- 12.2 ms  a6300 1080p24 ----- 15.2 ms  a6300 4K 24fps ---- 39.0 ms  a7r II 1080p FF---- 10.8 ms  a7r II 1080p S35--- 10.5 ms  a7R II 4K FF ------ 19.9 ms  a7R II 4K S35 ----- 33.3 ms  a7s APS-C 1080p --- 19.5 ms a7s FF 1080p ------ 30.5 ms  (29ms C5D) a7s II FF 1080p --- 30.3 ms  a7s II FF 4K ------ 30.4 ms  a99 II 1080p ------- 8.7 ms  a99 II 4k --------- 23.4 ms  AF100 ------------- 14.85 ms Alexa 2K ------------ 6ms Amira S35 2K ------- 2ms BM 4.6K ----------- 15.2 ms (official) my measurement was 16.3 ms  BM 4.6K (2K crop)--- 6.3 ms (official) BM 4.6K (4K crop)-- 12.6 ms (official) BM MicroStudio 4K--- 9.9 ms (official) BMC --------------- 23.6 ms (official) my measurement was 25.0 ms  BMMCC ------------- 13.3 ms (official) my measurement was 13.4 ms  BMPCC ------------- 17.7 ms (official) my measurement was 17.8 ms  C300 -------------- 16 ms C300 II 4K --------- 6ms D5200 ------------- 22.4 ms  D750 -------------- 14.5 ms  D90 --------------- 33 ms F65 --------------- 14 ms Film --------------- 5 ms? FS100 ------------- 15 ms FS7 4K ----------- 15 ms (here) (14ms C5D) G7 1080p ---------- 16.9 ms  G7 4k ------------- 28.1 ms GH1 --------------- 25 ms GH3 --------------- 15.5 ms  GH4 1080p --------- 13.7 ms  GH4 4K/UHD -------- 22.0 ms (official) my measurement was 22.5 ms (C5D: 14ms) GH5 --------------- 15.0 ms (official, preproduction) GX85 1080p -------- 15.4 ms  GX85 4k ----------- 28.9 ms  NEX-5N ------------ 29.4 ms  NX1 1080p ---------- 7.9 ms  NX1 4K ------------ 30.9 ms  NX1 UHD ----------- 32.6 ms NX500 2.5k --------- 8.6 ms  Red One MX -------- 16.6 ms RX10 -------------- 14.8 ms  RX100 IV 1080p ---- 16.9 ms  (without stabilization it's slightly faster: 16.1) RX100 IV 4K ------- 36.6 ms  (without stabilization it's slightly faster: 35.7) RX100 V 1080p ----- 13.9 ms(first 2 with stabilization, last 2 without) RX100 V 4k -------- 17.5 ms  (first 3 with stabilization, last 3 without) Scarlet ----------- 14 ms XT2 1080p --------- 16.9 ms  XT2 4k ------------ 30.7 ms 
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    Bold reacted to nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Hey guys,
    I've been tinkering away for the past couple months and have finally come across something I'm very excited about. I cracked open the Sony VCL and, unlike the Helder, it is made up of 3 optics. I found by mounting the front two elements of the Sony adapter in front of the rear focal element of the B&H, you not only get a much wider, but acceptably sharp from edge to edge, but you also have a non-extending focus unit. Focus is accomplished by pushing or pulling the center optic of the now three focal elements. This quick tease is on s16 with a 35mm lens.
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    Bold reacted to whoisjsd in Yokohama in 8K - A Panasonic GH5 6K Photo Mode Anamorphic Exercise   
    This was a pain in the ass to make.
    I was getting impatient waiting for the next GH5 update that should give us full resolution Anamorphic Mode. The 6K Photo mode uses the full sensor and gives you a massive 4992×3744 30fps video file. Only issues are that you lose a lot of image control (No Cine-D) and it's recorded in H.265. I had to use Handbrake to convert all the files before I could edit them.
    I had originally planned to do this with 5.1 audio, but my mic setup failed miserable. Might have been the heat, as it was hot, humid, and hazy. Not the best conditions for shooting, but I have to shoot when I have time to shoot.
    I shot this with the GH5, the Panasonic 45-175mm zoom, and the night shots with the Leica 42.5mm. The anamorphic used was an Isco Ultra Star. I used a variable ND, CPL, and a +1 diopter for the shots that needed them. I was trying to get the sharpest image possible, but double focusing in that heat while running around proved more difficult than I imagined. Couldn't film too much, as the file size would have been massive.
    Final file was 9984×3744 pixels and 42 GB for 3 minutes and 19 seconds of video. I had to use the GoPro Cineform codec, as it was one of the few decent options that let me render this file size. Youtube seems to stop encoding at 8K, so that's what I listed it as.
    It was a fun experiment. I wish I could have filmed in better conditions and had more gear (Carrying what I had was already too much, though). Let's hope the high res Anamorphic mode in the next update is easier to work with...
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    Bold reacted to redimp in Iscorama 36 Proxiscope rehousing – close focus and cine gears   
    Hey guys, I wanted to share this rehousing mod I made recently for my Iscorama 36.

    It's a replacement for a front piece of old plastic housing, that is made of anodized aluminum and has cine gears, retaining 72mm front filter threads and adding just 50 grams of weight.
    It took me quite some time to figure out this design and I'm pretty proud of it! It solves some real-world problems like close-focus, enabling you to focus down to 1.1m, but unlike DIY mode it has a hard stop at 1.1m and infinity, and looks way nicer then a grub screw drilled into a hole. 

    I made a little video explaining what it is, since after I posted this on facebook people started asking what it does and what are the specs, and asking how to buy one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd1w620ddxnv2je/proxiscope.pdf?dl=0

    I have decided to order a small batch of these, and already placed an order at one of the shops that does the first stage of the milling. I will make another video showing a closeup process of swapping the housings, so people can evaluate the effort and see if the price (which will be announced at the same time) is right for them. This is intended as a do-it-at-home kind of mod, but you can also take it to the nearest photo technician and they'd be able to do it for you, it's a simple process that takes 3-5 minutes to perform.
    I also made a PDF with some specs, you can find it here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd1w620ddxnv2je/proxiscope.pdf?dl=0

    If you're interested in getting one – shoot me a message and we'll figure it out, there's a little queue forming already

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    Bold reacted to Andrew Reid in Whats up with No Film School?   
    The audience shifts over time and keeps evolving with the site. NFS have written pretty much nothing but articles designed to reel in clicks so their audience has shifted to the lowest common denominator of people. It's what you get if you have to pay for your visitors or entice them with headlines, rather than building a community around real content and real filmmakers / enthusiasts.
    The people left online overall are the same as ever, not just trolls but real people - pros and artists still use the internet, they have not gone away! It's just that maybe they don't want to read or engage with a shit website. The problem is that there are too many shit websites around and it's hurting the internet generally. Most sites are completely under the spell of clickbate and bad content for hits and ad revenue... I have completely lost faith in pretty much all of the photographic / video sites to be honest.
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    Bold reacted to Dr. Verbel' in External IRIS (20 blades) test with anamorphic and taking lens wide open   
    Test with external donor IRIS 20 blades (Industar 51), placed between anamorphic lens (Schneider ES Cinelux 2x with custom single focus) and taking lens (wide open).
    Camera: Sony a6300 (with other setups needed tests, present vignette or no)
    Taking lenses:
    Helios 44-2 58mm F:2
    Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm F:1.8
    PO-109-1A 50mm F:1.2 (projector lens without build-in aperture)

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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Front Metal Jacket for Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder   
    Just finished the first customized engraving metal jacket. More customized jackets & jackets for Bolex 16/32 & Kowa C35 are coming.

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    Bold reacted to dontthroworanges in Building an Anamorphic Lens Kit   
    It's done! Really happy with it especially when compared to the Sankor 16-S I had a couple years ago. It's pretty heavy but not too bad. The RAFCamera clamps are absolutely perfect and excellent quality. The posted shot was literally me running out into the alley and snapping a shot on auto. Thanks for everyone's help on this! 

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    Bold got a reaction from Dr. Verbel' in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Here is some crappy test footage I've made using my B&H mod.  The first test uses a 14mm helicoid, with the original polyurethane/prototype housing:
    The second test uses a 30mm helicoid (which allows focus down to about 8-9 inches) and a custom-fit aluminum housing that replaces the polyurethane:
    All footage was shot using my beloved silver Helios-44.  Except for a few underexposed shots where I boosted the brightness, all footage is straight out of the camera & unaltered (I'm far too new at this to attempt color grading, anyways).
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    Bold got a reaction from livetheshot in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Just got my new machined parts back from anodizing.  Here's a quick tease:

    The fit & finish on these things is pretty darned good.  I'll post more details once I've had a chance to kick the tires.
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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Front Metal Jacket for Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder   
    Here are some pictures of the Rapido Front Metal Jacket with CoreDNA front mounted. 
    Front Metal Jackets for Bolex 16/32, and Kowa C35/1.5X are coming very soon. 

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    Bold got a reaction from CyranoConcepting in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Inspired by QuickHitRecord's excellent post, and this post here, I just acquired a Bell & Howell anamorphic projection lens like this one in very good condition.  
    Does anyone out there own/use this lens?  If so, which taking lenses do you find work best?  Are you able to zoom through?  I'm hoping to find details on how to modify to the front element to reduce the focus throw, and really any details to get the most out of this lens.  Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
    If I can collect enough info to make modifications safely, I'd like to document the process and post it back to the forum in case anyone else may find it useful.
    |. . | .|
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    Bold got a reaction from anti12 in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Thanks for the update Nick!  Bummer that the Helder didn't work out, but it opens the door for experimentation with other glass element to perhaps get a sharper, wider field of view.  Keep on tinkering!
    Thanks!  Would love to see pics of your setup once you get your collar back from the machinist!
    I am extremely pleased with my final product, and will be making it available for purchase to those that are interested :-)
    |. . | .|
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    Bold reacted to nickgorey in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Unfortunately, the helder ended up being a bust. While I loved the added width, corner sharpness was awful, extending ridiculously too far into the middle of the frame. It would be useable for close ups, but I wanted it for landscape : /. Your aluminum ring looks great @Bold! Again, I am still waiting on mine....
    In other news, I was able to get infinity focus with the original optics. I will post images once I'm home.
    I also found that the Helder adapter can be used as a range finder, it's optics are strong enough! Could be a viable solution for smaller anamorphics to avoid those corners, just gotta house them in a helicoid. Now if I could only crack open this Sony adapter...I am still so impressed by the quality of the glass in that thing....
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    Bold got a reaction from Timotheus in Seeking Info About the B&H Projection Lens   
    Here is some crappy test footage I've made using my B&H mod.  The first test uses a 14mm helicoid, with the original polyurethane/prototype housing:
    The second test uses a 30mm helicoid (which allows focus down to about 8-9 inches) and a custom-fit aluminum housing that replaces the polyurethane:
    All footage was shot using my beloved silver Helios-44.  Except for a few underexposed shots where I boosted the brightness, all footage is straight out of the camera & unaltered (I'm far too new at this to attempt color grading, anyways).
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    Bold reacted to Jim Chang in Rapido Front Metal Jacket for Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder   
    This is developed for the people who like to build a definite professional looking anamorphic lens with Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder.
    Customized engraving service is available, so you can put focal length & T stop engraving on the lens,  like real cinema anamorphic lens does.
    Exchangeable connection to Rectilux HardCoreDNA or SLRMagic Rangefinder Rail support bracket with ¼-20 screw mounting hole to use with SmallRig Quick Release Lens Support Build-in locking mechanism to prevent focus ring of the anamorphic lens from rotating Standard 82mm thread connection to Rapido V2 clamp  Customized engraving service (with additional cost)  Maintain minimum distance between variable diopters and anamorphic lens Supported anamorphic lens list: Kowa 8z/16H Kowa B&H  ISCO Cinemascope Ultra-Star (Red) ISCO Cinemascope Ultra-Star 50 mm (Golden)  Schneider Super Cinelux Anamorphic 2X MC  Schneider ES Cinelux Anamorphic 2X MC For more information, check over here: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/rapido-front-metal-jacket

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    Bold reacted to Orangenz in Cheap wide glass for 5D mark IV? looking for recommendations   
    Recommended wide glass 

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    Bold reacted to Snowfun in Iscorama 54 MC Inuit condition for sale. 24hr auction on eBay. Now you see it now you don't.   
    I have no objection to people selling items on eBay for whatever they can get. C'est la vie. But I find it offensive that you come on here - somewhere I'd like to think is a relatively trustworthy community (Ebrahim notwithstanding) with a shared goal of improving "affordable" filmmaking - and peddling this nonsense. I come on here to get advice and "help" (and contribute in whatever minor way I can), not to get ripped off. Thank you Liszon & Enny for highlighting this.
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    Bold reacted to Hans Punk in Any info on this anamorphic lens?   
    It indeed looks like either part of an optical printer or reconfigured to or from print duplication use. Seen this lens being re-sold 2 or 3 times from different sellers without much time between auctions - which raises alarm bells as to its real practicality for filmmaking use (and where is footage of it at infinity and variable stops?). No doubt the optics are going to be top notch but I'd want to be assured that its focus can hit infinity with that aperture inside (causing added space between optics), since I would presume that lens was always intended for closeup duplication use, as part of a specific optical printer or telecine machine. I suspect that the variable aperture inside the lens is not going to make the image much sharper when coupled with a taking lens, but rather cut the light transmission to the taking lens and dramatically increase vignette.
    In a nutshell, if it was the wonder lens that it is supposed to be, where is example footage of it resolving infinity focus and its results when stopping down with its internal aperture?
    EDIT: Found an expired eBay auction that sold for $250 that confirms my hunch...
    "This is is multiple lens assembly that was used at Deluxe Film Laboratories in Hollywood for 35mm anamorphic conversion to flat formats for theatrical trailers.  It should not be confused with camera or projector lenses.  Printing lenses are ulta sharp intermediate lenses designed to resolve 35mm camera original high resolution color negative without distortion.   The assembly consists consists of three separate lenses, each of which may be separated for individual use:
    Isco Lens VII - Base Lens
    Isco Anamophis Printing Lense 2x with Manual IRIS Ring (Like F-Stop)
    Isco Lens III - Output Lens

    I highly doubt the Isco printing lens can hit infinity without stopping it down to a crazy small aperture. You can see from the original configuration that it is basically used for near-macro focus distances, as part of an optical conversion chain. If it could indeed be used for filmmaking use, I would be interested to hear how on earth you would achieve infinity focus. 
    I think the current seller on eBay is a member of this forum @Hunterj11
    perhaps they can shine some light on this lens?
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    Bold reacted to Justin Bacle in Dipping the toe   
    The cheapest you can go with good quality is with buying either :
    - an Isco Ultra-Star (the golden or red version) you should be able to find some around $200 (got mine for a lot less)
    - a Sankor 16D (or similar : Singer 16-D, Elmoscope I)
    You'll get a dual focus system with great optical performance (Isco is super sharp but doesn't flare, 16D is not that sharp at wide apertures, but it does flare)
    Either way, you should pay more than 200€ for that anamorphic adapter.
    You'll then need to find an adapter to be able to use it. Go grab a Redstan clamp, Rapido Clamp (or a vid-atlantic clamp if you're really down on money) usually between $50 and $100
    So, No, you don't need to spend thousands to get decent quality. You just need to spend wisely. (Of course there are better anamorphic lenses out there, but as you are just dipping toes, there's no rush !)
    Be careful, by tipping a toe, you are entering the madness of anamorphics. Once you bought one adapter, there is now coming back. This is a point of no return !!! :D
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    Bold reacted to Tito Ferradans in The Diopter Thread.   
    If you get a cheap 95mm UV and knock out the glass, that has male 95mm threads and costs very little.
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    Bold reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Transcoding anamorphic footage   
    What I do, with FCPX, is create a timeline with the desired stretch format (2048x858 - 2k 2.39:1) & then stretch the footage - as i'm shooting on 16:9, the edges do fall outside the timeline's borders. It all depends on what your NLE will let you do - some might not let you make custom timeline sizes & then you'll just have to adjust the height of anamorphic footage, so you end up with black bars on the top/bottom.
    If you still have to transcode your footage to an editable format, then yes, your best option is to do the stretch/squeeze then.
    I stick to Cinema DCP standards:
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    Bold reacted to keessie65 in Kowa AmamorphiC 35 - 1.5x   
    The complete setup with hardcoreDNA (HCDNA + C35 + Ultron 40mm + NX1). For the mic I am using Audio Technica mixed with other parts of VideoMicro. Needed only a minimalistic rig.
    ..... Time to make films

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