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  1. It's done! Really happy with it especially when compared to the Sankor 16-S I had a couple years ago. It's pretty heavy but not too bad. The RAFCamera clamps are absolutely perfect and excellent quality. The posted shot was literally me running out into the alley and snapping a shot on auto. Thanks for everyone's help on this!
  2. All parts and pieces are ordered for the first lens setup. Doing a South West (US) road trip later this year so I'm hoping to get some good landscapes with this setup.
  3. Got the taking lens off. Wasn't too hard and I got lucky in that I could find a screwdriver small enough for that screw.
  4. Exactly what I needed to know! The rubber strap wrenches are on their way. Thanks!
  5. Finally circling back to this old thread. I finally got an ISCO Ultra Star Plus as per the original post. Question though, which set screw (s) do I need to remove to unscrew the taking lens? See attached picture. Or is it none of these and it just requires a ton of torq? Let me know! Thanks.
  6. Good tips guys. I put in an offer on two ISCOs, so just waiting to see if it's accepted.
  7. Looking for the following info: ISCO Ultra-Star Plus Front Clamp Diameter - 77mm or 72mm? Think I figured it out based on RafCamera site.- http://www.rafcamera.com/en/adapter-d70-to-m72x0-75 I would like to use the 72mm version of the Rangefinder to keep the cost and size down. Thoughts on 77mm vs 72mm?
  8. I'm interested in getting back into anamorphic shooting since being away from it for a few years. The lens I was previously using was a Kowa Prominar 16-S and didn't like the small rear element and the need to swap taking lenses etc. Anyway, so having all that said, I am considering investing a little money on making an actual kit of fully equipped lenses that would hopefully cover the standard focal lengths shooting at S35. Prices on ISCO UltraStar Plus lenses are pretty decent right now so I was considering basing the kit on these. Here is what I am thinking: 3x ISCO Ultra-Star Plus lenses 3x Rangefinders 85mm Nikkor 85mm 1.8 (Already have this lens), or 100mm E-Series? 50mm Nikkor 50mm 1.8 E-Series Anything shorter? 3x Front and rear clamps etc. What are your thoughts on this idea? PS - Here is random video I did back in the day with the 16-S, 44-2, and 50D ML RAW
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