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  1. Quick update - my series VII to 52mm adaptor ring has arrived. I’ve had to resort to taping it to the b&h as the X and Y weren’t aligning properly when everything was screwed in. I can definitely see a benefit of using a clamp to connect it from the taking lense to the B&H. For the time being I’ve taped a 52mm ring to the front so I can use my ircut and VND filters.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. It's reassuring to hear that I didn't end up with a dud. It was pretty easy taking apart the front element. Screws weren't seized or anything like that. Hardest part was looking for the appropriate tools to get them off. Gave the glass a good clean with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, rinsed it off then polished it off with isopropryl alcohol and it was good as new. It gave me a good chance to check out how the thing was built and put together. I can see why you persevered with this @Bold . I'm loving the simplicity of the design! Just waiting on the series VII to 58mm adaptor to arrive. I might still go with a clamp as I'm not that assured with the smallrig lense support and rig system. The adaptor feels like it'd be a weak link in the chain from taking lense to the B&H.
  3. Hi all, So my lense has arrived albeit with some shipping frustrations. Looking at the lense, there’s some fungus on it but it looks like it’s isolated to the front element. Looking through it, what are the tabs on the side? Is this normal? Thanks. P
  4. Sorry but I'm going to be another latecomer to drag this thread back up This thread has inspired me a lot about the possibilities of the B&H. I have one on its way and I'm sourcing parts for this mod. @Bold, would this M58 helicoid work or how about this M52 to M42 helicoid? Thanks in advance
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