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  1. @MOKIM, Did you drill the helicoid? What screw did you use? thanks.
  2. Tupp, Thanks. This group is awesome. Hopefully I will be testing the camera this weekend.
  3. guys, I just pulled the trigger for this camera. However, the firmware version is 1.6 something and canon's site is only offering 2.3. Where can i download a credible 2.2 version? I understand the 2.3 on ML will brick the camera. thanks.
  4. Hi, I am looking for the focusing lens for Bell and Howell 2x 16 mm anamorphic projector lens. I recently bought the B&H and only to realize (when it arrived) that it has no focusing housing and lens. No misrepresentation on the ebay seller. I just did not realize that there were no focusing housing and lens. Now i have an anamorphic paper weight. If you have one and willing to sell, kindly include shipping cost, I am from the Philippines. Thank you and more power to the group. Loy
  5. jeffcostelo, i do not have any experiences relubing lens. I was planning to do it and stumbled upon this site. I do not if addresses your concerns. https://richardhaw.com/2015/12/30/best-practices-part-2/ loy
  6. more than three years late. i am looking for this lens. saw one on ebay but i was late, again.
  7. i am waiting for my lens, i do not know if its the same lens.
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