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    Mr.Floppy reacted to andrgl in New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro looks great, but where's the new Pocket Cinema Camera?   
    LOL what? So many contradictions.
    You rig the bmpcc, a camera that literally fits in a pocket, and then complain about the size.
    You rig the camera with a third party battery and then complain about the camera when the battery fails.
    You use a camera that's purpose is 100% to produce raw DNG or ProRes, formats that everyone knows are data heavy, and complain about file size.
    You think a production camera around the same size as the FS5 is somehow more portable than the bmpcc.
    Your complaints smack of self inflicted trauma. You picked the wrong camera to shoot with. The gear is fine... you can't blame the camera for your mistakes.
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to aldolega in Craft Camera is coming!   
    As far I'm concerned, until we see working cameras in people's hands, this is vaporware. Really sexy, perfect form factor, amazingly priced vaporware.
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to mkabi in Predictions for NAB   
    My prediction: I think that this may be the first year that blackmagic will not introduce a new camera...
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to Don Kotlos in Craft Camera is coming!   
    Isn't it a bit shady the fact that they give you more details about the money they want than the specs of the camera? 
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to Amro Othman in Nebula 4200 - 5-axis gimbal   
    Why don't we just ban this fool
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to DBounce in Predictions for NAB 2016???   
    I'd love to see a Blackmagic take on the DJI Osmo... And have it ship at the time of announcement.
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to IronFilm in Predictions for NAB 2016???   
    My prediction is Canon will carry on being predictably boring. 

    And BMD has never made a "mk2", why start now?

    No, instead it will be something new, or a twist on an existing product (like the BMCC => BMPCC => BMMCC progression was, each one a little twist and improvement on the way before. But not a "mk2"! Ditto the progression of: BMCC => BMPC4K => URSA 4K => URSA Mini 4K
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to The Chris in Predictions for NAB 2016???   
    Two new Blackmagic cameras that will feature amazing specs and "will ship in August."
    I'm already mentally prepared to preorder and then wait for a year for it to actually ship based on previous experiences. 
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon's new $30,000 video camera does only 1080p   
    This camera highlights why Canon have been successful and profitable.
    Wish I could sell a 2MP sensor for $30,000 and have it all makes sense in eyes of the customer!! There is demand for this camera and it will be lapped up by broadcast and industry.
    No more infrared B/W shots on Big Brother!
    Yes they could have sold it to consumers and enthusiasts for $2000... it's only a new sensor, with massive 19 micron pixels (A7S is around 8 micron) but most would have looked at the crappy megapixel count and then struggle to get any use out of the 4 million ISO - even the creative filmmakers we are would have only a very limited use for that! 1 scene out of every 100 kind of thing.
    So they have done the right thing for business and dollars...this is a specialist use camera for the industry.
    Is it valid to say "no internal recording and only 1080p for $30,000 - that sucks?" well the customers who will buy this camera for the set of Big Brother or an astrophysicist up in his telescope will say that isn't a valid criticism at all - they will want a live feed off the back of the camera, no need for internal recording, no need for 4K either as delivery will be in 720p or even SD...but it is valid in the sense that there must be quite a bit of margin in this camera!! And it is a shame that Canon are not so innovative in their DSLR imaging at the moment by comparison.
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    Mr.Floppy reacted to sudopera in Canon's new $30,000 video camera does only 1080p   
    You put a 30000$ camera in place to shoot lions or hyenas(or what not) at night and pray to God that an elephant or a rhino doesn't come by 
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