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  1. On 2/27/2021 at 5:11 PM, Elias said:

    One aspect that is driving so many of us nuts these days in cinema (both for theater and streaming serials) is the excess of political correctness. It seems film studios have a Rule Book which requires every new series or movie to have a quota of actors which represent white people, black people, hispanic people, oriental-looking people, a woman, someone in the LGBT+ community, someone with some physical handicap, etc.

    This is simply ridiculous, the real world does not function like this and it drives me (and it seems, most of my friends and family) mad.

    And the worst is that if someone complains that James Bond should be played by a British White Male (as it was conceived by its author) instead of an American Black Female, we're called racists. This is getting ridiculously out of hand...

    We live in dystopian world, where in the name of ''diversity'' the Oscar goes to a Korean movie, made by a Korean Director, using a Korean crew, with Korean actors, in Korean language. Set in South Korea. Made by Korean producers.
    Thus there is still hope.

  2. 23 hours ago, ntblowz said:

    Ryzen still offer near 3x performance over M1, could change once native app coming out for M1. 






    ryzen vs m1.JPG

    Just remember those Ryzen Desktops cost 2400$ and 3500$, both need 850 Watts power to get those performance.

    Macbook cost the half and use 20 Watts.

    ByeBye X86 architecture.

  3. Well, now that Chinese company found out their weak spot on how much they depend on foreign patents they will start to develop their own.

    Stakes are too high and too sudden, thus a sort of an agreement will be reached. But in the long run Chinese government has learnt a lesson, develop indigenous critical components.

     They have the market, the mfg capabilities and R&D resources. China is not the USSR. And the world is not like it was back then. 

  4. oh, come on. It's not a question of "evil media empires/tycoon" again poor and safely harboured streaming platform.

    If I am an advertiser, why on earth  should I pay Mediaset instead of vimeo while both have the same content? I would sponsor the latter, cheaper because they do not even have to spend money to produce the content they stream.


  5. "...Do Blackmagic really think his subscribers are there for camera news? Do his subscribers even need ProRes? It’s easy to see the allure of a K-pop video with an incredible 7 million views on YouTube but the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K footage is all shot in a zoo and out of those 300,000 subscribers just 14,000 of them have watched the footage! .."


    Uhm, on that I would not be so sure.

    There a TON of wannabe youtuber and nowadays are either your phone or a top end cameras, nothing in btw the 2 ends: lot of people will think they need the best camera in order to make their small youtube channel grow.

    You can see how those successful youtuber with millions of subscribers  DO say which gear they use, and their followers duly take notice...

  6. 3 minutes ago, anonim said:

    I think that understand point, but what interested me is: why your first associative idea is an boxing match?

    that's the internet era way of settling dissputes on social network

    And hey, I'd hop Andrew Reid would choose the lens, look over here (1:11), not enough flare!


  7. In order to put this unfolding drama to an end, I'd propose we use the youtuber's way to end these disputes: a boxing match btw Andrew Reid vs. John Brawley (or a BM rep chosen in this forum).

    The venue might be the same Manchester's gin distillery where the BM event was held.

    The match has to be streamed live on vimeo, still to be decided whether to use a BMPCC 4k OR a Olympus E-M10 III.


  8. 29 minutes ago, Michi said:

    Dear Mr. Reid. 

    The other day you wrote the camera-press needs to grow a pair of balls. True that. And true too that your blog is often more critical and more honest than others I follow.

    The bigger the balls, the more it hurts when somebody kicks them. I guess you got a taste of that.

    I can only imagine how pissed you feel right now. But even if it feels like a catharsis for you writing down all this, I too (as seanzzxx) would advise you to take a deep breath and relax for a day or two. As anybody that follows the news knows, it is very easy to destroy the credibility build up in years of hard work within minutes when things get to emotional.  

    My humble advice: Don't do this publicly, there's nothing you can win out of this but a lot you can loose.

    ?? Spot on!.

    Andrew,  BM behaviour is 100% in line with what you wrote about the Canon R event, thus why invite people as you  at the Manchester event?
    If BM flew a guy from italy , they might expect he'd be "grateful", you just walking there....not so.

  9. 8 hours ago, hansel said:

    FACT!!! Having a hand-layed-carbon-fibre-textile-vac-bagged body would strech their (and our) budget slightly :grin:

    Agree, I just wanted to point out that this is not what people think as the lightweight & superstrong "carbon fiber", but a"heavy"  traditional plastic (which is already used by camera manufacturers) reinforced with tiny carbon fibers....

  10. mmm.... BM says "The carbon composite material consists of a high strength polymer that’s reinforced with carbon fibers".

    Which looks like thermoplastics with tiny carbon fibers REINFORCING IT, (as they do with GLASS FIBERS) not like CARBON FIBERS layers filled with resins as it done with proper commonly known as "carbon fiber"...2 different materials AND process (injection moulding vs laying by hand layers of carbon fibers cloth into moulds).

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