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  1. I bought the Shogun Flame as high speed raw, for me, was a 'nice to have' rather than a necessity. The situation is thus (on the Flame): 4K raw to ProRes/DNx** via SDI 2K raw also You can also record HFR using the end trigger on the FS700 and output over HDMI to the Shogun to get 8bit 4:2:2 to ProRes etc. The inferno supposedly offers 4K raw to ProRes etc at up to 60fps as well as raw to CDNG.
  2. It was very pleasant to watch and while I was watching it I didn't particularly think about the brand name of the camera used nor the dynamic range presented. So, for me, as a piece of art - it succeeds.
  3. I got one of those Amarans - they chuck out an impressive amount of light for the size and price. These (http://aladdin-lights.com/eye-lite-dt/) also look fantastic at around the GBP80 mark! I've spent this month's gear money on 3 Ianiro redheads and an Arri 300 fresnel, but next month a couple of these might be on the list!
  4. I spent a fruitless hour reading through those writing prompts yesterday. Unfortunately 99.9% of the ideas presented were exactly what one might expect from guys who spend too much time on the internet. A lot of time travel fantasies going on there. I'll give it another few hours though - maybe find some diamonds in the rough.
  5. I've got around £5k to invest next year in starting (in a small way) a camera hire business and within my budget I could go for either a C100 mk 2 or a second hand C300 mk 1. I already have a reasonable amount of Canon glass, a BMD video assist and a Ninja 2. Which camera body do the denizens of EOSHD would yield me the better return in terms of hires? Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this - I'm truly conflicted.
  6. ​Yes. Still pretty easy to accidentally jog it in the heat of the moment - may have to resort to gaffer tape!
  7. V-log will be nice, but I'd really really like shutter speed/angle lock and a selection of aspect ratio crop marks. I lost a bit of footage the other day because I didn't notice I'd changed angle - because of the tinted sellotape over the top and bottom of my screen!
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