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  1. Despite you continuing to delete my comments I'll continue...... Because although you may not be able to see it, in the mood you are in, I am trying to help you. I work as a freelancer in the broadcast industry as well as film industry. When it comes to Broadcast... while I'm not the best out there at what I do, I know plenty of freelancers that get work over me despite producers preferring my work. Do you know why they get work over me? It's because they do send those emails (the one you wrote in the childish voice) and it's because they do actively hound the bookings people in the office. I've never been one to do that and it sounds like you haven't either. Sometimes it's not about who's the best but who's been the most persistent at forming relationships with others in the industry. I've never been good at marketing myself or ringing up the people doing the hiring asking for work in the same way that it sounds like you don't do that with camera manufacturers. It means that even though producers tell me I might do a better job of something than the next person, I don't always get the call for work because the communication between producers and those booking crew is not always there. In the same way that while you may have relationships with technical people at BM, the PR people might not get the info. Do what you do bacause you enjoy it. If you hate this forum, then yes, stop it or pass it on to someone else. If you still enjoy this forum, if you still enjoy doing reviews, then don't let this one instance ruin everything else.
  2. Andrew, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Blackmagic really don't owe you anything for any 'free publicity'. Their Pocket 4k has started a frenzy among the camera world stirring up conversation and leading people to discuss it on forums, maybe you owe Blackmagic for making your site and this thread so popular? Maybe you owe all of your forum members here for contributing all their content here and making this site popular. Maybe you owe John Brawley for his contributions, I know I read this thread mainly because of his input and presence here...... Silly, I know, but the tantrum you seem to be throwing could also be seen as a bit silly too. Seems like nothing really new came from the event and maybe BM didn't think you would want to do an unboxing video...? Your reaction here only serves to diminish your character and reputation and by snubbing the camera based on you not receiving a pre prod version for testing or not being invited to one event. It might also suggest that you can be easily bought which is not what most people want out of an online reviewer. Who knows, maybe a marketing person at BM didn't think it appropriate to invite someone who seems brand focused by being call EOSHD? There are so many reasons why you may have not received an invite.... Just my 2c.
  3. I haven't used the GH5 but if it can't be tilted up and down without having the screen opened out, then I'm really not interested although yes, a hinge on top would give best of both I suppose. I predominately use my Mirrorless for stills and just don't like the ergonomics of a screen hanging off the side of the camera when in use. I really don't know why people make a big deal of the feature unless you take lots of selfies.....or vlog I suppose.
  4. I hate fully articulating screens. I just like my screen to tilt up and down like Sony's current screens or better still, Fuji's which also articulates side ways for shooting portrait stills. Flip outs always seem so flimsy and hard to work with when you have hdmi ports/ cables in the way. The next logical step for Sony's A7S series is internal 4k@60p and internal 10bit as well.
  5. BMD said September. Can we wait until at least October 1st before starting discussions like this. It's a little boring.
  6. Ultimately what I was trying to get at by indirectly comparing Nikon's camera to a drone is that DJI (a drone company) can see the value of 10bit codecs in consumer drones but camera manufacturers who's primary goal is image quality, apparently can't.
  7. But the sensor is outputting high bit depth RAW data so it's heat production is a constant no matter if the final codec is 8bit 10bit. Next comes the processor. It needs to process the RAW data. What takes more processing power, RAW to 10bit ProResLT or RAW to 8bit h264? Lastly, that data has to be pushed to the storage media of choice. We all know that QXD and even SD for that matter can easily handle 10bit ProRes without the interface getting all that hot.
  8. Read the thread properly. I stated 10bit vs 8bit and Danyyyel came back with the reply above stating 4k60p as a reply to my bit depth comment....which is not what I was referring to as you should be able to read. Again, read my comment. I still can't see where I mentioned 4K60p.
  9. Read the below. Not sure where I mentioned 4K60p? Either way, are you saying that Nikon and Sony's high end Mirrorless cameras have less image processing power than a consumer drone? Data rates are not the issue here. There are plenty of 10bit codecs that are easy to record to SD card.
  10. When it comes to storing video as 10bit or 8bit? Not really.
  11. DJI can see the importance of 10bit internal recoding in a mid range drone. Why the hell are Sony and Nikon still doing 8bit internal? Massive fail... Especially on Nikon's parts. Move on!
  12. This. What good is 4k, 6k when you have ugly banding or other artifacts from low bit depth codecs. Bit depth and DR influences nice natural looking images far more than resolution.
  13. In use, it's really not an issue 95% of the time and saves having to switch to stupidly wide lenses.
  14. Yes, there is a little moire in certain situations when shooting 2K@240fps. For the most part it's not an issue and with 4k up to 120p, I rarely use the 2K feature but personally I prefer Sony's implementation to a 4x crop.
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