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    MrTony reacted to IronFilm in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    JazzBox, how did you manage to get your hands on an early pre-production copy?? :-o
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    MrTony reacted to JazzBox in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    Probably Canon ignores that internet exists and some people use it, finding informations about prices, specs etc...

    A friend of a friend that has a friend that work for them sent me this super secret picture of a new model that will be on the market in June: they developed a new camera that uses REAL reel, in order to achieve a real "raw" feel. 
    The first model will have fixed lens (20x OPTICAL!!! wow!!!), EVF, some buttons and... no, it will be not cheap, but enthusiast have to spend if they are serious about video making!
    (I hope it will be possible install ML on it!)


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    MrTony reacted to GEORGE in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    This would be a great present to my 10 yrld neice... Actually she would prob laugh at me and return it for  a Panasonic fz1000 and a Mac....
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    MrTony reacted to nathanleebush in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    This camera is quite possibly the most hubristic camera-spec-to-price-point camera Canon have ever released.
    I also think it's hilarious that they even mention the stills 'functionality' in the marketing. Chuck says "It can really do a credible job as either a video or a stills camera, depending on the needs of the user or the project." Uhhh, what? Unless you're a mom at a soccer game, I fail to see how 12mp JPEGs coming off a 1" sensor from a slow fixed lens will meet any photographer's needs. The whole spectacle is really absurd.
    Meanwhile Blackmagic announce the URSA Mini with basically every spec I desire outside of internal NDs at a base price only $500 more. It's really fascinating to watch how long you can milk brand loyalty and lens ubiquity before people wake up that you're selling the same thing for 3 times the price, while your competitor (BM) undercuts everyone else by half with almost 1/100th the manpower.
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    MrTony reacted to doodsaq in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    I've been in Japan for about 11 years now. That doesn't make me an authority on the Japanese camera market or anything but from what I have seen, the average camera enthusiast is shooting Canon or Nikon. I always approach professional camera men and women and ask about how they like video on their D800 or 5DMK3 or whatever and they all look kinda embarrassed and say, I haven't really gotten into video. When I go to the park there are a lot of old men with 1Ds and giant zooms shooting ducks and birds or kids playing with their parents whatever. I get the impression that the major chuck of the domestic market for these companies is probably not looking at the internet for reviews of lists of specs (I know many people are but probably not the majority), nor are they buying these cameras with the intention of doing something new. They are most likely in their 50s and 60s, with full-time positions in a company and nearing retirement and are reading camera magazines that are basically advertisements for these two companies and then going to the big electronics stores and buying them from salesmen who don't know anything about anything. My beef with Japan is that the older people have all the money and are the largest segment of the population so Japanese business and culture will cater more and more to what they want. This probably means less innovation. Japanese manufacturers are finding it harder to compete internationally so some retreat and focus on the domestic market and that means just playing on nostalgia. If they are confident that their domestic marketing campaigns will allow them flex brand power and sell inferior cameras for higher prices than the competition, they will continue to do it and find the logic of your argument incomprehensible. Like all paradigm shifts, people don't really change their beliefs. The older generation just eventually dies off and the new generation is left to choose between two alternatives and usually chooses different than the prior group because they don't have an emotional commitment to the past. I'm also willing to admit that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, though.
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    MrTony reacted to AaronChicago in Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions)   
    ​You may not be able to quantify the 14 bit color, but you can definitely tell it looks better than a normal 8 bit source.
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    MrTony reacted to Andrew Reid in Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions)   
    The AF is wonderful. Image isn't far off C100 Mark II at ISO 400 either, but raw baby!
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    MrTony reacted to Andrew Reid in Kickstarter fps1000 high speed camera update – options include 4K / Sony A7S-like sensitivity / 4000fps HD!   
    Guys!! The camera is basically built and working. I've seen the footage and the finished sensor boards. He is just ramping up to mass production now.
    It exists, it's not one of those Kickstarter head in the clouds things.
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    MrTony reacted to Andrew Reid in Sometimes the Courts are not enough for justice, also why its relevant to discuss this   
    Trust me Ed you shouldn't be taking abuse condemnations from guys like Vincent Gafney and Salah Baker on twitter.
    Highly abusive themselves all the time on social media, often to me.
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    MrTony reacted to Lammy in Sometimes the Courts are not enough for justice, also why its relevant to discuss this   
    Whoooa Ed, for reals? Bill Cosby has multiple sexual assault and rape allegations. Philip Bloom has been accused of using the cunt word and throwing objects. I'd probably put Philip Bloom just below Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage (and those guys actually got arrested for it!)
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    MrTony reacted to Oliver Daniel in Sometimes the Courts are not enough for justice, also why its relevant to discuss this   
    I have this general mindset to be careful of people who don't get on with animals. Some people only suit themselves. That's scary. 
    Human relationships are incredibly complex, and when they go very wrong other complex humans need to make complex decisions about doing something complex to the complex people involved. That's complex.  
    In this world - there is relentless cruelty going on which most of us are blind to. Governments kill. Children are slaves. Animals are tortured. Livelihoods are destroyed. Citizens are brainwashed. Corporations fuel greed. Materialism is a God. Canon won't release an affordable cinema camera. I've got eczema. My dog stole my last sandwich. 
    I like Ed David. I enjoy EOSHD. I appreciate Philip Blooms camera reviews. I love my fiancé. My dog is awesome. My cat is beautiful. My Mother is funny. My Dad is now a fantastic memory. I'm going to be a Dad. My brothers are talented. My life is personal. I'm sharing my life with strangers. Could all be lies. But it's not. It's the truth. It's only my truth, maybe not someone else's. Maybe I'm deluded. Do I actually have a cat and things like that? Are they good for me? I'm crazy. Pretending to be, accidentally on purpose. 
    The moral of my post is.... Erm, there isn't one. It's subjective. Take from it what you want. Or  don't. I'm just trying to make sense of this thread and realised I don't know Philip Bloom or Sarah and can't be any help to them by talking about it on a camera tech forum. Damn! 
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    MrTony reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Wow that promo video is going to take some beating for wooden model movements. She behaves like a cyborg.
    The dirt under my fingernails contains more life than is present in that video.
    The yellow-tinted clipped highlights are similar to what I get on the FZ1000 for $700. You'd think for $2500 they would have sorted that out.
    This camera tarnishes the Cinema EOS brand.
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    MrTony reacted to leafcutter in A camera test with a difference - multicam shoot for "Bunny Suit" with the Sony A7S, Nikon D750 and 5 more   

    ​Premiere has mutli camera too that does a good job of syncing tracks and is easy to edit with.  I've used it with continuous takes on multi cameras plus dropping in shorter takes for closeups and movement.  I used to move things manually by waveform but after testing the multicam I realised it does a much better (and quicker) job.
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    MrTony reacted to QMedia in A camera test with a difference - multicam shoot for "Bunny Suit" with the Sony A7S, Nikon D750 and 5 more   
    Andrew, I Really like the look of the A7S on this. Great video. Nobody has mentioned the music, which I thought was fantastic. A very talented group of musicians, I checked out other tracks on SoundCloud. These guys have the stuff to make it big. Cameron's voice is amazing. 
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    MrTony reacted to HurtinMinorKey in Tempted? Should you get a $6499 Canon C300 or wait until after NAB?   
    It's resolution may not be on par with the GH4, but the image seems much nicer. But the the $6500 doesn't really seem like a bargain as much as it just seems like closer to a sensible price.  
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    MrTony reacted to Andrew Reid in Top Gear - Clarkson contract won't be renewed by BBC. Should there be one rule for talent, one rule for "the rest"?   

    I have to wonder, does all this moral posturing make you feel better?
    And what have you done to be so defensive about your ethics anyway?
    So it's ok for two stars to punch each other then?
    I am not condoning any bad behaviour, like I made clear in the blog. It's all wrong. Any kind of physical or verbal abuse is, no matter who does it or where.
    It's wrong.
    The problem here is that it should have been sorted out as the small spat it was, behind closed doors. Why get lawyers involved, investigations, pandering to the press and Twitter? To be so dramatic and political about it is bad management.
    The BBC ride roughshod over what the audience wants time and time again.
    It's a split lip. It's not manslaughter. It's not serial sexual assault.
    In over a decade the producer and Clarkson had a positive working relationship.
    I am sure they will put a token eco-friendly feminist in charge of restructuring a guy's motoring show and ruin it for everyone even more.
    I can only hope the current production team and presenters go to Sky.
    The BBC ruined F1 coverage and they will now ruin Top Gear.
    What do the key players have to say now the news has broken?
    Captain Slow - James May...
    "Well apparently they have shot him. I’ve only found this out by prising the information out of various BBC sources, nobody has actually told me officially until a few moments ago when they emailed. I don’t really have anything to say about it. It’s a tragedy. I’m sorry that what ought to have been a small incident sorted out easily has turned into something big... I have only known for the past few minutes and if you excuse me I have to write the eBay listing for my Ferrari."
    The producer with his swollen lip...
    "I respect Lord Hall’s detailed findings and I am grateful to the BBC for their thorough and swift investigation into this very regrettable incident, against a background of intense media interest and speculation.  I’ve worked on Top Gear for almost a decade, a programme I love.  Over that time Jeremy and I had a positive and successful working relationship, making some landmark projects together. He is a unique talent and I am well aware that many will be sorry his involvement in the show should end in this way."
    This is also worth reading...
    "...it’s further evidence of [the BBC's] self-emasculation, its sheepish, apologetic jettisoning of anything that might rile right-thinking viewers or make Hampstead-dwelling licence fee-payers choke on their Ovaltine. With the elbowing aside of JC, we are witnessing not simply the sacking of an employee over a scuffle, but the willingness of a scandal-stung, crisis-ridden BBC to ditch anything that has the whiff of controversy and to bend its knee to the bland, larks-free worldview of the right-on."
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    MrTony reacted to Leif Offermo in The art of downgrading   
    So true for many. 
    To have many choices and options can make it confusing and complicated.
    Even give you anxiety.
    It was easy when I was buying soap in the former East Germany. There was only one make .
    When I was  in the US, there was a huge assortment of all kinds of makes and types of soap there.
    What to shose?
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    MrTony reacted to MediaMan in The art of downgrading   
    Bought a Panasonic LX100 about 3 months ago. I've been taking it EVERYWHERE and shooting stills and video that I wouldn't have taken the lens cap off the 5D Mark III.
    Can't remember having this much fun shooting! More importantly . . . taking risks with the smaller camera. Isn't that what being creative is about?
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    MrTony reacted to frosti7 in The art of downgrading   
    forgive me my trusty 300D, you were my first and best, i shouldn't have sold you and anyone that came after you just didn't feel right, it wasnt the same.
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    MrTony reacted to QuickHitRecord in The art of downgrading   
    I have been thinking about this lately as well. It seems that the more gear that we acquire, the fewer personal projects we take on. Lately, for me, the idea of only owning three primes is suddenly very appealing. And for all of the thousands of dollars that we pour into shoulder rigs, monitors, follow focuses, etc, shooting with a stripped-down camera is extremely freeing. The pressure of creation is off, and the limitations become exciting.
    Taking this a step further, I have been thinking a lot about taking on what I'm calling the "1450 Challenge": for my next personal shoot, all camera dept. gear (including lenses) must fit into one Pelican 1450 case. 
    Also, I agree on your point about computers. As an experiment, I recently sat down at the dining room table with a notebook (a paper one!) and a ball-point pen. I scribbled an outline for a feature film that I have been wanting to write and got more done in four hours than I had in the last four months while sitting at my computer. And then as soon as I went back to type the whole thing out in Celtx, the process slowed right back down.
    Less is more.
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    MrTony reacted to Alex T in Canon diversify into DNA testing   
    Canon 1D NA?
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    MrTony reacted to Ed_David in [The Quiet Escape] A short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 - B&W and Color. 4 min.   
    ​here's the last script I wrote - it changed a little in the final version but still it's mostly this plus some adlibbing.  About rolling shutter - yea - I wish I shot at 180 shutter but what can you do?  Also shooting the footage I had no idea I was going to turn it later into a short film - I started it just for fun. - 
    The Quiet Escape
    by Edward C David
    I do want to leave
    this city but I’m
    always half in or half out with it
    but I really want to leave it
    but then I don’t but I do
    then I don’t then of course I do
    when i’m here i want to be there
    but the truth is when I’m there 
    in the country
    I don’t want to be here, the city
    it’s a drug to get off of
    its safer now this city,
    new york city
    but it’s
    more crowded and, noisier
    and very very expensive
    even a single subway ride costs way too much
    ten years ago I came here
    from college straight to here, no where else
    I didn’t like manhattan, I liked living in brooklyn more,
    cheaper and smaller and more like 
    my suburbs where I grew up
    more peaceful  - 
    but maybe not as much now   
    And of course it’s my fault and other young turds like me
    who gentrified areas like in williamsburg, brooklyn
    I remember before those luxury condos on the water there 
    it was kind of dangerous or maybe i was just a young kid and scared of everything
    but it was more dangerous and cheaper 
    i lived here and worked and worked and worked
    just to move forward financially, my art on hold
    I had a script I never made
    about a man walking 
    through the city 
    and all his thoughts
    mending, fluidllike 
    the war forever fought in our heads
    But I didn’t finish the film
    and now I’m 33 years old 
     I can’t remember that much
    the last 13 years at all really
    just having some low rez photos
    here I am
    now talking into my phone mic recorder
    out in the country
    with my wife and my dog
    and her family and I have time, 
    to do my art.
    And finally for the first time
    well I’m being a little bit dramatic 
    but  here I can see
    what a waste it all is
    to live in that city
    to fight to survive
    when you can just as the cliche goes, work to live
    or is it work to live?
    Unlike that city , I have time here
    and peace and nature,
    it’s not all candy land - i’ve been
    confronting my flaws and 
    my pain 
    all bottled deep down in this well - 
    ten years of tartar and plaque in my head.
    but god I needed to do this.
    I hope I can remember it
    The precious luxury of all. Boredom.
    The luxury to be bored, jesus that’s where
    our lives have gone?
    or maybe it’s just me and this city virus in me.
    the constant stimulation
    makes you numb
    you tweet away as the world fades and burns
    I have so many good memories of New York
    New York is such a 
    romantic place, those lights at night.
    how could anyone not love that
    those walks thru the west village god it’s so charming
    Riding my bike on and on and on thru brooklyn
    god those nights are good but dry up the next day
    and with the trash out  and that smell
    and the loud noises
    you start to realize you’re
    paying an incredible amount of money
    for a little plot of land you rent from
    some slumlord far away
    (not talking about my current landlord
    who I love, he’s awesome, seriously)
    I’m done self-sacrificing myself, thinking it’s
    making me a better artist.  no, 
    Great art only comes if your brain is clear
    and your neurons and heart are firing properly.
    I got this unique chance to get out of this
    shithole and I’m going to take it.  
    but still gotta be near some city
    and those wackos are pretty lovable
    but I see less and less of them
    as those suits and young rich bastards
    move in, with  their hands always on their phones
    posting photos of themselves with their friends
    when I think I know they go home at night
    and are really secretly sad, a lot like me.
    We humans spent a zillion years in nature.  With low noise, 
    not in a city with  bus’s tire stretching or the sound
    of a police siren.
    My dog knows that.  
    We lived in small communities, maybe tribes of 100 or so.
    Not six million strangers
    None of which are allowed really to care about each other
    because there isn’t time.  Our heads would blow up. 
    Getting smaller and quieter
    increases quality of life.
    I should put that on my fridge.
    I don’t want to wake up tomorrow, ten years later,
    in my little prison
    with my noise canceling headphones on.
    No, thank god for that little dog, he would never let me.  
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