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  1. This is potentially great news. Apple has some very talented people on board, however their myopic behavior over the last few years is astonishing. If Apple had been on their game, the announcement would have coincided with a product release within weeks not some vague "not this year" comment. Why it has taken Apple two years longer than it should to admit it screwed up the last Mac Pro is mind boggling given their talent and resources. Imagine if Apple had announced a June release of a Mac Pro that is expandable, upgradable and state of the art powerful. Imagine single or dual AMD N
  2. I have seen these tests, but both are quite old (December 2014). That was way back on firmware 1.10. Do we have any conclusive tests on 1.40? Many things have changed on the NX1 since these tests were conducted.
  3. Andrew, Appeciate this info on firmware 1.4 settings. A question arises though. If you are using "Normal" picture profile, how do adjust sharpness? You can adjust it if in "Gamma DR" or "Gamma C, but not in "Normal". Also, on blacks are you referring to master black level at "0" or pushed higher? Lastly, are you still recommending backing off green to x0.95?
  4. Hard to figure out here just what Samsung is thinking. I know the camera was hard to find in specialty stores in the states. I called many stores in the Las Vegas area and the reply was "we don't have the NX1". I did see it at NAB, but not where you would expect such as B&H or Adorama. Although, they carried them because I ended up buying mine from Adorama. The only NX1 I saw at NAB was at a very small foreign vender selling camera stabilizers. I also saw just one ad for the NX1 in Post magazine. To get noticed most companies run at least three ads in a row. Marketing 101 stuff. So Samsung
  5. Bought it! Looks very informative, will save me time and $. I love the look of the NX1. I am sure this guide will take it to the next level.
  6. Two questions: "In this way 4K opens the door to very very high quality 1080p with 10bit luma & 4:4:4 colour sampling if you use the right workflow –" (1) could you be more specific on your workflow here? (2) In your opinion, can these NX1 shortcomings be fixed via firmware updates if Samsung wanted to do it? (I.e. Higher bitrate recording, color science tweaks) if so, what are the odds they will?
  7. The topic at hand is Canon's stupidity, so eloquently penned by Reid. Share your own opinion if you like, but quit trying to CONVERT Andrew to YOUR way of thinking. I suspect Andrew will alter his opinion of Canon when (if), in his mind, they quit being stuck-on-stupid.
  8. ​How long have you suffered from Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)?
  9. I agree. Samsung is in a unique position, they don't have to worry about cannibalizing their own high-end market with the NX1. The NX1 is their high-end. Keep making the NX1 better and better, gain a real following. Next, Samsung could pull out all the stops and give us a F55 or even a F65 for the price of a FS7 if they wanted. They make both the sensor and processor, and decent glass when they want to. Who could stop them?
  10. Absolutely Agree. The NX1 I have now is a different camera than the one I started with, thanks to firmware updates. Very impressive, I hope they keep it up. My short list of wants on future firmware updates: (1) H.264 option (2) Even higher bitrate H.265 option (3) Clean up audio hiss/improve quality when using an external mic input into NX1. This is a problem, even when using a good preamp. So far I am only happy with audio fed into an external recorder, which of course requires a sync in post.
  11. Please indulge us and make your "over and out" permanent! If you are so bored, start your own blog and see how that works for you...Easy to be a critic Jimmy, harder to produce. I for one am tired of your snot nosed, know it all or been there attitude. Oh, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
  12. ​I like your policy! Some may not agree, but from a few (sometimes many) of the comments I have read on this blog, sadly you are spot on. Wonder if there is some sort of litmus test that could weed them out... (IQ has to be greater than shoe size for example)
  13. First off, Droidworx is now Aeronavics thanks to Lucas, but I digress. Yes Jimmy, you most certainly can put an epic on an Aeronavics craft. As a matter of fact you have your choice of at least 2 to choose from. The skyjib 8 ti-QR can carry 4.5 to 12 pounds of payload with an overall diameter of 1160 mm (45 43/64 inches) or the skyjib X4 XL ti-QR can carry 11 to 16.5 pounds with an overall diameter of just 1020 mm (40 5/52 inches). Since you did not talk about models, don't soil your shorts over Doug's response. Given your snotty retorts, sounds like you are a bit insecure about the entire ma
  14. The XC10 is a dog with fleas in low light. Not speculating here, I have seen it. All the bitrate in the world will not fix it. 10 bit 422 will not fix it. The problem is twofold, small sensor and slow glass, neither of which you can do anything about. A 1" sensor is 12.80 x 9.60 mm or 122.88 square mm. A MFT is 17.30 x 13.00 mm or 224.90 square mm. An APS-C is 23.60 x 15.60 mm or 368.95 square mm. The APS-C sensor is THREE bloody times the size of a 1" sensor. The MFT sensor is almost twice as large. If you don't care about low light performance, go for it, if that floats your boat. It does no
  15. Best forget about great lowlight performance on this one. I saw it side by side a C300 Mark II in a special darkened room at the Canon NAB booth. It absolutely sucked. So if you have visions of intercutting material with the C300 Mark II, you better keep the lights blazing...
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