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  1. For video I use manual focus on my NX1. Today I was experimenting with auto focus (in vidoe mode). It seem it only focuses fully automatically. Questions: 1) is there a semi auto focus mode? Meaning depress shutter button half way, the camera will auto focus, and lock the focus and not hunt regardless if the camera pans or moves. 2) If #1 is possible, can you do it while camera is recording? or only standbye?
  2. The BM was the Production cam not the Pocket cam right?
  3. Nx1 looks to be skewing more and more aliasing though.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9brRGknqFc
  5. I know more than anyone here. What you need is a Sony TRV900.
  6. I like my Samsung NX1 a lot. But has there ever been a LESS sexy brand to own? Samsung. It's like saying my camera is a Toyota Corolla. Boring!
  7. Yes, fix the auto gain on the AUDIO. It pumps incessantly.
  8. I'm moving to Sweden. That's all there is to it. I like the waterfalls.
  9. Nice place. Where was it filmed?
  10. Any rumors out there? Anyone care to speculate on who will do first (talking major NLE's) and when?
  11. ​I cannot say, but I know people associated closely with Samsung. I don't know anyone at ML, but I have credible sources inside Samsung from way back. As I said, nothing is concrete, but I can assure there is a dialog. It's not something either party wants to publicize just yet, and some have already been in hot water for talking too much. There is nothing more I can say on the issue.
  12. ​Yeah, I've used the fs700 with the movcam rig and all kinds of zacuto crap hanging on it with the Oddysey. It's nice but takes some time to assemble. and it tends to be front heavy. Maybe the F7 is more convenient.
  13. Ed I love inky blacks, but for my tastes that clip goes a little far. did you crush them in post? what cam settings did you use?
  14. ​IMO that has mostly to do with the quality of your rig and how much coffee you've had that morning.
  15. ​Magic Lantern is absolutely in talks with Samsung on this. They don't have a game plan jus yet AFAIK, but I can say with 100% certainty that the two parties are talking about it. Will Samsung give ML the keys to the Palace? I don't know. But for sure, they are talking.
  16. ​Nutshelling it, what are the big differences? The shouldermount must be one right? I don't like the ergos of the fs700.
  17. ​But at the same time, film is more forgiving. Get a light meter and you're good to go. The film cams I've used all had them built in -- but a handheld was good to have. But sure, instant replay in cam is tough to beat.
  18. ​Yep, I still hate it. I have a continuing, haunting fantasy of selling everything digital and getting a sexy Arri S16mm.
  19. I've never seen aliasing with my naked eye. And I don't know about inducing moire with the naked eye in the sense you mean, the take way should be, for video, that moire is something you can perceive with your naked eye. Moire is part of real life, not just digital life. That's the key. You don't even have to be an android to see it -- though I'm told it helps..
  20. ​That's thing though, like a lot of people I used to think Moire was a purely electronic phenomena. But the naked eye CAN see some moire and it very much looks to be some video related artifact, but obviously it isn't otherwise why is the naked eye visualizing it? Once you realize that moire is part of real life, it makes it easier to accept something that shows up on your NLE the next day. I worry much less, generally, than most of you guys here about resolution and even DR, my biggest concern with a motion picture image is the presence of artifacts that look electronic and thus break the 4th wall. Moire perhaps shouldn't be the cringe inducing apparition that it's made out to be. so in other words, I'm suggesting a purely psychological remedy here.
  21. Not to go off topic, but the A7s is a bit awkward in terms of hitting REC. Others have the same complaint. I shoot 90% video, for a true hybrid shooter maybe it's okay, but if you do mostly vid, I can think of other cams with layouts I like better.
  22. If at all possible. control wardrobe. I find moire more distracting on people than I do on inanimate objects. Meshy fine patterns should be avoided. Solid earthtones! Try and get a good monitor so you can spot the moire and maybe take some of the steps Axel suggests. Trying to fix it at home in your desktop is difficult, fix it before you record to your SD card.
  23. What? No RAW or 800 fps? Samsung sucks!
  24. 1) Avoid shooting subjects that produce it 2) Get a Super 16mm Arriflex 3) Get a CCD Camera 4) Try some mist/softening filters 5) appreciate that the naked human eye sees Moire and learn to accept it a "Realistic" filmmaking?
  25. To me, even the image an iPhone produces is amazing compared to what things were like 10 years ago. 5 years ago I would've said the limiting factor is no longer your camera. It's you. That statement feels truer than ever with the gear we have now. You can get a used GH2 for $300. If you cannot make something interesting with that, an Arri Alexa won't save you.
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