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  1. Don't forget to try DigiEd's fix. He's a genius.
  2. So far, just a quick test, Ed's fix works. Haven't pushed it, but it certainly made an improvement. I can't see any drift. Also, never even noticed that arrow function. Thanks ed!
  3. Do any of these fixes address to exposure drift issue we've been struggling with? Why isn't that front and center?
  4. On the bright side, we're all getting really good at operating and manipulating NX1 menus and functions.
  5. ​Haha! That's how it goes with me as well. I get it to disappear, then I sneeze, or do some other odd thing, and shazaam! the glitch is back! Maddening!!!!
  6. ​Okay, I'm not techy enough to do a proper DR test. However, I'll try and post my footage of the GH2/NX1 aliasing comparison. I used comparable settings and glass and clearly the NX1 produced slight aliasing on some air vents and hepa filters inside a gym and the GH2 didn't. So in at least that real world environment, the GH2 got the edge in aliasing control, however I'm not concerned with NX1 aliasing issues, the problem is nominal IMO. Ivar, yes, I hate those P and S setting, the GH2 had even more. That's one of things I like about the nx1 is the simpler dial.
  7. I too have a few concerns about the DR, I have an unhacked GH2 (a cam not known for great DR) and will try and do a comparison. I already know that the NX1 has slight aliasing issues compared to gh2. I test it informally. But am confident. Vitaliy says if the exposure drift issue is legit, firmware easily fixes.
  8. Resetting seems to help further minimize the bug. Andrew, are you doing multiple pans from bright to dark in one take? My first pan or two even seems stable, but eventually the exposure pumping returns after the third or so pan in a given continuous take.
  9. I'm running v1.1. I never noticed the issue until after I upgraded, but I didn't have much chance to use the cam before upgrading, so I don't know if the issue was there.
  10. It seems I too am able, on occasion, to eliminate the exposure drift, but it's only after some random fiddling of menus and such, and then if I change more settings, the exposure drift returns. I'm not able to figure out what, if any, settings are causing this. I do think the clues are in framing mode and exposure meter settings.
  11. ​Those are my objections too. I am merely guestimating DR, but I've shot with a lot of cams, including GH2, and the NX1's DR doesn't seem good. Weird because NX1 still shots were tested at 14 stops and it's a big modern sensor. GH2 doesn't even have a good DR, and it seems equal to or better than NX1. I've noticed too the evf and oled don't match well and neither accurately reflects what you see once you computer plays off the card. I'm worried I'm outside of the return window, hope not, I can't wait and hope Samsung tries to address this. What a disappointed first firmware upgrade right? All these glaring issues and they just nibbled around the corners with the upgrade.
  12. Movie mode for me just means hitting the RECORD button. I don't toggle the wheel to the right to bring up that preview screen with the audio bars before recording.
  13. ​Andrew's fix seems to work to an extent. However in movie mode I cannot get the camera into SEMI autofocus, it defaults to full auto focus. Then, if I switch off the AF on the lens barrel, the exposure drift returns. So it looks like for the moment, in movie mode, I'm either stuck with exposure drift or constant autofocus. Btw, my framing was already on OFF, so to get Andrew's fix to work, I turned it ON, then OFF again and the fix seemed to work.
  14. We need a name for the bug. "Exposure drift"?
  15. Noa, on my nx1, the values don't change. I have the same issue as nougat.
  16. Tonight I've just been testing for the glich in camera, not off the card on desktop. Problem seems worse on 3" screen and not as bad on the VF. The pseudo zebras on this camera don't seem to read correctly either.
  17. Is it possible to map the expose meter options Like "spot meter" and "center weighted" to the smart buttons on the Nx1?
  18. Ivar, mine was doing that too. No it seems to have stopped. Can't figure it out either. Maybe I shut something off. I don't think it's related to the I button on the lens. did you upgrade to firmware 1.1?
  19. I couldn't get wondershare or cyberlink to work. But this rocky mountain freebie has been awesome so far.
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