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  1. Reformatting the card doesn't help. I'm thinking my camera isn't spanning the files and reaching, as someone said above, the 4 gig limit.
  2. ​Resetting to factory default will set the available space count back to 29:59; however default sets video to 1080 at 60p. If you go to full 4k 24p, the counter will again change to 7:57. might be my unit or another bug.
  3. Hey Ed, I like that beach shot. It looks like a lot of work went in to it. Has a surrealistic look.
  4. I'm sure this is a user error, but today I was doing an interview. my nx1 would only record 7:57 of video before going back to stand by mode. 7:57 is what's showing up in the VF as available time, even though the card has lots of storage left. Tried different cards, always shows 7:57. In UHD 30p mode it goes to 7:08 available recording time. What am I doing wrong? This cannot be right.
  5. Which button is mapped to this feature?
  6. The blackhat group, commonly known as "Magic Lantern" has been working with Samsung allegedly to create more functionality with the NX1
  7. Owning the NX1 leads to schizophrenia. One moment we own the greatest camera ever, the next moment we own a doorstop.
  8. Sometimes, often in fact, we shoot into areas that are overexposed. This is one of the things with video and limited DR, in uncontrolled environments (beaches are classic examples). This is not an issue for ND filters. This is a firmware issue that Samsung needs to deal with it if this cam is going to realize its potential.
  9. ​I can overcome the camera's limitations with my artistic talent and the fact I can now swap AEL and AF On buttons with firmware 1.2.. Not to mention all the cool new apps I can download.
  10. ​So Ed, are you thinking v1.2 solved the exposure drifting?
  11. Also Ivar, before you return the NX1, you do realize the new firmware allows us to remap the REC button. That's huge. Maybe you should reconsider your decision.
  12. Ivar, the workaround for the NX1 is never to pan and never to tilt. And you can't dolly either. Crane shots are out. Stedicam won't work either. But as creatives we shouldn't be limited by such things, if we can't tell our stories with fully locked down shots, then the problem is with us, not the NX1.
  13. ​Where did you get the new firmware? I talked to Samsung this morning and they said they've not released it yet.
  14. Okay so basically, until Samsung gets it's act together, we cannot pan or tilt with the NX1. Nice. A $3,000 doorstop.
  15. ​Jesus, Samsung needs to fix the basics first, then worry about all the cool add ons with the firmware.
  16. Can't find the actual download though...
  17. Allegedly NX1 sensor, 999 eurors.
  18. How can we make sure Samsung sees Agolex's excellent video comparison? I feel like we're off Samsung's radar here in this forum.
  19. ​Amen. This is not acceptable performance.
  20. ​Who is NOT getting the exposure drift? I thought it was universal. People with two cams are getting the issue on both rigs.
  21. It also seems to have ended the exposure drift in footage ingested to desktop.
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