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  1. ​A7s need a recorder for 4k right? And HMDI interface? Man, if you're on the clock for money, never trust HDMI. It'll burn you down.
  2. ​Interesting! Hand held action shots, go 1080! This is similar to how I used the GH2 with ETC mode.
  3. ​That's true, I've seen some catastrophically bad RED footage. On the other hand, shooting in uncontrolled environments (run n gun docs, sports) sometimes forces your hand to rely on a cam's inherent capabilities.
  4. I'm interested in the techy aspects to an extent, it's part of the picture and is especially useful for those trying to decide which camera to buy. Talking about aesthetics and *art* is great too, but fundamentally more subjective. So, if we're going to talk techy, can't we be a little more scientific and apply some reasonable guidelines and methodologies? DR is a useful thing to talk about about, I use to shoot a lot of ocean sports, especially surfing, DR matters in those environments, but how about more emphasis and emulation on the approach of someone like Adam Wilt, where things are quantified in controlled environments. Saying "NX1 looks to have about 2 stops more than a RED1 according to my eyeballs" isn't particularly helpful IMO. That'd be my criticism.
  5. vimeo shows the aliasing a bit more. Not as much as native files. https://vimeo.com/119486361
  6. ​Ah I see. You have no idea what tests I'm referencing, but youre nonetheless certain they aren't engineers doing the tests. Okay got it.
  7. ​Like I said, I see actual engineers doing these tests.
  8. ​Man I just cannot get youtube to process it. Tried every which way. Maybe I'll try vimeo tomorrow. Trust me though guys, the aliasing is really there on a tough target like those hepa vents in the gym. In the meantime, here's hoping for better h265 support from adobe or vegas.
  9. ​That's what I noticed too actually. I never mentioned it though because I assumed it was something fakish or merely baked into the profile. Inky blacks though. I really like it. It show in digied's footy actually that he posted a while back. I just haven't had time to play with settings and see what is achievable and what isn't.
  10. I tried to load it to youtube but wouldn't work. The FB quality is terrible. But look at the airvents, you can see some aliasing/moire, but the poor encoding masks it. It's the baskbetball vid. Tried in different settings. GH2 didn't alias in comparable settings. No one here needs to explain the hows and why of this informal test for my sake. I'm not interested in DPreview nerdsnark. I'm just putting it out here to show that aliasing and moire are things to contend with on most cmos cams and the NX1 isn't an exception from my experience to this point. However it's not a deal breaker IMO, it's just something to keep an eye out for if it bothers you. Lots of ways to cope with aliasing. I do some music videos occasionally, and those can tax a cmos sensor -- the guitar string, the extreme contrast on piano keys, so far the NX1 hasn't created an issue in those types of shooting situations. YMMV. https://www.facebook.com/pages/NX1-Rumors-and-Tips/306653216190462?ref=hl
  11. ​This true, and it's something people should consider when they see moire in the image. Nonetheless, we all want that soft film, or even CCDish image that CMOS never quite seems to produce.
  12. ​You guys can look at some random footage and say it has 9 stops or whatever? I cannot. I see engineers set up charts and crap and they still can't get a solid assessment of DR.
  13. Guys, you just haven't pushed it enough, I can assure you, the NX1 has moire under the right stressor. It's not excessive, but it's there. I've produced it at 4k and UHD in various sharpness settings. I got it filming in a gym -- there were filters over some air vents, the moire was clearly there.
  14. Just remember, NX1 isn't perfect, you're gonna get your moire and jellovision. Not perfect.
  15. ​I know. Hopefully we can get some more reports if 1.2 solved exposure drift. So far, with mine, it has.
  16. I don't have a problem with this limitation, I manage my cards fairly well. Good thing to know though. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way, First interview with the NX1 and the camera stopped recording right at the money moment when the interviewee teared up.
  17. Interesting that if I format an SD card in camera it reverts back the the 4 gig file limit. I had to reformat in my desktop to get exFAT to get the full 29 min recording limit.
  18. I launcher downloads a 38 meg while cam is connected to desktop and then you go to the cam menus and install it.
  19. I just got the new 1.2 firmware, so far it looks like this issue has been fixed. I can't produce it any more. What are you guys finding?
  20. Dunno about photography, but precious few people can write a good script. Almost no one can write a great script. This will not change. Ever.
  21. Purely on a subjective/opinion level, do you really get a perceived and apparent jump in image quality? Is there that wow factor? Or is is more like focusing your eyes to see pixels and not seeing them.
  22. It worked! Now I'm in the 29 minute record time club! Thanks! btw, for anyone else, it's easy to format exFAT, just insert the sd card in computer, click my computer, right click the SD card and select format. check exFAT and click START in the dialog box.
  23. ​it's a sandisk extreme pro 32gb; 95MB/sec; SDHC I; class 10. I've tried other cards and it doesn't change anything.
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