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  1. 9 hours ago, kye said:

    What aspects of the Fuji do you think will make it different to the Sony?

    What subjects and style will you shoot with it?  Video or stills?

    Some equipment just has a magnetism that makes you want to pick it up and use it, and other equipment just doesn't, it's a strange thing but a large factor that we don't talk about enough I think.

    Yeah, it's the size mainly. For fotos it's mainly kids and family, the idea for video is to shoot stuff that i can use later on in music videos, video essays or short films. So many things going on in the city that want to be archived for the future.



  2. On 2/25/2024 at 7:36 AM, IronFilm said:

    A "cinema camera" with a permanently fixed prime lens 😕 

    I ordered one: my Sony a74 is just sitting on the shelf and only comes out when i shoot a real project. I would love to have a something with me that shoots nice quality and feels like a camera at the same time... We will see...

  3. On 1/25/2024 at 11:13 AM, kye said:

    Cool video, and nice use of a projector as light-source.

    In terms of more normal narrative lighting, I highly recommend the WanderingDP YT channel for cinematography breakdowns, mostly from advertising but also some features.  He talks about the whole topic of cinematography, but mostly concentrates on camera placement in the environment, location design, lighting, blocking, etc all together because they interact, but the focus is on the light, which is why I mention it in response to your question.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback - i have watched wanderingdp but will intensivy! You are absolutely right with all the inspiration and a stronger focus on concept. I feel bad answering your text with just one sentence , but i cannot say more than it's highly appreciatet and i will definitely look in those directions. 

    On 1/25/2024 at 11:13 AM, kye said:

    Why don't you like the Helios for run-n-gun work?

    It's just hard to capture the focus, especially on a gimbal. you can only move from side to side but not in and out. AF ist much more convenient 🙂 On the other hand it just looks so nice wide open...


    On 1/27/2024 at 3:30 PM, PannySVHS said:

    I really liked your other videos. In this one i enjoyed the backlight shots and the studio takes with the soft light. For the projector shots i would have lit foreground and background seperately for matters of control and effect. The outside shots would also benefit of from a more dedicated photographic approach. In the video they appear in a way a bit like ENG shots and would benefit from more in your face framing and composition, close, midshot, wides, front, profile, tracking, static, overhead, eye level, from down up, all more distinguishable, evoking strong visual interest, simple and to the point. Like in your other videos.😊 @Chrille

    You are also very right. I felt  pretty limited of what to show due to the winter and feel i played it a bit "too save"...

  4. Hey,

    check out this little music video i shot on the Sony a74 with the helios 44 and sigma 18-35. Helios for Run&Gun - not sure i can recommend. Also did not manage to create the swirley bokeh so far. On the other hand it takes the digital edge of the sony footage which helped tremendously.

    In the night scenes we also used the Tiffen Black Promist Filter 1/8.

    I realized  i definetely need to learn more about lighting. If you can recommend any youtube channels i would be very happy. Of course i would also be happy about general feedback - and the artist would be happy if you would like or comment on youtube...


  5. 4 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Nifty, can jump back and forth between 180VR and 360VR mode. 

    That's often a downside of these dedicated all in one cameras (not camera rigs which are multiple camera bodies used together to do 360VR/180VR), they're only best at either one type or the other. 

    Wondering wether this will be THE camera to shoot a feature to have it ready by the start of that Apple headset!


  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    21 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    I went with the Carl Zeiss 40-80mm f3.5 for this very purpose.

    I made a wedding film with it you can see here: https://firehorsephotographyfrance.com/2023-weddings/jenniedan

    This looks absolutely beautiful! Really fantastic Skintones! Of course the whole film is great.

    After reading your feedback i will first invest some time in improving my knowldge of Davinci Resolve. I also have some apsc lenses lying around - will try those.


    8 hours ago, kye said:

    If you are using the IBIS on the camera, an electronic lens that tells the camera the current focal length is hugely useful - this is one of the reasons I'm swapping to electronic lenses from manual zooms.

    Yeah, IBIS and AF are of course pretty cool on modern lenses. Not sure i want to miss those... An i will look more into the blackpromist filter world.

    Also i will just add the zeiss and the tokina lens to my ebay search , maybe i will find a bargain and can just try it out one time.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

  7. Hello everyone,

    i am looking for a manual zoom lens that help to take the digital edge of the A74.

    Something in the 24- 70 or 35-70 range preferably with a constant aputure. Don't care about the mount as long as it is convertable to e mount.

    I remember i saw some comments in som thread years ago that pointed in the right direction, but i cannot find them any more...

    I hope it is okay to put such a random question in a singular topic. If not please just delete.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi everyone!

    Another music Video coming along. Shot on the blackmagic 4K with Metabones and Sigma 16-35mm and Helios 55mm. On the outside shots i had ND filters with IR correction. Also there is a small DJI camera in the mix for all the shots from above ( Just put it in a stick) . On this shoot i really missed an autofocus feature.

    Also i had some problems with the grading in the first half of the song as the lighting conditions were very different in each set up. Maybe i would have needed to have a closer look on the white balance. Maybe also a grading session in Resolve would have helped, i did the grading in premiere.


  9. What i am really looking forward to are the information that will come out of the postproduction companies, as these will apply to most "prosumer" cameras.

    Also "The Creator" is going in the direction of the "Sony" look and taking advantage of it - and many shots are just the basis for extensive VFX work.

    I assume these cameras would not be used for a feelgood rom com where you want to get soft skintones from 45 year old actors...


  10. On 8/24/2023 at 1:55 AM, kye said:

    Great stuff!

    First thing I noticed is that it didn't look like video to me.  I seem to have become very sensitive to whatever makes things look video-ish, and it is rare that YT footage shot with mirrorless cameras doesn't look video to me, but you did well!  I genuinely have no idea what elements of the process make things look video-ish to me, and I'm still investigating this myself, although I suspect it's got to do with sharpening.  You didn't over sharpen the video (despite me watching it on 4K) so that could have been a major factor, so well done on that!

    Second thing I noticed was the colour grade.  Obviously if the client is happy then that's a job well done as that overrules all other considerations.  That said, I thought the grade looked a bit inconsistent in terms of skin tones - some shots were more on the yellow end of the skin tone palette and others looked more towards the middle, but they weren't so different that I thought they were deliberately different.  Maybe they were and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so these are probably just my preferences, but I noticed it, and you invited feedback.  I also noticed that it was relatively low saturation  overall, which might have been the clients preference, but in music videos there's a tolerance (and sometimes a desire) to have much stronger looks, so that might have been fun to see as well.

    Third thing I noticed was a few times in the b-roll sections (the group out walking in the street etc) where the OIS jumped.  You mostly hid it with jump-cuts (which was a good strategy and suited the video) and I think you could have gone heavier on those, having more frequent cuts.  I typically edit my videos to music, so am aware of the strategies of cutting to the music, and I thought the percussion of the track would have been suitable to put in some additional cuts in places.



    On 8/23/2023 at 8:10 PM, PannySVHS said:

    Rooftop shots, including Marie standing on the wall, all of them looking great regarding framing, movement, visual appeal and being in tune with the music beautifully. It's making the rest of the video look a bit pale in comparison imo, with a less motivated shot design, despite it being filmed in docu style. All in all, the fans will enjoy it and so did I.

    Thanks both of you. I am with you 100% percent regarding the grading - actually that would be the area in which i could have improved the video a bit. Still find it tricky to grade in Premiere, def. need to try resolve. Also thanks for the feedback on the storytelling side - def. can be improved as well.

  11. 36 minutes ago, ac6000cw said:

    Good find - I hadn't scrolled down that page far enough to see the main 'Movie Specification' table (see below). It's interesting that it offers DCI2K (2048 x 1080) as well as DCI4K. Also the 4k 50/60p crop is apparently lower with DIS ON than with DIS OFF (1.1x vs. 1.18x).




    That's really interesting - i read that the HD on the XH2S was pretty bad though. Fingers crossed - looking forward to some tests!


  12. On 4/25/2023 at 4:02 PM, SRV1981 said:

    very cool! love the blacklight!  Any other videos you have ?

    Thanks for the feedback! You mean other videos with blacklight?

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