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  1. ​You may have to just change your resolution until the next update. As much as love Resolve, the interface could definitely stand to be more customizable.
  2. It does seem strange to have two of the same lens if working with a limited budget, but if it's when the project calls for than so be it. I would think the best idea in this case would be to get another SLR magic instead of switching brands.
  3. Tascam dr-70d might be worth a look- four tracks. I'm not aware of any other portable multi-track recorders that go for less than a grand.
  4. ​A mask in post won't do much for a blown window except make it gray.
  5. I've personally found that if you're not able to get close, a shotgun mic will not sound as good as a stereo mic, such as that of a rode stereo videomic or even the zoom you already own. To mount your existing equipment to your camera, you could get a cage (which can be costly), or get something like this v-bracket.
  6. ​It's irrelevant in the same way that everything else we do in life is irrelevant. Ultimately the sun will die and then the universe will die (maybe), but does that make our experiences any less worthwhile today?
  7. Dual shots during dialogue? What do you mean by that? Are you trying to have two angles with the same lens? Doesn't seem too practical to have two of the exact same lens (or two of the exact same focal length unless you're building a large lens collection. I would recommend looking at the other offerings from either of those companies.
  8. Are you going to be running the mic into the camera via a long cable, or into a nearby recorder? Either way, you're going to be running some kind of cable, so think about buying a wired lav mic, which would be much cheaper than a wireless system. Keep in mind that running a 1/8" cable long distances may introduce noise into your signal.
  9. ​Not sure about the 7Q brightness specwise, but I can tell you that it is a very, very crisp and clear screen that I've never had any issues with in sunlight.
  10. Most people don't even notice it, so you shouldn't worry too much- there's not really anything you can do about it besides what was written above.
  11. In-camera stabilization won't compare to using a brushless gimbal like the Ronin unless your only plan is to hold the camera completely still. Throw the A7II on a glidecam and you might be able to get pretty damn close, but it would still be different.
  12. 5-axis would reduce rolling shutter caused by camera handling, but not caused by fast-moving subjects.
  13. From Mike Marasco's Instagram Obviously this doesn't really mean anything, but maybe, just maybe it's for real. maybe?
  14. Yeah that's why I'm still filming on mini-dv. No point to upgrade if something better is just going to be released eventually.
  15. Exactly. The concept could be executed very well, but it's clear from the trailer that it won't be in this film.
  16. Does the cage allow for use of the battery grip?
  17. I have a somewhat similar CFL setup that I use a lot in tight spaces where hot lights are not really an option. If you're able to get near a window, two 5-bulb softboxes should definitely be able to get you f/4 at a decent ISO. Get one softbox as reasonably close to the subject as you can for key light and put the other one slightly behind him for some back light and you should be good to go.
  18. Not trying to turn this into an FS7 thread, but here's an actual hands-on review from Dan Chung at Newsshooter. He draws a lot of comparison to the C300, especially in terms of ergonomics which also applies to the C100.
  19. Rokinon 10mm 2.8 I haven't read any reviews of it yet, but it's wide!
  20. When you're walking, make sure to step with the ball of your foot first and sort of roll into your step. I used to be in a marching band in high school and we had to practice taking smooth steps so the whole band wouldn't appear to be bobbing up and down.
  21. Yep, not only are there a ton of tricks to pick up from such people, but it's also a huge motivator to get better and quickly.
  22. I think Adobe should use that in their marketing. "Adobe Premiere Pro : It doesn't matter if you use our product!"
  23. What is it about new cameras that has such a magical power to transform professional filmmakers into arrogant, bratty children? It's incredible, really.
  24. Maybe in 6 months to a year. Development on ML depends on the programmers actually owning the cameras and can be quite slow because of that. By the time it likely gets a decent ML upgrade, the 7Dii will be even more woefully behind the competition.
  25. Just note that stacking filters comes with a compromise in image quality, especially if using cheaper filters.
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