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  1. Looks to be a wonderfully small camera and an obnoxiously large phone at the same time..
  2. Anyone have any speculation on price for this bad boy?
  3. I don't think it would be good to have two simulataneous, seperate discussions on each blog post. It might be better to somehow embed the associated forum thread associated below the actual post, but I don't know how feasilbe that would be.
  4. Question for all of you guys who render everything out with NR before editing: what is your workflow like? Sometimes my projects will have hundreds of clips and I can't imagine importing and exporting every single clip (from FCPX). If there was some automated way to do it, I would love to know.
  5. It will take a long time no matter what, but doing less intensive NR will help reduce the times. Turning off adaptive filtration and keeping the temporal radius low are pretty big factors. I would imagine that having a more simple noise profile would also help, but I am not sure. Keep in mind the price you pay for simplifying these factors is less effective NR.
  6. Here's a video I made for my band using a similar concept. It's not supposed to be a fully-fledged music video (we're doing one next year for our album), but more of a simple way to add some visuals to our sounds. I've always been a fan of embracing the flaws of technology and I lean towards a style that I call 'polished lo-fi' http://youtu.be/BEvThkYzpyE
  7. Might not actually go back to full price- would make sense to me if it was just something they were saying to add a sense of urgency for people to buy it now.
  8. Why exchange for a Canon mount when you already have a working setup? Rokinon lenses have no electronic components (that's why they're cheap!), so no IS. That's kind of a lie- some Rokinons have an AF confirm chip, but still no IS.
  9. Audio is ideally not dealt with as a "whack it on the rig" solution. A firmware hack won't change physics and the fact of the matter is a mic placed on top of your camera will very rarely be close enough to pick up good sound. "Good" meaning crisp, clear, deep, isolated sound. Might be good to have a mic on your rig as a backup or in situations where there is truly no time, but it's best to avoid relying on such a setup. If you're trying to work as a one-man-crew, spend some money on a nice wireless lav system (sennheiser or sony are the first two I would look at). If you think you'll be able to get a friend (or whoever) to come out and help with audio, then think about investing in a nice boom mic + pole (NTG-2 or NTG-3 are the first mics that come to mind). Usign a boom mic is harder than you'd think, so take time to learn it. You'll also need a mixer/recorder if you want to get an actual audio kit together. Tascam DR-60 looks interesting, and pretty cheap. It looks like you're going to be spending quite a bit of money on your camera + rig, so don't skimp on audio. Yes, you can get 'usable' audio for cheap, but just keep in mind the fact that poor audio quality will ruin a film (or whatever you're creating) easier than poor video quality.
  10. 6D in my experience is very close, if not indistinguishable, in terms of color rendition to the 5D. Aliasing, on the other hand, is another issue.
  11. Think of them of as short, impressionistic vignettes. No need for a traditional narrative if these films have an aesthetic that evokes a certain mood.
  12. Awesome review that really gives some points to the A7s in my book.
  13. Very recent development Seems to be limited between 1/10 and 15" exposures at the moment. Shutterless timelapses would probably save a ton of battery space. Pretty interesting development!
  14. Unless you're using some powerful lighting, I don't see much use for an ND indoors (for video at least). A good variable ND can be quite expensive, so it might be worth picking up a cheaper 1, 2 or 3 stop ND and see if it benefits your work.
  15. Fun video that I enjoyed despite it's technical flaws. I will say that it didn't in any well sell me on the GH4. Honestly, I think they should have used the E-M1 for it's 5-axis stabilization.
  16. I would think that using the LUTs in Resolve would allow you to get a little more juice than using them in FCPX. As much as I love the performance of Final Cut, it just doesn't play too nicely with plugins yet.
  17. I'm excited to try to this out. I love VisionColor's camera profiles, so I can't wait to see how they play together.
  18. I don't know if the GH4 records audio in 16 or 24 bit, but that will affect where you want your audio to be peaking. If it does indeed record in 24-bit, then you are fine with your audio levels hitting around -12dB. If, however, you can only record in 16-bit, you will want to get your levels closer to -6dB, because you won't be able to apply gain as cleanly.
  19. Too bad there's no way to reduce the sharpness of a video!
  20. There's a difference, albeit perhaps a small one, between hosting illegal content and linking to a site that hosts illegal content (and TPB doesn't even technically host content). Google complies with takedowns as they come. The pirate bay isn't inherently illegal (though it may be predominantly used for illegal purposes), so a de-facto ban in their search results of the entire site doesn't make sense in my mind.
  21. There is a big discrepency here between the way things are and the way things should be in terms of copyright law, and I think a lot of people are forgetting that. The fact that the copyright system is broken doesn't invalidate it's legal implications. I do think that Vimeo's process kind of sucks and needs refinement. I do a ton of music videos for bands that put their music on CDBaby- YouTube almost always flags my videos as having 'third-party content,' but the dispute process is straightforward and has never created any issues for me.
  22. The sheer fact that using FCPX makes the process simpler gives it a plus in my book.
  23. An incredible percentage of people (including consumers of our content) are still using screens with low pixel density.
  24. I recently reconfigured my keyboard layout in FCPX so that all of my most common commands are now accessible to my left hand with limited movement. For everything that I can't do with a keyboard, I use a fairly cheap wacom tablet. A big thing to avoiding strain on your hands is to take breaks before they start to hurt.
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