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  1. hey guys, do you think BM will release a new ver of the BMPCC or BMCC any time sooner? i found the 2 new models too much into studio shooting which is not what a enthusiast consumer wants. I am just waiting for a new ver of one of these and i am wondering how much do i have to wait:) cheers.
  2. as for the video i can already tell it's a disappointment. a lot of rolling shutter and moire they just made the codec with less compression!!!but only for the all-I mode. wake up oly, wake up : http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2015/02/05/olympus-om-d-e-m5-mark-ii-review-chapter-whats-new-whats-great/
  3. and the first footage released : https://vimeo.com/118739910 seams like a lot of rolling shutter there, but i am not an expert.
  4. New e-m5II will have a better codec, they promise around 75mb/s. I am wondering how good it would be this compretion compering to other 1080p, like d750 or 5d mark3 not Raw, and so on. I have the old m5 right nw and the compresion now is around 13mb/s, really, in full hd 1080p. And still due to the nice sensor you have a lot of details. But the limitation of the compresor will destroy the info in the shadows and whenever is a wide frame with a lot of info to process, like lanscape, trees or something. i am really looking forward to see how the new compresion will deal with this kind of situations. Since the sensor is exactly the same, the ibis is a liilte bit improved, and the codec is almost 6x better then the previous....should be a visible improvment in quality for the video mode. If so, i bet will have a contender for the full hd 1080p category. what do you think?
  5. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/axiom-beta-the-first-open-digital-cinema-camera this seams to have everything i am dreaming on. it's like a perfect blackmagic for me. let's hope they manage to make it work. finger crossed.
  6. right, it just how you put it sounds like i am stupid guy who just wanna have a big branded camera handing on the neck for others to praise. it's not the case. if it was like this i would have gone for the most expansive one without asking. it was the reason i got omd m5 in the first place. it's small and not noticebale at all. anyway. i am asking this question because i want to make the best choice possible. but i think it was better to keep the question for myslef.although i still believe that this must be the power of a good forum, the freedome to ask questions, even they're stupid, to learn something from the people that are more experienced then you. i am on the same page with you. its more about trying and go making stuff instead of complaining but for that i still have my omd m5. but there is a time when bad codecs and bad roller shutter and lack of iq in video mode is pushing you forward looking for a better choice. and when you don't have the possibility to try before, or the experience that you need to make a choice, you just ask the question to the people you admire. that is all about it. sorry if i waste your time though. cheers.
  7. because i don't have much experience with these cameras and it's a lot of investment for me. i work hard for the money and i don't earn from cinematography, it's just a passion. i am living in Dubai right now and i don't have to many options in renting a camera and play with it. so the more i know, even though theoretical, the better it is. it's a big step for me even it sounds like a stupid question for you guys. and second, i am waiting for the begining of the next year to see exactly what is all about the new canon 5d mark4 and new olympus m5 and maybe a new blackmagic entry level. if it's not something groundbreaking for me, i will give it a try with nikon or bmcc. thank you so much for all the comments, cheers.
  8. i am not taking in consideration any of these camera, gh4, sony a7s, samsung nx1, gx7, etc because of the look of the footage. I know the future is 4k and even 8k and shooting in the night without iso issues and stuff like this but for me the organic look is more important. And i still think that you can't compare those to the look of bmcc for example. it is just something different.
  9. i know my question was stupid from the begining and i really apreciate your answers. i do have a camera right now and i have push it to its limits. i have an omd m5 and two very good lenses, olympus 25mm 1.8 and olympus 75mm 1.8 (one of the best mirrorless lens). the camera is just great for what i needed so far. we all know that its codec is far for being decent but i tried my best to compensate by expose right and make the most of what i have. now i riched the limit and for a while i am saving to by a new camera. at least now i know what i need and what i want. that's why o was making that demands list. for now i am in between BMCC which has almost everything i need except 60p and global shutter andstabilistation. But i will still have the lenses to use with it. i would just have to buy a proper wide one, like the slr magic 12mm or even slr magic 10. on the other hand nikon d810 could be an option too. i know the quality is not the same, no raw or prores option here. but i andrew said in review that the codec is very very good. Almost as goos as the raw from 5d mark3 wihch is still the standard in raw film quality in its class. if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to work with it. anyway the future 5d mark 4 is due to come next year so maybe we'll have a surprize. let's see. thanks again for all the answers.
  10. For almost 1 year now I am saving money to buy the "perfect" camera. I know there is not such a thing. I mean the perfect one for me. And for me, the perfect perfect camera would be : BMCC with 2.7k Raw and prores recording. Global shutter. MFT mount for portability, i am still not a professional and i don't wanna carry a lot of equipment. A 5 axis stabilisation like olympus one. Decent 60p. But most of all, i want the organic look of the bmcc that gh4, that probably you'll have it on your next comment, doesn't have. neither does sony a7s in my view. It is something that i cannot explain. it's just the cinematic look that has that feeling that you can't explain. that worm but still real colors, more like full frame d810 has in a way. with a little grain, but a good quality one....and something more that is just the way the lenses on this kind of camera are randering the colors and the dof. Does this camera exist yet? what is the name of it? Will be a new BMCC model in the near future with some of these demands? will be the new 5d mark4? will be the new olympus omd m5 mark 2? will be the new sony alpha professional model that is due to beginning of the next year? is it the nikon d810 what am i looking for? looking forward for your answers. Andrew, i know that you had some good experiences with most of these cameras, what is your thought on this? thank you for your answers. cheers. John
  11. judgeing the dr i would say it is a ff so i would go for d750 or 5d mark3. Did you add some noise reduction also? it seems very "digital" in the shadows without any natural noise there, just my thought. thx for sharing.
  12. ebrahim, thank you so much for your answer. i found it very helpful ans if you will find time to post some videos it will be much appreciated. thx.
  13. hey, thx for the useful comparison test you've done so far. can you give more detail on the 5d mark3 vs d810 battle? i have heard that the d810 has a new and much better codec which can deliver images that can be compared to canon raw quality, is this true? if so, having the 1080p native 60p over the only 720p 60p and more space to play arround with the image (the raw workflow is not so good to handle) can push the d810 forward, or not? thank you for the answer in advance.
  14. it's like saying you need a full frame so you can crop and reframe after, in the still image photography. i think is better to think twice and shot once. Anyway, in my view is better to have a mature perfect 1080p codec and have the best resolution with details and lack of moire and aliasing than having a 4k option that needs a lot of work in post to make it a good 1080p if you know what i meen. Sure it is an option because we don't have a good alternative for a native 1080p yet. Still people prefer the 5d mark3 raw against the 4k with the only exception of the low light which is a different story. Still the new d750 from nikon is a good promise for low light and is not a 4k. Anyway in my vision d810 is the best compromise you can get in terms of stills and video. Let's wait for andrew to make some time and give us a proper test of the d810 video potential or maybe the 750.
  15. just a silly question, what do you guys need 4k anyway? just the resolution or there is more behind this request?
  16. hey guys, i am having the same question here, beeing in the same situation. when it comes to great video but still not loosing the great stills then the 5d mark3 ML raw is the one to go. But most of the people are complaining about the workflow. With the new d810 you are promise to have even more still greatness and still the same quality in video with the new quality codec from nikon. So my questions are: is the new codec deliverying the same or even quality to the mark3 with magic lanter raw? i wasn't such a fan of 4k. I think a good 1080p is still enough nowadays. And i prefer the filmish look of the BMPCC over the more tehnical look of the panasonic gh4 4k. and if you take the 1080p from a7s for example, is even better. So i really don't think that the res metter at the and of the day. But how is the d810 codec compare to what is a7s deliverying or the BMPCC one? i am not talking about really tough situation like really really low light or something like this. and finally on the video poin of view, there is any diference between d810 and the new d750? i think the d810 is capable of raw footage over an exernal device, but that is all? conclusion. As far as i see the new d810 could be a great tool having all the ingredients that you need nowadays. A great great sensor, a great codec, and a planty of lenses to choos from. And i heard that the nikon guys are making the firmware opne source, and if so it would not be long till some MAgic Lantern like guys will come with great goodies on this regard. Maybe a 4k or an internal raw something. What do you think?
  17. i am talking about this. I think the main video problem on the omd m5 and now on the m1 olso, is the bit rate. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  18. Nigelbb, i also have an m5 camera and i tried to shot with it and i am telling you it is not just about the is, i think the camera suffers a lot of video encoding and aliasing. Would you be kind and share with us some of your video with m5. Mine you can find here: cheers.
  19. thank you so much for your answer. I will read more about anamorphic stuff and i am glad that i found this forum. I will also keep an eye open on ebay for this baby hypergonar, you never know. Maybe i can start with it and use it with my actual lenses, don't know if it is posible. Till then i took a video just to play with my omd and to understand the focus system and best camera settings *i use the art3 filter because i saw this setting on your clip), please take a look, any advice is a gold advice from you:) thanks a lot!
  20. Hi Sebastien and congratz for the short clip shot with omd m5 and your nice anamorphic combo. I also have an omd m5 and i am looking forward to make myself a combo like yours. I am comming from a country with no anamorphic lens on market and my only chance is to try and find a good oportunity on the ebay market. I am also veru new to this king of lenses and i am not sure what to look for. Would you be nice and tell me some tips for that, please? First of all, how much is the budget for a combo like this and how do i start with? there is any other place, except ebay, where i can find this combo? Thank you very much for your answer and a happy new year for everyone on the forum. P.S. and please excuse my english, i am still learning. cheers.
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