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  1. yes, with the hacked bitrate thanks and kudos to @vasile
  2. i don't think there is a recipe for grading, usually people try to get a certain look they favor or like. I for example, i kept the in nice warm colors from the camera and add a M31 Lut on top at 50% transparency. But it's a matter of taste after all.
  3. here u go : Normal Gamma with sat -5, sharpness -10 and contrast -3. I had MB at plus 9
  4. thx a lot guys. @mercer everyone is working hard over there. i just tend to shoot women and kids more often i used a samsung nx1 with 16-50s and the cheapest tripod you will find. @Liam i am new to vimeo and don't really know how to do that. i will dig into it. thx.
  5. thank you, much obliged. it all started with your settings
  6. hey guys, i went to nepal for 5 days for my EID vacation break and end up putting a short travel movie together. i was so impressed about how people stayed vertical facing cruel fate so i decided to transform my film into a manifesto about how by simply visiting nepal, you can actually help them in the most sustainable way. Tourism was and always will be the lifeblood of Nepalese economy. Anyways, i will share the link to the video below and i am really open to discussions and feedback regarding it. But mostly i need your help and advise in how to promote it. I uploaded on vimeo, my very first post so i have no subscribers and stuff, and i posted on my Facebook page which got attention of my friends. But that's about it. I tried to posted on some Nepal Tourism facebook pages but without any success. so i don't know where to start from, what should i do? where should i post it so it gets some visibility? i really appreciate your help and i hope you enjoy the 2 minutes and a half full of nepalese vibe :
  7. thank you so much for the kind words everyone. All i had with me was the nx1 body paired with 16-50s and a very unstable and cheap tripod, had to upgrade it btw cause i missed a lot of shots because of it. Sometime i used the tripod folded as a rig for better camera grip and stabilization. In terms of settings i have used Normal Gamma with sat -5, sharpness -10 and contrast -3. I had MB at plus 9. I did the edit in Final Cut Pro X where i just tweaked the exposure wherever was the case and apply an m31 LUT at 50% and warmed the overall look and feel by a notch. that's all i did. Thank you again for the support and the nice feedback. i put my heart to it and it seems that got to u which makes me proud. cheers.
  8. Normal gamma, and mostly Ricadro's settings. Enjoy :
  9. hey guys, please find below my first serious attempt of shooting with samsung nx1. It's just a travel film but i wanted to be more like a manifesto for the people in Nepal that stood straight before a cruel fate. Did my best to put the edit together and to grade the footage the way i saw it. Comments are much welcome :
  10. guys, forgive me of not running into resolution numbers counting and all the math behind it, but in terms of IQ do you thing it will be a noticeable difference with the new sensor, bit it 20, or 24 real res.? i mean the higer the number the less is going to be the DR of the image, isn't it? or maybe with 4.2.2 internally and v-log will see a bump of 1 stop in DR, that is what i hope for. Maybe a new codec like a sort of prores will be more important that the stupid 6k resolution itself. what do you think?
  11. wouldn't be nice to have the nx1 tech inside a d750 nice body with a ff sensor at hearth? just saying.
  12. good point. and @luca, any new news for the speedbooster? thx
  13. the video shared was shot with a pocket, so micro would do fine. But i already have the nx1 and i was well aware of the cons and pros and the alternatives. I just needed a camera that can shoot stills that's why i picked nx1. Not to mantion that i bought it for a hard to say no price, here in Dubai. i don't regret, don't get me wrong. I was just wondering how much you can push the footage to get closer to that organic look. I have seen lots of stiils from footage that are nicely graded but haven't seen a film to come close to pocket organic look.
  14. Hey guys, could you post an example of a short shot with NX1 that can come close to this one in terms of image quality. I have a nx1 myself and love it for the details it retains and for the perfect combo of really good stills and decent video, but i find it hard to come close to this organic filmish quality. It's not about resolution, colors and just dynamic range. To be honest i am fine with all on nx1, even its limited dr. But there is something hard to explain, maybe is my poor english, but has to do with an organic look and feel. Maybe with the organic way to render the bokeh. find it hard to get rid of the digital, someone calls it clinical, look out of nx1. Some examples would help. couldn't find myself something really close to this. thx.
  15. hey guys, the topic got my attention since i am looking to upgrade my sound from NX1. I am not even close to professional so makes no sense to spend lots of money and get a heavier rig for the camera with external expensive audio recorder. What i am looking for is more like getting rid of the wind soundish sound for the shorts that i am into as a hooby. Do you have a recommandation for a shotgun like mic that can make a difference from the internal mic of nx1? i was looking to this one :https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1191314-REG/rode_videomic_pro_with_lyre.html/prm/alsVwDt
  16. after the good laughs and mandarin lessens, is it good for gear that's a bit over 1200g or not? did anyone try it like this? i couldn't find anything on internet, thx.
  17. did anyone tried NX1 on the crane before? NX1 and 16-50s is 1290g alltogether so is just on the fence of the limit of the crane. With the right batteries and the proper balancing would it be a better option than ds1? just wondering
  18. how do you go through the footage and pick the better takes. before you drop the good ones in resolve, how do you play h.265 ?
  19. just a qucik 100p test using the hack. too bad youtube compression wrecked my blacks, should move to vimeo.
  20. guys, just wonder why don't you move the topic under nx1 separate page on the forum? is one of the most interesting thread about nx1 and i think it should be there. thx
  21. Hey Guys, First of all thanks a lot for making this happen. It really matters to know someone is still helping the beautiful community around NX1. Just wanted to ask, what were the in camera settings based on which the profile was done? profile, other setting, the more the merrier. Cheers
  22. second that , truely cudos to Luca for taking this of the ground. We should all be thankful that one is taking his personal time and money for the benefit of us all. Cheers.
  23. just for me to understand, sorry if it was pointed out and i missed it. The speedbooster adapter is made for canon and you attach to it any other adapters that you want to use for the specific glass that you have? or the speedbooster adapter itself is so made that you can adjust it to any mount you have? can't really tell from the pictures and i am really dumb in engeeniring and stuff (art director here ) thx
  24. it looks really promising luca. looking forward for it to be available. do u have an aprox deadline? and some pictures with the adapter and the lens on top of nx1 would be awesome. thx a lot.
  25. fu*k that's amazing. didn't know it's possible to have one speed booster for them all. keep us posted. thx
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