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  1. but you have it, you just have to switch it to manual focus from the lens i guess. What i find really anoying is that when you have the single AF and you put your focus on something it doesn't stay there, it starts focusing on whatever come's in the frame. Bothers me. Have to use manual focus all the time now.
  2. nice work luca, thx for the effort. May i ask you what happen to the nikon adapter? As you, i have the nikon 50 1.4d lens and i would love to see some updated tests with this lens. What is the status on this one?
  3. luca, what is the focal distance with your adapter for nikon 50mm 1.4D , couldn't be 50mm, isn't it? and also the dof is even more shallow, at 1.4d? i am asking as i have exactly the same lens and now the focal is around 75mm. anyways when can i register for a preorder ?
  4. is it going to support AF as well? is it even possible to have a sort of speed booster adapter for nikon lenses with auto focus? thx a lot and count me regardless the AF.
  5. that's good news @Luca , long expected but finally arrived. What is going on with the adapter? my nikon lenses can't wait to here from you
  6. only if an inteligent speedbooster adapter will be possible, would be game changer.
  7. you should also take in consideration the motion cadence or the rolling shutter which is so different on these to cameras. Micro being more organic and filmic. On the other hand NX1 got a hack recently and the DR gain a bit haveing more details in the shadows and almost no bending. Also people are working on a speed bosster adapter but nothing is confirmed yet. Although it is a dead system, people are still working on improving it. For me NX1 could be the best compromise if you want good stills and strong video. The only thing you have to work around is the rolling shutter. Choose wise.
  8. th hack is changing the bit rate of the video, how much info is getting on the codec. So it won't change the way you are using the log lut from andrew which you apply after shooting anyways. So you can use the in camera setting from andrew as you did before the hack and add the lut in final cut or in the third soft you use to convert h.265 to pro res. Nothing changes. Have fun.
  9. Hi guys, am planning to buy a nikon 50mm 1.4d which has an aperture ring on the lense. I ordered also an adapter that has an aperture ring aswell. Do you think is it a problem having aperture rings on both lense and dumb adapter? shell i cancel my order and by a normal adapter? thank you
  10. yup, gotcha. thx now it's working. had other problems now. Don't know why i can't set the camera for one single AF. IN video mode you press the shutter half way down and set the AF but when you move the camera around or other subject come in between, the camera will adjust the focus on the subject it considers to be in focus. And peaking focus in not so much reliable. Anyways, i am going out of topic. I'll have t shoot more. Cheers.
  11. wasn;t off, should it be off? didn't know that, i'll try with it off just don't have it with me now, good to know. thx
  12. does anyone know why i can't choose 120p or 100p for fhd in the menu? after the hack it's just desable i can't choose it in the menu? what do i do wrong? must be a setting i am missing. thx
  13. since the new bitrates are coming with the hack, kudos to the fantastic romanian guy vasile, dropped frames are showing as well. So, which card would be good enough to squeese the maximum out of NX1, would this be enough? : http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/824149-REG/SanDisk_SDSDXPA_064G_A75_Extreme_Pro_64GB_SDHC_SDXC.html
  14. @Vasile, i have dropped you a private message. If you can find some time to answer it would mean a lot to me. So looking forward for your advice. thanks a lot.
  15. so, any footage coming from nx1 2.5k 200mbs hack? thx
  16. Hey guys, i have read almost all the posts regarding the nx1 hack and i still don't get something right. Maybe you can explain me better. I wonder how good is the 2.5k mode with the new bit rate at 200mbs (i hope i got it right). How is the rolling shutter and the moire at this rez and bitrate compared to the 4k? Is it better? there is any footage i can have a look over? i searched on youtube and vimeo but couldn't find something at 2.5k. And the new firmware update coming from samsung delets or blocks the hack? there is any work aorund this new firmare if i buy the camera updated already?
  17. i do understand. Thank you anyways. Waiting for @EOSHD_Twitter Andrew (didn't know hot to tag him) do make a proper review of the little monster. Am i wrong or he got one from BM a while ago? thanks
  18. thx, shijan, the files seem to be corrupted or maybe i'm doing something wrong trying to open dng later edit : it's working just fine it wasn't downloaded complete, sorry.
  19. Zak, can you please share some raw footage of the camera in the topic dedicated to camera's footage? thank you. Was looking everywhere to find some files to have a proper look and couldn't find anything.
  20. I find myself in the same situation. I was really waiting for BM micro to finally be released so i could see some footage before i jump in buying it. And now, after seeing some test footage, don't know why their is so less proper footage out there, am not convinced i want to buy it anymore or save some more and go for the A7S II. Of course the price gap is something you should be aware of, but on micro there is other things you end up buying to make it work as a cinema camera. External screen, rig, maybe a 3 axes gymbal, an so on. You'll end up with spending at least 2000$ and comes closer to A7S. Anyways, if this camera had the sensor from the BMCC 2.5k with the same m4/3 mount would have been the best camera for pro enthusiasts no doubts about.
  21. the buttons are placed in the front of the camera and being small it's hard to nail the right ones when you go through the menu. And as far as i know, don't have one yet, you can't control the settings from the touchscreen of your external monitor which would be great. Preatty sure it can be solved with a firmware update.
  22. unfortunately it seems like micro is living in the big sis, mini ursa 4.6k shadows and no one from BM gives a damn about it for the moment. They should release a firmware solving the pattern issue and the controls via screen. Two major things. Am looking forward for Zak's updates. thx
  23. guys, when you get a chance, can you please drop some raw footage in the "camera files" topic pls. Would really help me decide on this camera. Also for the people that have it on the side with pocket cinema, there is any difference in noise? Theoretically on micro should be less noise due to improved sensor readout but i hear more and more people complaining about being acually worse. thank you.
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