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  1. LawDude, can you share with us the setting for the autofocus and what gymbal did you use? thx
  2. since they updated the mobile app for samsung, wouldn't be nice to update also the remote studio software? maybe releasing the long waited OS ver? shell we start a pull?
  3. there is a link to the actual movie too?
  4. in my evil mind i thought there is a connection between panasonic releasing the 400mbs update and sony's a7s 3. What i mean is that panasonic holds the update as a response for sony's launch. Therefor the roughly announcement of the update coming from pana should coincide with the sony launch of a7s 3. But i think i am just paranoiac.
  5. Just trying to figure it out if it's going to be this summer or the next year? Myself, i am on the verge to jump on gh5 but it might be better to wait for the new sony. Or not!
  6. I don't know if it means something or not but there is a new update released on the 3rd of July. it says, compatibility with IOS 10 and bug fixes. Did anyone tried it yet? Would this mean will see a new update in the studio software aswell?
  7. there is any update regarding the possible launch of a7s mark3? have my eyes on gh5 and this is the only camera holding me back from taking the panasonic way. thx
  8. thanks a lot for the quick reply. It is a struggle to pick a camera now. I would wait for the a7s 3 but it will be out towards the end of the year most probably, can't wait so long. i really hate the samsung guys for not pursuing the nx1 further on. Samsung nx2 would have been a no brainer to pick.
  9. Hey Andrew, regarding your last sentence, have to pick between sony a7s 2 and 1dx mark2 somewhere in the near future and since u have them both which one do u recommend in terms of image quality? i currently have a samsung nx1 and after i bought your guide and got out there shooting a lot i am pretty much happy. Only if the camera would deliver the same quality in 1080p as in 4k in terms of iq. Anyways, i have to move up a bit since i'll need a system for more serious work like producing branded content and i have to decide for a gear system. Shall i go for canon 1dx mark2 since it feels like an upgrade from samsung nx1? both are nice for their capability of hybrid between photos and videos. Also the colors would be pretty much the same. And the ability to shoot 4k up to 60p would solve my issues with nx1. what do you say? thanks a lot.
  10. +1 on my side here. 4k 60p would be awesome.
  11. so, what is the quality that camera outputs? what is the absolute quality that u can squeeze out of it? which format and bit rate ? is it worth getting an external recorder or not, just for quality not other things like better viewing and focus checking?
  12. thanks a lot. much appreciated.
  13. hey guys, any updates on this regard? looking for an external recorder to overpass the h.265 codec and to get the maximum quality of this amazing cam, would be mind blowing 10bit 4.2.2
  14. I know that this forum is mostly about cinematography and lately it tends to become more about gear but i will give it a try. I am on the path of self taught director. It's just a hobby for know but i am willing to put as much knowledge as i can behind it to make it a profession. I know that nothing can substitute the official education institutions in the field but i don't have time to be a student again and my background is not far from it. I graduated the fine art university. I don't know if there is someone else here in the same situation, but i i have a strong sense that many of you had taught yourself into directing stuff so i guess is good to share our experiences. So far my self education background in the field was based on watching and watching and watching again the movies that changed the cinematography and tried to learn from it. Famous directors, am not going to give names to show of that i know famous directors, you got my point. Other thing that i did was applying the same rules of composition and colors and other stuff that i learned in the fine art school. Most of the common sense things are at the base of all these disciplines. And then, it comes the online digging for information. This wonderful community on eoshd and other like this. Don't know if i am able to give names, i don't want to be considered advertising for competition. Followed by some nice youtube channel and DIY case study on different situations that a director can deal with. The single field that i neglected was reading good cinematography and directing book. And here i am talking about the ind of books you'll have to read during the university studying period. Something that should be mandatory for someone that pretends to become a director. Something that should be the base of all the things i wrote about above. I know it make no sense to come at this point but i thing is better late than never. So, if you want to start a list of books, please feel free to write title and a "one line" description of what it will teach you. Thanks a lot and i hope it will help others too.
  15. hi guys, thanks for viewing the film. I don't use special settings. I prefer to use normal gamma with same old richardo's settings for a flat outcome image and i try as much as i can to expose to the right, preventing highlights from over-exposure. In post i usually tweak the contrast and exposure depending on the look i want to achieve. MOre or less this is my workflow. I am using an ND filter as i am shooting in the bright sun and you need one to get the shutter right. So i am using a variable ND filter, don't no the brand exactely. Cheers.
  16. hey guys, please let me share with you my last project shot on nx1 entirely. I have spent a month in Africa and this is what i got left of it, hope you'll enjoy it. Any comment is more than welcome :
  17. thanks, i'll give it a try. there is no capture one or lightroom support for nx1 in tethering mode, isn't it?
  18. Looking for an alternative to get tethering with my nx1 and a macbook pro and couldn't find one. Apparently Samsung remote studio is only available fo windows there is any other way to connect it to my laptop? does lightroom or capture one support nx1 for tethering? thx
  19. really nice, thanks for sharing. The lut is complamenting the old settings? did you change anything for the in camera settings?
  20. I shot it in normal gamma with Eduardo's settings. I just warmed the overall image a bit and use the m41 lut at about 40-50%. Thx
  21. you're totally right. I do own an old nikon 50mm 1.4 and it's perfoming beautiful. It's just with other lenses is hard to pull focus. I usually use the enlarge option (zoom in ) for manual focus to make sure i have the focus right where i want it to be, espacially as i am shooting as wide as i can to avoid the clinical look. The more you have in focus the more clinical it will look like. If that feature would find its way in the hack i would be more than happy.
  22. thx a lot, don't know about lightweight...this is an other throwback for me as i am not sure if it works and a gymbal like beholder ec1. Apart from spending 1500$
  23. thanks a lot, would you mind sending me some raw files for a better look? much appreciated
  24. Hi guys, for the moment i own only one lens, the 16-50s. I really love my NX1 and i don't see myself selling it even if gh5 hits the market next year. So i am planning to get an other lens for it although it's risky. If the body fails i am stucked with two lenses for a dead system. Anyways i am looking at 85mm and 50-150s. The first one it's smaller and has a nice bokeh from what i read online. Although it doesn't have OIS and will be hard to shoot hand held. On the other hand 50-150s has OIS, if it's as good as the one on 16-50s i'll be very happy. It is very very havy and i don't know if it suits the run and gun style specailly with hand held shooting. I would really appreciate some advice regarding the above situation. thanks a lot.
  25. have a look on the new beholder EC1, apparently it solved the old DS1 problems and it takes a lot more weight.
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