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  1. Is someone willing to throw some BM Micro Cinema footage here? i am in doubt if to but it or wait till gh5 is out or something similar. What's keeping me back is the noise in the shadows and the soft overall look and feel. i was hopping for a BMCC 2.5K kind of output and still there is no camera out there to offfer that combination in a smaller body. Anyways, a look over some raw footage from micro would help a lot. I've seen only test footage over youtube and vimeo and the compression is not helping. Thank you guys.
  2. stupid question, am going to assume it. Can u pick the 4k ver with m43 mount? probably the lenses can't cover the full super 35mm sensor but i was hopping for a crop or something to push it closer to BMCC 2.5k that has m43. Cheers guys, and sorry for the stupid questions.
  3. So no blackmagic cameras at this NAB edition, no gh5 and no other prosumer kind of products? just asking.
  4. Thx guys for the comments. I fully agree. i don't have the big picture like u do so i give you the full credit. I think Jim here nailed what i was trying to say in my poor english : a mature pocket II camera with a super 16 crop ver of $.6 sensor would be my dream come true. Cheers Guys.
  5. Guys, still don't get it why there is so less footage of the BMMCC out ? Except for 3 or 4 nicely done test footage, there is nothing. If you look at the mini ursa 4.6k you'll find plenty, some are shorts already.
  6. I am probably not so updated like you guys so I don't claim that i have the absolute true regarding the overall market. I am just looking around me and i am, as an art director, working with many production studio/ videographers/ call them whatever you want from run and gun guys to bigger productions, and i see more and more people shooting with A7s mark 2 and FS7 or FS5. Even the guys that used to shoot on BMCC are moving to A7S mark2 for different reasons. Don't know, maybe is just me. Honestly i was waiting so long for BMMCC to be released and had hopes for that little monster. Still is a nice match for my olympus super primes lenses but would be just a dream come true if i would get the BMCC 2.5k in a small body, not even necessary smaller but with functionality and battery fixed. Don't get me wrong, i love the color sience and the organic look of the small BMPCC/BMMCC, it's just i know it will be even better with the BMCC sensor in terms of noice and resolution. And the technology is there, probably is about to happen sonner or later.
  7. I know it was said before but i really hope i'll see it done sooner than later. Fingers crossed for this NAB which is about to come. I am hopping for a BMCC 2.5K in a pocket like body with the raw capability of the first one in 60p. Add a proper screen and a 1.5h lasting battery and you have the best run and gun, pro enthusiasts, camera. I don't hope for a global shutter, the rolling shutter on the micro cinema is just good enough. The technology is there. Please BM make it happen before SONY comes and steals the thunder again.
  8. i have to write down on paper the costs. As for the d750 or 5d mark3 i have to buy also the lenses. For BM i already have good fast primes. Maybe i should wait for the NAb although i don't think it will change the game, not now. Thanks for the link.
  9. Hey, i was waiting for bmmcc to be released and see more footage caming out of the camera from users like me. And now the moment has come so i am facing this choice struggle: shell I go for the bmmcc keeping the lense that i have from oly, 12mm 2.0, 25mm1.8, and 75mm 1.8 and add an external monitor and maybe a gymbal and an nd filter. (the oly m5 that i have now i'll keep as a photo body) or shell i switch to nikon d750 and buy some good fast primes and sell my oly system? The photo quality would be way better since the full frame sensor it's a higher league . Just don't know what is the video quality between Nikon 750d and BMMCC in real life, i know the raw and prores and 422 and other specs on paper, but in reality is it such a leap? thank you!
  10. still, they talked only about mini ursa as if micro doesn't exist at all. nothing. and the footage is missing. strange after all the buzz that this small camera created.
  11. found no footage coming from a micro cinema, wonder why? i would have loved to see a raw out of the camera without any compression added by vimeo or youtube.
  12. look for yourself: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/video/93298de7281044cf990b1f8783ef7827
  13. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/video/93298de7281044cf990b1f8783ef7827
  14. These are to stills i took during my trip in Japan last year. Taken with OMD M5, old one, and treated with luts for the filmish look. I will make a series and i'll post some before and after side by side to see the outcome. It's just amazing how easy you can get rid of the digital, extra sharp look. Only if M5 had this quality for video!
  15. thank you guys for the answers. I think the "Color Lookup" is the easy way out. Nice to be able to use the Luts when you want a specific treatment for your photos aswell. I am working as an art director and when i have to put up a production brief together with some refrences for the mood and look, it helps a lot. Now i have to find a way to preload the luts files in the Color Lookup otherwise i have to load each lut everytime i want to use it. I just want to have it in the drop menu of the existing ones.
  16. Hi Guys, Probably this is a stupid question and i am sorry if i pollute the forum with it. I just want to have that specific filmish look to my stills as well. I would love to be a click away, like the luts are working in FCP X, in grading a raw still. Thank you for your answers and it's great to be part of such a nice community. cheers
  17. Hey Guys, i am looking forward, as any of you on this forum, to finally put my hands on this little monster. Since they first announced the BMMCC i was looking for solutions to rig it and make it fun to shoot with. Was searching for ways to transform it into a perfect run and gun solution for my hobby. It has such a nice body but when you start rig it and add all the stuff that you need it becomes a production kit rather than a run and gun tool. As you already know (Andrew put it really nice in his post on the blog) the main drawback is the lack of a screen. So, i was thinking of this solution : The Pirate View - an eye electronic viewfinder in shape of a pirate glasses that let you see what camera sees but also the shooting field. Should be very easy to do, just a simple electronic vewfinder connected to the camera with a cable for the moment. (ideally it should be wireless but it seems complicated at the moment) I wanted to put together a case study, a presentation clip, and start a foudraising project on kickstarter. I have all the design layouts and the marketing materials done. Then i realise that i need a functional prototype to be able to ask money from people to make it happen. i already have a dumb prototype, a 3d printed object, but is not enough. I am holding back this project since the BMMCC was first announced and i decided to ask for your help to push it forward. First of all what do you think of it? is it useful, would you use it? Second, there is someone who can help me build a functional prototype in order to make a kickstarter project? Finally, do you think it worth it to try contact BMD and present the glasses to them, maybe they will be interested in producing it? I appreciate all the comments i can get and if you want to contact me you can also write me on : [email protected] thanks a lot for your help.
  18. micro production is a totally different story. not the same sensor and different output all together. the hopes are high for the micro cinema camera and still no one saw any footage from it. Although, worst case scenario, it as good as the old pocket camera plus a better rolling shutter.
  19. Ebrahim, "It's V2 sensor of the Pocket Cinema camera." - means that the micro cinema has a new version of the sensor of the pocket, as in v2 version two? or is exactly the same sensor but with a new processor? could make a difference i think. on the other hand, i am really looking forward for some footage of this camera. For me the DR and the colors, as in cinema organic look, is more important than the resolution. That's why i didn't consider gh4 or other cameras till now. The real battle, for me, is between this one and the sony A7s II ( as a workable version of 5d mark3 with magic lantern). These are the two cameras that can deliver that organic look that i am looking up to in this budget. And if the micro camera can come close to A7s II, i am sold cause i have lenses for it. Otherwise i have to invest in a camera body plus lenses which is changing the situation. thank you all for the answers.
  20. Squig, i don't have any full frame lenses so no metabone adapter here. I will only use m4/3 lenses. Manly olympus primes, 12, 25 and 75mm. All f 1.8 equally of 3,6 maybe 4 on full frame (oly 12mm is f2.0 to be exact). is your math still working in BMMCC advantage? thx a lot.
  21. If they solved the noise in the shadows and a bit the low light performance, could really be the best 1080p camera on the market. That's why i was so curious to see the fooatge coming out of it. Aaron, what about the blackmagic screen that was just released ? could be a nice match.
  22. Was looking at SmallHd 502 but the price is way out of the budget for me. I would go with the BM screen instead. have you seen any kind of footage coming from this camera yet? As far as i know could be a nice BMPCC upgrade with all the bugs fixed. Still not sure if the sensor is the same and the global shutter is achived only by software tweaks. let's see.
  23. Hey Guys, I am looking at this camera too. I already have a nice collection of m4/3 lenses, oly 12mm 2.0, 25 1.8 and 75 1.8. I am not such a fan of 4k that's why i wouldn't jump into gh4 boat yet, although in the region where i live got so cheep, it's on the same price with BMMCC. I really like the organic look and feel of BMPCC and the quality of a good PRORES or even RAW. Anyways, have some questions though. Does the new BMMCC has the exact same sensor as the BMPCC? or is a new one? I have seen that they solve the rolling shutter problems that BMPCC had before. that 's a big plus. Still, what is the native ISO of the new one? Could be better in low light? Without the screen do you think is still a good option for a run and gun style? Taking into account the external monitor it needs. thank you for the answers. Ion
  24. Very helpful answer Ebrahim, thx. At a fist look i was doing the same mistake, now i understand the needs of each new model of Bm cameras. I have a couple of questions maybe you'll have an answer to them. 1. do you thing they will add the same new sensor in a future pocket model sharing the same features as micro cinema but adding an integrated monitor? or the new micro cinema is the new pocket itself? 2. i am looking at the market since 2 years now and i feel like the industry is on the edge of evolution. Last year i was almost sure that the panasonic and olympus will jump into the "organic sensor" era and sony will come up with something even greater than that to keep the dancing running. But my eyes were on blackmagic since the cinema look was their thing and i am in love with the look of the BMCC,2.5k. I was waiting for something in between BMCC and BMPCC, i don't wanna go into details here. And the micro cinema seams that is just that, less the screen. So, the question is: do you thing there will be new models for the enthusiastic filmmakers like the BMCC and BMPCC were? or they focus on the "pro" consumers and offer models that require more knowlage and third party pieces in order to shoot but with better results (i hope) ? cheers
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