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    jagnje got a reaction from Geoff CB in Sony PMW-F3 with 2500 hours on it. Should I buy it?   
    If you need it yes, if you don't that no. Don't get it because it's a good deal.
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    jagnje reacted to Oliver Daniel in My new music video showreel!   
    Hey Everyone, 
    Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve shot, graded and edited for music videos between 2012-2018. 
    The shots in the reel not done by me are the drone shots. 
    For you camera nerds, I used......
    Sony FS700, FS5, FS7, F55, A7SII, A6500.
    Panasonic GH3, GH5. 
    DJI X3, X5R. 
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    jagnje reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Enough drama, lets play the camera and lens game again!   
    And that not everyone is a wedding videographer. That's the one thing about this forum sometimes: people always assume that you're either doing totally run and gun stuff with no ability to light or prep, or that you're a Hollywood production with resources for days...not realizing that there is a whole freaking world of middle ground in between where most actual work happens. 
    In those cases, spending a couple hundred to rent some lights, a truck, or an owner-operator gaffer/DP (like me) makes a way, way bigger difference than two different modern mirrorless cameras. Ditto art design, hair and makeup, location scouting, support gear, etc.
    Even student productions I've worked on in the Midwest can find the money to buy or rent who/what they need for a few days if they're half smart. So to act like that's only the domain of people who lounge in beanbag chairs full of hundreds with Steven Spielberg is wildly off base.
    On topic: great video. M18s are so versatile, and backlighting through smoke is ALWAYS money. The music itself, not my thing, but works well with the imagery.
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    jagnje reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Thought to myself
    "I'll just pop in to the BMPCC4K thread and ask about the crop factor versus the Kinefinity..."

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    jagnje reacted to Nicholson Ruiz in A little test   
    Hope everyone is well. 
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    jagnje reacted to Geoff CB in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    Voigtlander 28mm with anamorphic adapter.

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    jagnje reacted to Mattias Burling in The CMCC?   
    Here is my response to all the usual hate that everything gets at Nofilmschool.
    "When will Canon understand that the only type of camera user is the artsy narrative movie maker?
    Why do they think that there are people out there taking stills, collecting news, surveilance, special things like remote controled robots, live broadcast, regular home users?
    That doesnt exist. Just look through the comments.
    Artsy narrative movies with no lighting in high frame rates and razor thin dof. That is the only type of content created anywhere in the world. 
    And the people that makes them are broke, so it cant cost as much as it needs for profit.
    News, sports, porn, childrens TV, docs, reality, event, concerts....  Nope all gone.
    In fact, all of those things are illegal to even discuss online.
    Anyone who makes or even discuss such productions will be killed by the "Bitter Online Film Looking Video Makers Movement"."
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    jagnje reacted to Cinegain in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    Nah, I'm pretty sure that's the old version. Checkout that one link and get Vitaliy to cut you a deal or go over directly to: http://www.zyoptics.net/product/zhongyi-lens-turbo-adapters-for-micro-four-thirds-cameras-m43/ . (Singapore Post (SG) shipping to Europe is about 2 ~ 3 weeks, if they send it low profile import duties might be avoided)
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    jagnje reacted to richg101 in Reasons not to buy a used F3 package   
    Well, I couldn't find a reason not to take a punt on a f3 that was going too cheap.  ended up getting a fully unlocked, rgb/slog PMW-F3 for just under £1400 with a full rig/riser setup, and a few different mounts.  I have to say, I'm blown away by how this camera captures light.  gonna be taking a 3g sdi out into a pix240 for 444 uncompressed, or into a a newer recorder for prores 4444.  
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    jagnje reacted to andy lee in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    vivitar / cosina make a 19-35 zoom that is rectilinear
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    jagnje reacted to Ed_David in Chatterhead. Short film i shot on the Sony F65.   
    My short film - Chatterhead! Please share!! Thank you guys so much for your feedback - let me know what you think.
    Shot on the F65.
    Super easy to bring into resolve.
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    jagnje reacted to Cinegain in Tiffen Ultra / Low Contrast filters   
    Because that is like having a bag of M&Ms and then empty it out over a glass, with some of the M&Ms missing the glass completely and fall on the floor and say 'look, now they're in the glass'. No, they aren't, not all of them. Just effin' great. I was looking forward to eating those, but I ain't eating 'em offa this floor!
    Better to deal with things before they get captured, rather than the notorious 'fixing it in post'.
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    jagnje reacted to Oliver Daniel in Balancing getting the shot, vs film fetish   
    I think it's more wise to choose your camera and stick with it. Ignore the other releases, it's just distracting (but a bit fun of course!). 
    I spent a significant amount of funds on a new lighting setup, all battery operated. Lenses too. Both of these are much more important than the camera. Last much longer and have a bigger impact on the image (than a camera). 
    If too much focus is going on operating the camera on a shoot, then things won't turn out so good. The real beauty happens when the tools become second nature and 99% of your attention is on the subject matter. 
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    jagnje reacted to Mattias Burling in Red One MX - Why I bought one   
    I buy most of my stuff used. Simply because you get more for your money. And it was during the release of the A7rii and A7sii that I got the idea. Why pay such a premium price for a camera thats going to be worth half within a year? And what can I get for the same amount today?(It was the same reasoning that lead me into my recent film endeavor.) So I found myself looking at used cameras in the €3000 segment. At the top of my list where the Sony F35, but no luck (since I needed a recorder as well). I also looked at URSA, FS700, 1DC etc but none was a perfect match.So I started lurking the Red user forum.There I saw Red Scarlets ready to shoot with accessories for as low as $6000. And when I saw the Red One with everything you need + a set of Rokkinon prime lenses for  a crazy low $4000,I knew it would be the one.  That particular seller didn’t want to ship to Sweden, but another one did. In less than 24h from leaving Spain, this huge box sat on my floor.  (Disclaimer: All IMO of course, totally get why one would rather have an A7rii, its was just my personal thoughts.) 
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    jagnje reacted to Jimmy in The Canon fight back begins - with a box   
    There is a good dose of irony here.
    EOSHD is happy to sacrifice things like raw, 10 bit, 4:2:2, colour science and various other aspects that make an image, just to be able to shoot 4k (no doubt in big letters on the box).
    Marketing works!
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    jagnje reacted to jcs in getting the best footage on Vimeo   
    Last I checked both YouTube and Vimeo use customized ffmpeg (with x264) to transcode. x264 has been the best H.264 encoder for a while now. Thus if you want the most efficient upload you could use any tool which uses a recent version of ffmpeg (rendering out ProRes/DNxHD then using Handbrake is a decent way to go).

    The challenge with your footage is high detail, fast motion. Adding grain or more detail (by itself) can make it worse. In order to help H.264 compress more efficiently in this case you need less detail in the high motion areas. You can achieve this by first shooting with a slower shutter speed (1/48 or even slower if possible). Next, use a tool in post which allows you to add motion blur. In this example you could cheat and use tools to mask off the skateboarder and car and Gaussian blur everything else in motion (mostly the sides but not so much the center/background). You could also apply Neat Video to remove noise and high frequency detail (in the moving regions only) and not use any additional motion blur as this will affect energy/tension of the shot (through adding more blur to motion will help the most).

    Once you have effectively lowered detail in the high motion areas (however achieved), H.264 will be able to better preserve detail for the lower motion areas- the skateboard, car, and distant background.
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    jagnje reacted to richg101 in getting the best footage on Vimeo   
    the guy you're filming is a madman.  i had sweaty palms watching it.  i'd love the guts to do that.
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