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    Damphousse reacted to Cinegain in Which lens should I get for the Lumix G7?   
    Wait. lol. Now I get it. Darn diggety dang it.
    I read it like 'offa' instead of 'off from'.
    - btw. No kangaroos.
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    Damphousse reacted to jonpais in Which lens should I get for the Lumix G7?   
    To be fair, Damphousse never said the lens was selling for $350
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    Damphousse reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in First test with my Panasonic G7   
    Same here! with the BMPCC as a compliment, I think the G7 will satisfy my need for 4K and stills. I can even buy a nice lens or an Olympus camera if I'm craving IBIS and still spend less than I would've on a used GH4. Here's what I posted in the V-LOG topic:
    According to a couple of long, rambling threads on DVX User, what I've gathered is that the GH4 has some sort of inherent problem with its processing that causes this magenta/green splotching/accuracy issue. Apparently, this problem is present in all the GH4's profiles to some degree, but the data pushing from encoding and grading from LOG hugely exacerbates it. My understanding is that these color errors occur at the processing level and before compression, so while 10-bit recording reduces compression and helps make the footage more pliable, it doesn't solve the underlying problem. 

    I have to wonder if the G7 would experience this too. Its low-light processing seems to be much improved from the GH4's, and creates far less splotchy color artefacts. 

    See the low light samples in this review: http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Panasonic_Lumix_G7/
    Check out the comparison with the GH4 at 5:45: http://dslrvideoshooter.com/panasonic-gh4-vs-g7-video-review/
    And Brandon's high ISO samples at the bottom of the page: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?337827-g7-vs-gh4/page4
    I wonder if they could improve the GH4's performance by offering the new NR algorithm as a firmware update or something. Maybe it's part of the underlying hardware or LSI. I don't know. But it reminds me of the G6's massive noise advantage over the GH2, despite using the same sensor (and actually reading less of it in video mode). 

    After this V-LOG update, I had my heart set on upgrading to the GH4, but if the G7 is this much better with noise and $400 in the bargain, it seems like a no brainer. Shame, because I already have the batteries and whatnot from my GH3. :/
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in First test with my Panasonic G7   
    Its nice and small. Very well built. The image is nice if just a bit brittle and the 100Mbps feels limiting.
    The screen is nice, EVF is ok, price is great.
    So far it feels like a solid c-cam/still cam.
    I hate that you often need to double tap record to get it to start (might be a setting, haven't had time to check).
    4K Frame

    Here is my first dirty test, just used vintage glas. No real grading just quick fiddle with curves, LUTs and some presets.
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in IR and ND filters for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera   
    I agree, but both Brawley and Kholi have tested the SLR Magic and said that they find it better than the Tiffen that pretty much won Dougdales test.
    I bought my Genus based on his testing but if I was to redo it today I would go SLR Magic.
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    Damphousse reacted to User in Can We Please Include Topic's Content In The Title Heading?   
    Pretty please
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    Damphousse reacted to jacoblewis in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    Well, if it is true... it would be odd that Samsung has the 5th largest booth at the PhotoPlus EXPO next month in New York City:
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    Damphousse reacted to docmoore in Test - Are Vintage Lenses Really Radioactive?   
    Interesting Wiki thread ...
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    Damphousse reacted to User in Claim of hacked Sony A7S   
    The eyebrow lowers again.
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    Damphousse reacted to hoodlum in Canon to release a mirorless camera very soon   
    Canon clearly mentioned that 4k is not coming any time soon due to "Cost" issues.
    MM: Well, historically, I think that Canon was the first in the world to come out with a 4K product. In 2011, we had the Canon EOS 1D C, and then we had the Canon Cinema EOS C500 for professional use. For the consumer models, I think that we still need to work a little bit more on the balance between the cost and the sensor sensitivity before we can come out in the market. As you may know, Canon's main point of difficulty is to reduce costs.
    [Ed. note: This is interesting, in that Canon views cost competitiveness as their main point of challenge in the market. It's also interesting in that it sounds like we won't see much in the way of 4K video in their SLR lineup for a little while yet.]
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Topp 5
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    Damphousse reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in BMPCC vs. a6000 vs. A7ii vs. GH4 vs. Samsung NX1   
    Nope. I recently bought a BMPCC and by experience running RAW files through Resolve is exactly as you described. Easy as pie, even on my very modest PC.
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    Damphousse reacted to CTRT in So I read that RX10 ii review, and... help!   

    I actually just bought the GH4 and the Lumix 12-35 f2.8 

    I think I'll also buy a BMPCC in the next few months, now that I know I can share lenses between them! That is a wonderful revelation, brought on by my own stupidity!

    As for the Nikon, well - frankly I wasn't hugely in love with it.. it was definitely a workhorse and got me a lot more work, but want 4K and want to have the same lenses as the BMPCC without buying an expensive adapter... I know I'll end up buy an adapter in the future, but... I can wait!

    I just watched that video you made and it's GREAT! I really can't wait to start using log and grading properly. Totally inspiring!

    Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate all the help, and dealing with my stupid!

    I will try and come by more often and maybe next time I can help out the idiot  
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    Damphousse reacted to Zak Forsman in Best 4-5 stop nd under 100$   
    Hoya ProND line. Buy from Greg here at his eBay store. He's selling genuine Hoya ND filters at a great discount. The ND32 will cut 5 stops.
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony RX10 II review final conclusion and introduction to its smaller brother, RX100 IV   
    By now you might be wondering which to pull the trigger on - the RX10 II or RX100 IV?
    The good news is I have now finally got round to finishing my review of the RX10 II and have also bought the RX100 IV to compare it with...
    Read the full article
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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in What would you recommend if there were NO 4K?   
    Owning an F3 and BMPCC (the big and mini combo of high performance 1080 cameras) is going  a long way towards reducing the crippling GAS I suffer from!
    Had a rather weird day today (DoP was no show!!!), but I was shooting with the PMW-F3 and damn I was really liking the look of some of those shots!
    But even so... I still get tempted badly due to my case of GAS :-/ Purchased a Panasonic G6 a few days ago. And got very very tempted today to get a Sony RX100 mk1....  (US$260 is hard to resist!).
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    Damphousse reacted to Zak Forsman in Great Deal on X-Rite ColorChecker Passport   
    Received my color checker a while go, but just got a chance to audition it. and well, I wish I'd sprung for one of these sooner. Now I get the skintones I prefer from the GH4's Natural profile and can quickly balance the image before grading it. I'm thinking I should just permanently mount the color chart to the slate during production.
    Here's a sample. Uncorrected frame followed by the instantly balanced version using the color checker grid. I did no other adjustments.
    GH4, SLR Magic 25mm @T/2.8, Kowa Bell & Howell, Rectilux 3FF-W, Hoya ProND 4.
    ISO 200, Natural, Contrat 0, Sharpness -5, NR -5, Saturation -2, Tint 0.

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    Damphousse reacted to IronFilm in What would you recommend if there were NO 4K?   
    I'd recommend the Sony PMW-F3 for sure (I have one myself! And I'm using Nikon lenses with it).
    They're an insanely good deal. Can easily pick one up for roughly two grand ish each on eBay or elsewhere. I even saw one go for a grand and a half earlier this week on eBay (I paid even less for mine!).
    Only significant drawbacks about this AWESOME camera: weight, max 60fps, and only MF (except for rare FZ exceptions).
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    Damphousse reacted to Zak Forsman in Great Deal on X-Rite ColorChecker Passport   
    I've been keeping an eye out for a deal on one of these. Don't know how long it will last but the coupon code PSWBH15 will take $40 off the $99 price tag at B&H Photo. Davinci Resolve users will find it particularly useful. I'm hoping with enough testing and tweaking, I can come up with a custom LUT that will neutralize the GH4's unique color issues.


    How to use it in Davinci Resolve to balance colors. This gives a general idea despite the fact that the guy in the video screws things up a bit (like setting his ProRes footage to sRGB instead of Rec 709). And I think he's comparing an unbalanced tungsten shot to a balanced fluorescent shot. I think if he'd balance both, they'd be close in the end?
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in A7Rii Overheating Problem Solved   
    If the mainboard and main CPU backs straight onto the rear (likely) then it is indeed the heatsink being covered by the LCD.
    Also I notice when 4K is enabled, you can't enable Sunny Weather mode which makes the LCD backlight go crazy bright, thus generating more heat. It gets greyed out in the menus.
    Worth testing this I reckon...
    How often do you record continuous takes one after the other of 30 min+
    Live events and interviews... that is about it.
    For everything else including the long hikes in the sun, you should be less worried than you guys seem...
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon's new $30,000 video camera does only 1080p   
    The EF-PL Mount for the C300ii might be included in the,
    "Canon Service will put whatever mount on it you want".
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    Damphousse reacted to mercer in NX500 - To Be Continued   
    I've bought a camera from them in the past, and on occasion the price will drop even further, but then go up an hour or two later. Either way, I would expect it to hover around that price for a little while, at least. 
    Oh lenses, that is the issue with this camera. I didn't buy it to shoot 1080p, so before I even considered it, I took a look at my collection. Luckily I have a 17mm FD lens, which will give me about 45mm in Cinema 4K. I also have the FD 28mm f/2, 35-70mm f/4, and the 50mm f/1.4. 
    I'm a vintage lens guy, so I like to have more than one option, so I also have a Tokina RMC 17mm, and the RMC 25-50mm. 
    None of my lenses will afford me proper wide angle, so I guess I will have to settle on stepping back a little bit... Or a lot. 
    Eventually, I may look into one of the Rokinon cinema lenses... Maybe a 12mm. I think they make an 8mm fisheye as well, or one of the Tokina wide angle zooms. 
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    Damphousse reacted to mercer in NX500 - To Be Continued   
    As some may know, I ordered the NX500 two days ago from the eBay seller that has the body only priced at $344. I have been itching to shoot 4K for awhile now, and at this price, I had to go into debt, and get one. Of course, now I have to sell off some lenses to pay for it.
    Anyway, I received the camera yesterday, which is pretty fast, even if the seller is in the same state as me.
    Yesterday afternoon, I only had time to open the box, and inspect the camera. Everything looked good, and new. The camera has a nice, balanced feel to it, and doesn't feel cheap... But most importantly... It just looks cool.
    The first "problem" I've encountered is that Samsung went the cheap route and didn't include an external battery charger... So if I decide to keep the camera, I'll have to order one, and a couple extra batteries... Good news is the batteries, and charger are cheap.
    So, I plugged the camera in to charge, and turned her on. Since it was a body only sale, and I don't have any NX lenses, I was only able to check out the menu, and set some preferences, until my adapters arrive... Hopefully by tomorrow. 
    The menu is simple to navigate, and organized well. The first thing I checked is the firmware, and as I assumed, it is 1.0. From what I have read, it is a cinch to update the firmware through the camera's wifi. Once the battery is charged, I will giver her an update. 
    I really like how they employed the FN button for on the fly changes. It's much better than some systems where you have to go deep into the bowels of the menu to make basic changes. 
    From the FN button you can also set up, and customize your picture profiles, and they give you a lot of options for the customization... More so than the Sony or Canon cameras I have had in the past.
    Along with normal preset profiles like standard, and vivid, etc... you also have a few custom profiles, where you can adjust the RGB, sharpness, saturation, contrast, and hue. Without the ability to see the image, I dropped everything down to -10, except saturation.
    I'm sure once I get a lens on her, I will tweak them a little more to get the flattest image. But with so many customizable options, it seems like you could do a dirty and sloppy in camera "grade" for videos where you may need a quick delivery. 
    Anyway, that's about all for now. I'll add to the post as I progress. 
    To Be Continued
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    Damphousse reacted to premini in Canon profits down 16% as demand for old-style DSLRs continues to slide   
    The camera market is getting smaller. This in part due to cell ptones and also because of people that are happy with their cameras from 3-5 years ago and don't see the point of getting a new one (i know many of these).
    I think that's the logic behind Sony's strategy of putting a lot of new features in order to allure people that don't see the point of getting the 7d II instead of the 7d.
    That's also why all of the manufacturers , not only canon, are thinking about diversifying. People wont change the camera 2 times in a year. not even once.
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in SLR Magic Rangefinder converts "dual focus" anamorphic (aka Kowa) to single focus - and more   
    I have just received my SLR Magic Rangefinder which is a groundbreaking concept. It transfers focus away from the main lens focus ring onto a dedicated buttery smooth geared 240 degree cinema lens focus ring and attached to the main lens like a screw on filter.
    With the main lens set to infinity, focus is done purely through the SLR Magic Rangefinder.
    This means that the awkward to focus Kowa 2x anamorphic lenses are now as usable as an Iscorama.
    It means Nikon glass can finally focus the 'right' way!
    It also gives closer focussing abilities for lenses that have a long minimum focus distance (like the 2m of an Iscorama anamorphic) and prevents the focus breathing inherit in all non-cinema photographic lenses.
    Read the full article
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